Kava Loa Waka Fidji


Kava Fidji Loa Waka

Fidji Loa Waka est le kava fidjien le plus puissant que nous ayons à disposition et l’un des kavas les plus puissants du marché. Les effets de relaxation complets du corps et de l’esprit des Fidji Loa Waka aux Fidji en font l’un de nos kavas les plus populaires. (Lire les commentaires ci-dessous). Idéales pour boire à tout moment de la journée, les petites portions de Fidji Loa Waka vous calmeront et vous remonteront le moral, tandis que les grandes portions vous détendront physiquement. D’une qualité exceptionnellement élevée, le Fidji Loa Waka nous est expédié frais d’une ferme sur l’île de Taveuni.

Effets: équilibré

Fidji Loa Waka est l’exemple parfait d’un kava équilibré qui procure des effets de détente grisants et lourds, ainsi qu’un assouplissement total de l’esprit et du corps

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Fidji Loa Waka – Kava fidjien exceptionnellement fort

Un kava parfaitement équilibré avec de puissants effets de relaxation pour le corps et l’esprit.

Toujours des bonnes critiques – essayez-le aujourd’hui!

Fidji Loa Waka est le kava fidjien le plus puissant que nous ayons à disposition et est l’un des kavas les plus puissants du marché. Fidji est généralement connue pour ses variétés plus faibles de Yaqona (kava). Les variétés les plus faibles répondent aux besoins des habitants de l’île qui aiment boire du kava pendant toute la journée. Nous étions ravis de découvrir cette variété de kava fidjienne très différente, unique, bien plus forte et équilibrée.

Les effets de relaxation puissants du corps et de l’esprit sont ce qui rendent le Fidji Loa Waka l’un de nos kavas les plus populaires, qui reçoit toujours des bonnes critiques. Fidji Loa Waka est idéal pour boire à tout moment de la journée. De petites portions vous calmeront et vous remonteront le moral, tandis que de plus grandes portions vous détendront physiquement aussi. Envoyés frais d’une ferme qui se trouve sur l’île de Taveuni, la fraîcheur est garantie. C’est un kava puissant d’une qualité exceptionnelle.

Effets: équilibré
Fidji Loa Waka est l’exemple parfait d’un kava équilibré qui procure des effets de détente grisants et lourds, ainsi qu’un assouplissement total de l’esprit et du corps.

Chémotype et composition: chimotype de 463251

Fidji, Loa Waka se distingue par sa teneur élevée en kavalactone (KL), beaucoup plus élevée que les autres kavas fidjiens, ce qui en fait une variété puissante de kava. Ce kava contient 12% de KL et un chimotype de 463251. Nous utilisons uniquement du Waka (100% de racines latérales) pour cette poudre de kava. Noble Kava Certifié par TrueKava.
Raisons pour choisir le Fidji Loa Waka
• Pour un kava équilibré avec de puissants effets de relaxation du corps et de l’esprit.
• Si vous êtes prêt à essayer un kava plus fort, plus puissant ou vous aimez les kavas forts.
• Quand vous voulez un kava que vous pouvez boire à tout moment de la journée.
Essayez-le et voyez si leFidji Loa Waka est le meilleur kava fidjien que vous avez bu!

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1/2 lb, 1lb

36 avis pour Kava Loa Waka Fidji

  1. Steven Rego (client confirmé)

    Perfection. So meditative, more heady but balanced and strong. Easily my favorite kava here. The house blend is also great for the price. My wife’s favorite is Borogu for the body relaxation.

    Excellent excellent excellent.

  2. Steven Rego (client confirmé)

    My favorite kava. More heady than Borogu but still balanced. Borogu is my second favorite. Kava helps me to just quiet my head and just feel meditative.

  3. Josh (client confirmé)


  4. kavamehameha (client confirmé)

    Fantastic, strong Fijian waka. It is heady, but not too much, and also has a slight heavy note in higher doses. Perfect as a daytime kava, or in the evening to unwind. One of the best roots out there!

  5. Owen (client confirmé)

    TECHNICAL: Medium dose: 4 tbs. Strong dose: 6 tbs.
    Best method of extraction: shake dry root in strainer bag to lightly sift the powder into the bowl. Add 10oz of 120F water per 4tbs and knead firmly for 15 minutes. Add ice for milder taste.
    EFFECTS: This tranquil kava harbors gentle euphoria and a wash of existential calm. A perfect bowl for cleansing evening anxieties.
    DOWNSIDES: Slight nausea occurs in medium and higher doses. Ginger and salty foods seems to help with this. Nausea may persist into the early morning. This may be a result of my extraction methods, diet, or other environmental factors.
    OVERALL: Tranquil, euphoric, strong, and cleansing.

