Racine de Kava Vanuatu Fraîche – Borongoru Premium


Kava Vanuatu Borongoru

Borongoru est le kava le plus lourd de notre magasin. Il est très relaxant, il est donc préférable de le boire en fin d’après midi ou le soir. Vanuatu Borongoru est également le kava que nous recommandons à tous ceux qui souhaitent boire du kava pour les aider à bien dormir la nuit.

L’un des meilleurs kavas sur le marché pour la relaxation profonde de l’esprit et du corps – le kava Vanuatu Borongoru n’est disponible nulle part ailleurs. Kava 100% noble provenant directement de petits agriculteurs de l’île de Vanuatu pour la qualité, la fraîcheur et de meilleurs effets.

Effets: lourds

Les effets du kava de Vanuatu Borongoru sont lourds. C’est un kava très relaxant qui calme rapidement votre esprit et rend votre corps lourd et détendu. La relaxation initiale est suivie d’effets plus sédatifs.

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Vanuatu Borongoru Kava est le kava idéal à boire pour soulager le stress ou atténuer les sensations légère ou temporaire. Vanuatu Borongoru est le kava le plus lourd de notre magasin. Il est très relaxant, il est donc préférable de boire en fin d’après midi ou le soir. Vanuatu Borongoru est également le kava que nous recommandons à tous ceux qui souhaitent boire du kava pour les aider à bien dormir la nuit.

Un des meilleurs kavas sur le marché pour la relaxation profonde de l’esprit et du corps – vous ne trouverez pas de kava Vanuatu Borongoru disponible ailleurs aux États-Unis. Ce kava 100% noble provient directement des petits agriculteurs de Vanuatu pour leur qualité et leur fraîcheur.

Effets: lourds

Les effets du kava de Vanuatu Borongoru sont lourds. C’est un kava très relaxant qui calmera rapidement votre esprit et rendra votre corps lourd et détendu. La relaxation initiale est suivie d’effets plus sédatifs.

Chémotype et composition: Chemotype 241356

Vanuatu Borongoru a une teneur totale en kavalactone de 10,5%. Avec les kavalactones DHM et la métadysticine en faibles quantités, ce kava est initialement moins sédatif que les autres types de racines de kava, mais les effets de relaxation lourds qui en résultent en font un excellent auxiliaire du sommeil. Kava noble certifié par le ministère de l’agriculture du Vanuatu et par TrueKava.com
Raisons pour choisir Vanuatu Borongoru

  • Lorsque vous souhaitez boire du kava pour aider à réduire du stress ou des sentiments d’anxiété.
  • Pour de merveilleux effets de relaxation profonde du corps et de l’esprit en fin de journée.
  • Si vous recherchez une variété de kava lourde qui peut vous aider à mieux dormir.

Consultez également notre Kava Vanuatu Borogu.

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Poids1.1 lbs

1/2 lb, Ilb

24 avis pour Racine de Kava Vanuatu Fraîche – Borongoru Premium

  1. Stephanie

    It helps me relax and seriously reduces my anxiety. What worries me are the negative effects on the liver and no one can scientifically confirm
    That will not harm your liver.

    I have directly communicated with the company and that question cannot be answered.
    I would be so grateful if an actual doctor can confirm that kava is completely safe and that used daily will not affect the liver whatsoever.

    Bless your heart.

    Ps this stuff really works!

  2. Sincere goose (client confirmé)

    Very relaxing and good for sleep. Melts away my anxiety and helps to just chill out and be present at the end of the day. Not a daytime kava

  3. Anthony Reichelderfer

    This is my favorite KWK kava. I am a big fan of those kavas on the heavier side. KWK borongoru is just that. The perfect kava to relax after a day of work or as a nightcap after a session of drinking less heavy kavas. Almost every order I have placed with KWK has included a jar of micronized borongoru. Definitely one to try out if you’re in need of strong relaxation, or if the headier kavas make you feel a bit of edgy anxiety (which is the case with me).

  4. brent.caslavka

    My go to Kalm with Kava. Always great stuff. Thank you!

  5. lease (client confirmé)

    Oh my gosh – I love this stuff! I love to have it an hour before bedtime so it’s really effective and it helps me sleep very soundly for the night. I have PMDD, so it can get really hard to sleep sometimes and so far, this kava is the only way to help not only fall asleep – but stay asleep too!! I like having it with coconut milk so it works through my body.

