Kalm with Kava Relaxation Drink


Each 16.9oz Bottle of Kalm contains 2 servings of Pure Relaxation.

Enjoy 2 servings of our Kava drink if the day has been exceptionally stressful or you if you’re looking for that extra Kava kick.

This is a great value as only 1-2 servings are needed each day you want to relax, meaning a 6-pack can provide 12 separate Kalm Breaks!


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Product Description

A Great Tasting Kava Drink

Relaxation Drink, Stress and Anxiety Supplement

Order Kalm with Kava the Relaxation Drink Today!

Low Calorie: Only 11 Calories per serving!

100% Vitamin C: 100% of your daily value per serving
Natural Flavors: Only all natural flavors and juices

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