  6. David

    This kava is something else. First off, it’s super potent, likely partially because it’s so finely ground. I need about half the number of tablespoons as I do with other kavas. And second, maaaaan is this stuff heady. In small amounts it has stimulating effects for me. But in higher amounts (not even an absurd amount), it’s like nothing I’ve hit with any other kava. I have no idea what people are talking about calling it « balanced » or « perfect for relaxing ». When I have enough of the stuff I’m practically in a different world, listening to music and writing out cool ideas on paper.

  7. kavasam (client confirmé)

    An interesting variety. 5 rounded tblsp per dose for me. I’m big and pretty much a heavyweight in terms of needing a lot to have any effect. How I process it also makes a a huge difference. I’ve tried many different ways and a particular blender prep works best for me.

    Even though Loa Waka is balanced, it’s not balanced throughout the entire results time. lt starts out heady, then morphs completely into a heavy state. Not like Mahakea which keeps a little of both through the whole time. It just works differently, maybe it’s just how my body reacts. I like it quite a lot and will be getting more. 5 tblsp did not put me on the couch at all. I was very functional and could drive with no problem.

  8. quillana (client confirmé)

    Now, that’s is my cup of tea.
    Using half of the recommended lower dose and it goes instantly to the desired lightheadedness and feeling of relaxation and calm. If taken time to strain properly it tastes mild and milky.

  9. esteban (client confirmé)

    I am completely new with kava. I was looking for a non alcohol drink to relax after work in the evening. I also have sleep problems : awaking a lot of times during the night. I must say that kava solved it all. It is true that it tastes strange the first time, but once you get used to it, it is ok. Loa Waka is the only kava I have tried so far and I like it. I will now try Boroguru. Thank you so much Kalm with Kava to allow us (from overseas) to enjoy this truly amazing noble kava. Long life to you.

  10. robin200005 (client confirmé)

    Best kava I’ve ever had. Really potent and delivers a strong mood boost and heady feeling which you can really feel between your eyes. Felt like I was shooting into space off to a galaxy of relaxation. Definitely, a kava that’ll give you a nice krunk whilst removing all of your anxiety. It’s been a while since I last bought my last batch of loa waka but I’m planning to buy some asap!

  11. Robin (client confirmé)

    Best kava I’ve ever had. Really potent and delivers a strong mood boost with a heady feeling which you can really feel between your eyes. Felt like I was shooting into space off to a galaxy of relaxation lol. Definitely, a kava that’ll remove your anxiety.

  12. R.V. (client confirmé)

    Favorit kava I’ve ever had. Really potent and delivers a strong mood boost and heady feeling which you can really feel between your eyes. Felt like I was shooting into space off to a galaxy of relaxation. Recommended 10/10!

  13. Robert (client confirmé)

    Amazing stuff, out of all of the Kava strains this is definitely my favorite.

  14. Annie

    This is my first time trying real Noble Kava. I must say my eyes started to get heavy and body felt loose. I am so happy that I came across Kalm with Kava. After two shells with 2.5 tbsp and three cups of water I was on my way to my first Kava expieence and it was anything less but amazing! The taste was pretty great as well. I did mix in a little bit of whole milk as well as some honey which made the taste great. Great company and fastest shipping. I really read this whole site and did my research and I am happy to say that everything this Kava promised .. happened! No nausea. No upset stomach at all. Pain drifted away and anxiety lifted. Great night sleep as well and didn’t feel groggy in morning. Thanks so much Kalm! Great product keep in coming!

  15. Sherman Kaplitz

    It’s a great middle-of-the-road Kava (warm headiness with a good body buzz). Very numbing, and I notice that I can still produce an active drink if I do multiple washes on it. Fantastic stuff

  16. Raine

    I received this kava as a gift from a friend and didn’t know what to expect. I had tried many kavas over the years but somehow have never managed to try any from Fiji. I made a few shells and took them and when the effects hit me… Wow! I suffer from Anxiety and this kava just made me feel like I was melting away along with my anxiety. I felt like I was on a cloud and I may just have a favorite Kava… (Shhhh don’t tell my vanuatu go to) 5 stars amazing!

  17. Kristine Eisel

    My friend brought some over last week and it was my 1st time ever trying kava! It made me feel warm and fuzzy and overall « I’m a better mood » definitely relaxed and more calm! Can’t wait to get some of my own!!

  18. Patrick Byrd (client confirmé)

    A fantastic balanced kava for day or night depending on how strong you brew it. Beginners and seasoned kava drinkers will love this!! 💯💯💯

  19. Plurabe (client confirmé)

    This is a wonderful all rounder. Heady and heavy, it’s effects are consistent and it’s my go-to Kava for a long day.