    If you’re a first time kava user, I recommend only doing a little bit at first because it can make your stomach feel weird, but the more you do it the less it becomes nerving. I started with Borogu and moved onto this one after a few months which made the transition easier.

  6. Kayla

    About once a year, I get an impinged nerve in my back that hurts SO BADLY. Ibuprofen does absolutely nothing, but kava completely melts the pain away completely. Amazing muscle relaxant. Also, try before a massage for the best massage of your lifffe.

  7. opiumtalent2000 (client confirmé)

    Wow.. just WOW. This kava works like magic! It’s super calming and works way better than anything I’ve gotten from a pharmacy. I sleep so good after drinking a few servings of this. It’s absolutely amazing!

  8. hollacebee (client confirmé)

    Kalm With Kava’s Borongoru medium grind has replaced my need for diazepam during dental cleanings and procedures; it is far superior in anxiolytic effects. I suffer from C-PTSD and have struggled with severe anxiety and depression all my life, but this product has greatly improved my sense of wellbeing. Deep gratitude. Its incredible analgesic effects have helped in my monthly pain-management regimen during menstruation; it kills the pain without dumbing me down or affecting memory. This is a highly effective medicine that makes my heart feel open, helps me relax, and melts away body tension, making it easier to communicate with others and to fall asleep at night. It makes me dream well, too. I am so impressed with this product that I have ordered Loa Waka medium grind to explore different medicinal effects of kava-kava varieties.

    Kalm With Kava has quickly processed my orders and ships within 24 hours of placing the order online. I usually receive the product within three to four days of ordering. Because they are True Kava certified vendors I feel reassured that I am receiving high quality noble kava-kava. Try Borongoru if you struggle with anxiety or depression. It’s gonna knock your socks off, but like in a gentle, loving way. ; )

  9. tsherab.h20 (client confirmé)

    Never tried kava before and settled on this one. Woah is it good. Super relaxing and mellow. Best sleep I’ve gotten in years! I think this is the stuff to help me kick alcohol for good.

  10. Steverino

    Nice and mellow, easy drinking. I enjoyed it while it lasted!

  11. Sheena S.

    This is by far my favorite kava strain. This was the first variety I’ve tried and it does what it promises.

  12. Amber (client confirmé)

    My husband and I (both of us have sleeping problems) have been taking this for a few weeks. We take two tablespoons in about 16 oz of water and sleep like rocks within a couple hours. Took about five days for it to be effective, but it is great now!

  13. Dave (client confirmé)

    really great stuff, i make some every night and am always pleased,

  14. Fabio (client confirmé)

    This is one of my favorite heavy kavas, I’ve enjoyed it several times over the last few months and this latest batch I received is superior in quality and potency. Excellent bang for your buck. Very fast shipping, couldn’t ask for more.

  15. Gio Tiasmal

    3 shells before dinner and 1 shell 1.5 hours after dinner. I feel my eyes getting very heavy. Sleep like a baby. Thanks

  16. Matthew R.

    I make 2 strong brews and I’m set for the night. Always remember to mix it with something that has a high fat content. (E.X. Whole milk, coconut milk or. Almond milk. The fat binds to the Kava. So you can be assured to get the most out of your brew. And make sure you use warm to cold water. This company is definitely doing it right, by selling the highest quality that nature has to offer.

  17. Dylan (client confirmé)

    I’ve always found this kava to be a perfectly balanced mix of heady and heavy effects. Calming the mind, and relaxing the body without being overly sedating. Great variety and maybe my favorite (close with Loa Waka).
    * this is a great kava and the only reason I hesitate to give it 5 stars, and went with 4, is because I always like to leave room for those « knock your socks off » varieties that truly warrant 5 stars. Nonetheless, this IS an excellent kava.

  18. Caleb Greenwood

    I’ve been drinking the micronized form of this at work, a glass or two throughout the day, and it’s quite relaxing (in a good way!). I have a hyper active brain with almost no « chill » brain waves, so when i drink the necessary work day coffee my anxiety goes off the chart. Mixing kava and coffee I’ve found puts me in a good place, and it masks the taste of kava (although the micronized flavor is mild). Additionally, this takes the edge off where I’m effective in getting things done and am better at conversation. I don’t even « feel it » either, the proof is simply in the pudding; you feel better. If anything, the biggest sign of the kava affect is giggles, as walking through the supermarket certain funny things simply escalated to hysterical for me. I’m going to check out other varieties, and provided these positive effects are repeatable, add it to my routine.