  20. Bartosz Zienkowicz (client confirmé)

    i think this is the best kava i’ve tried 🙂 drinking it throughout the day keeps the stress and worries away and keep me productive all day long 🙂

  21. jeff (client confirmé)

    I love this Kava. It is very strong but still tastes great! Lots of euphoric headiness. I don’t have to use as much powder to my water ratio as I do with other varieties so it saves me money, which is a bonus! I am definitely recommending to all my friends!

  22. Robn (client confirmé)

    I have to agree with all the other reviews, this is by far the best Kava I’ve had both in strength and it’s qualities. The finer grind, IMHO, helps it to release more of the active ingredients, making your grog stronger. It also works well in the Aluball, I hope it’s OK to mention that here. And the results speak for themselves. I do however not recommend the fast prep method. Due to the fine grind, even a few hits in the blender and it’s so finely puree’d that the muslin bag gets clogged and you end up having to microstrain via a super fine mesh. You are better off hand kneading per instructions or using the above mentioned Aluball. The former takes longer but I feel more « at one » with the tradition and always use proper shells to drink the grog when I do this. I am not from the region this wonderful Kava comes from but I feel connected to the people who’ve come before me after drinking it if prepared traditionally.

    I like to do 2-2.5 tablespoons to about two shells worth of water (approx 2/3 cup – 1 cup per « shell » if your shells are larger), sometimes going to 3 depending on how much kneading I do. I find that anything over 3 at this concentration will get you intensely happy and « krunked » as people like to say. It also mixes 2/3 Loa Waka with 1/3 Borongoru well for a very nice heady buzz mixed with a good overall lighter body buzz.

    Overall, like everyone above has said, this stuff is pure and complete heady super buzz kava that will not let you down. It’s strong enough you will find that your entire attitude will shift once you start feeling the effects. And for me it lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours, with that initial buzz kicking in and then you just ride it.

    I am not a fan of the taste of any Kava, I know some aquire a taste, to me it looks like chocolate drink and tastes less then savory. But Loa Waka’s taste is not too bad or bitter, and a pineapple or tart fruit chaser and the taste vanishes leaving your mouth happy and then your body and mind kind of escape. I’ve likened the effect of this particular strain to having a beer or glass of wine and then slipping outside of the alcohol buzz « vibe » into someplace special.

    I do recommend if you can handle it, swirling it around in your mouth for a minute to really take in the numbness that Kava brings before swallowing. And it also mixes very well with coconut water or coconut milk for a more tropical taste. Note that the milk is thick and should be added after you’ve made your grog concentrate.

    If you’ve never tried Kava, or have tried others and not really felt like you got what you came for, this will not disappoint. Do yourself a favor and get the larger bag, it will go fast as you enjoy it regularly.

    Due to its strength, I do not recommend this one for a day Kava, especially if you go past say 3-5 tablespoons well kneaded. It will kick your butt and leave you a bit past driving or similar. It’s powerful effects are also great in weaker doses, 1 tablespoon to around 1cup of water well kneaded is enough to take the edge off of your day, give you a heady buzz and keep your happy flowing without being too « krunk » to function.

    The best part is, it’s strong enough to party, heady enough to clear your mind and bring on the happy vibes, and seems to knead well bringing out the active ingredients without spending 20 minutes at the bag. If you use warmer water and knead, then let it cool and stir before pouring a shell, its a delightful grog.

    This is my goto now and when I introduce others to Kava and the experience, they always tell me they are surprised at how much of a kava effect they get. And don’t forget, mix it with some body buzz strains, its a good overall feeling with a nice heady happy vibe on top of a calm body buzz. Put on some music or grab your drums or guitar and just ride it, talk with friends, listen to music, it doens’t matter. This stuff is the Kava that brings it all into focus and lets the world slip away.

    Recommended hands down as a starter and for Kava fans who are experienced.

  23. Andrew K (client confirmé)

    This root is blessed. Fantastical, scrumptious, outstanding. This is the real deal.

  24. Connor (client confirmé)

    Big fan of this Kava – been drinking Kava for 3 years and this is hands down my favorite Kava. Doesn’t take more than 1 or 2 shells to put you in a great place.

  25. Gene

    I’ve tried a few Kavas and this one is by far the most impressive. I agree with the more verbose descriptors above, but wanted to chime in that this is an excellent strong Kava. Very heady, relaxing and enjoyable. My new favorite!

  26. Daniel (client confirmé)

    This Kava is amazing. Huge fan. You can’t go wrong here.