  19. Robn

    A great mellow kava for day grogging, taking the edge off without getting too heady, and mixes well at 1/3 Borongoru to 2/3 Loa Waka for a more potent full body experience.

    This Kava has a courser grind, so don’t be afraid to blip it in the blender once or twice in some warm water to break it up a bit, then knead away and when you are done, you have a good mild body calm that lasts quite a while with little to no strong heady feeling. Which is why it makes a great day grog. Try mixing in a little fresh pineapple juice and coconut milk to complete the experience.

    This is my second goto, after the heavier Loa Waka, for myself and for new Kava friends. And I found that if you put a batch in the fridge and let it sit overnight, then strain through the muslin bag and knead it, you will pull lots of good stuff out of it for a body calm that can be used before bed to sleep, or to take the edge off your day.

    To me, this is sort of like the sip of beer version of Kava, nothing strong, just a perfect edge release and add a few more shells for a stronger relaxing feeling.

  20. John Jewitt (client confirmé)

    Over the 20+ years suffering from really bad anxiety and depression I must have tried over 50 different prescription medication which none of them really worked, all they did was add other mind numbing side effects which leave you feeling empty and more anxious. Got the kava this morning, thanks Mike and it only took about 8 days to the United Kingdom, I am one happy kid. The only problem is I should have left trying it tonight before bedtime, lol, wowwww, thats all I can say, WOWWW, In all these years I have yet to come across any prescription medication that done anything at all with the anxiety or even just a relaxing effect. UNTIL NOW, lol, after being tortured best part of my life just after one serving of kava it has just gave me a totally different outlook on life, and for once a positive one. Keep up with the good work Mike, you have just made one person so happy for once just by giving my brain a chance to relax, thanks once again.

  21. Joe

    Received this as a small sample in a care package from a friend and all I can say is wow. I generally prefer heavy kava and have my sessions in the evening time and this one really hits the spot. So relaxing and quite potent. Just the thing I need after a long day. Great evening chemotype, pretty high KL %, and since its TK certified you know you are getting quality noble roots.

  22. Andrew (client confirmé)

    This is definitely one of my favorite kavas. I’ve tried kava from numerous other vendors, and Kalm With Kava has some of the highest quality kava that I’ve ever had. The effects of the Borongoru kava last for hours. The initial euphoria is very pleasant, with NO traces of nausea, and eventually fades to a state of relaxation where you can sit and watch TV for hours, get up and clean the house, or go to bed! This is my favorite all around kava. My neighbors, my friends and my wife all have enjoyed trying the Borongoru. The only problem is that now I need to order more because it goes so fast!!!

  23. Eric Christenson

    This was one of the first kava strains I have ever tried and probably the only company I will buy from until I am able to move to Hawaii and grow my own. I was quite surprised when I consumed my first bowl! I come from a background of taking adaptogenic herbs so I thought I would be ready for the impressive effects I read about, but I wasn’t. This stuff blew my mind literally! Before trying Kava I simply couldn’t imagine the unmatched and incredibly impressive relaxation unique to this plant ONLY and before trying this brand I had no idea how good it could be! For me, the Borongoru strain eliminates any stress or mental chatter and brings me into the moment so I can enjoy a solid Kava buzz while gardening, hiking or going out with friends (since I don’t drink alcohol). I get a really nice, balanced body buzz with a bit of a heady & uplifting energy…not too heavy but not as heady as the Pouni Ono strain (that is one of my favorite for social gatherings). In short, Kava is a very powerful and fun plant-medicine to ingest. When I recommend Kava to my friends I always suggest this company and always have some for them to try so they know how different and incomparable it is to anything else in the world. I highly recommend this product to anyone! Until you have a personal first-hand experience with kava you simply don’t know how amazing it truly is! I have never been disappointed with this company.

  24. John (client confirmé)

    This stuff is amazing. I’m relativley new to Kava. I’ve tried quite a bit of root and tinctures from several herbal, health-food, and head-shop stores over the past year or so. But this is in an entirely different category. Keep up the good work. Next stop is Fiji Loa Waka.

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