  27. Kevin

    A must try!
    They are spot on when saying this Fiji kava is Strong, and honestly, it tastes good too!

  28. Jen is here

    This is my favorite kava so far. It is very strong and really feels great. Loa Waka helps me to stay calm and focused. Kalm with Kava is a really great vendor. They ship quickly and only sell noble kava which is the only kava you should buy. Do you research and stay away from tudei kava. Tudei is crap and can make you sick. I like to mix my kava with chocolate almond milk because it helps the kava to taste a little bit better and I think it increases the effects. Sometimes it can take time to feel the effects of kava like most supplements can take time to really get into your system. I didn’t have that issue, but I know that some people do. It is totally worth it. Kava is amazing! Also, this is probably not the best kava to take right before bed. It is great a few hours before bed though or during the day in small amounts.

  29. John (client confirmé)

    My mind is blown by this kava, and this business. I got my kava within 4 days (with a holiday). As soon as I got home from work I got to work kneading this stuff. I used about 5 tbls of kava w/ 3 cups water, 1 cup whole milk. I gotta say, if this is what kava is supposed to feel like, I’m not sure the other stuff I’ve chugged is even kava! Mind and body completely in a different realm. But 100% euphoric. I think Fiji Loa Waka will be my go-to-kava for some time now. Thanks dudes, you made my evening!

  30. TEDDY (client confirmé)

    I just received my 2nd order of this Fijian Waka Loa Kava. i am very impressed with this Kava. It is strong and help you relax quickly. The grind is excellent! I have ordered Kava from other online vendors and was not happy, i ordered this two times now and know I will be back for a 3rd order!

  31. Nicole

    This one is definitely on the stronger side, and one you’ll feel pretty quickly. For me it gives a very pleasant mix of heady and heavy effects, good for later in the afternoon when I want to relax but don’t want to immediately fall asleep. Not a bad taste, and seems to settle well on the stomach. This will be a re-order for me.

  32. Fred H.

    Crazy Good!

  33. August West

    This waka is strong.
    This waka is well rounded.
    This root will be on your top shelf.

    The potent headiness is complimented by a light dose of sedation that builds with each shell consumed. This root has yet to cause an inkling of nausea, even when I pushed my session further than I normally do. I think the magic is in its kavalactone profile, coupled with the potency of using lateral roots only.

    A solid single shell of this root really makes the last hour of work quite pleasant. Anything beyond that, you’ll wish you could kick off your shoes and throw your feet up on the work desk.

    It’s been quite a while that a kava has made six hours of sleep feel like eight. I can’t tell you the last time that i woke up refreshed in the morning.

    You like headiness? It’s got that.
    You like stress relief? No problem.
    Pain relief with quality sleep. Done.

    Kalm! Great job guys. I hope you can keep this in stock. I almost didn’t want to leave this review for fear you’ll run out, but this kava has so many shining examples of its capabilities that I hope many people try it.

  34. shakas

    In my opinion, this is one of the best all-around kavas that’s currently available. By year’s end, it very well may be my favorite kava of the year.
    It’s a waka, which translates to higher overall kavalactone percentage and for a hard-head like myself, that’s pretty important. I like a kava that’s undeniably effective, in full, at my usual dosage…and this one hasn’t let me down yet. Many people comment on the headiness of this kava, which it indeed is, but in my experience, it’s much more than that. While a pronounced headiness can easily be attained, I also notice a blatant and enjoyable sedation, pain relief and shift in perception. This one can take you pretty deep into kava-lala-land.

    The scent is fairly mild, with only a fraction of that sharp Vanuatu peppery scent. The flavor is fairly bitter but not as completely repugnant as some can be. Effects kick in quickly and if you were keeping it mild, I’m sure just one good shell or two could cruise you through the night. The farther you take it, the more the heaviness takes hold. The other day, this stuff completely removed a nagging neck strain I had and gave me a bit of a gleeful wobbliness. When the headiness and heaviness combine into complete ro0tedness, I begin to notice that stretching feels wonderful, my breathing is calm and enjoyable, eye’s are loose and time starts slowing down. If you close your eyes too long at this point, you’ll accidentally fall asleep.

    Anyway, glad to have this one around, another good find from @Kalm with Kava.

  35. avahZ (client confirmé)

    This is a wonderfully heady kava. Too much and you will be krunked, unless that is your goal. This is by far the best heady kava I have had to date.

  36. Runding (client confirmé)

    This is easily the best kava I’ve ever had. I use far less than I normally would, and it gives a great mix of heady/heavy effects. Excellent for anxious individuals looking for a way to calm their nerves down.

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