We sell two of the top Fijian Kava varieties: Loa Waka and Vula Waka in the Kalm with Kava store. Our Loa Waka Fijian kava is our strongest kava and has great balanced effects. Our Vula Waka kava is a strong, heavier kava recommended for late afternoon or evening consumption. Both are lab-tested, Noble Kava.

Both our Loa Waka and Vula Waka Fijian Kava come in two product formats. Purchase Medium Grind Root if you want to brew a traditional kava drink. Or, you can purchase them in Micronized Instant kava powder format if you want to make a quick and easy kava beverage.

Kava is the official national drink of Fiji where it is called both Yaqona and Malogu. Yaqona, which means bitter, refers to the bitter, earthy taste of kava and Malogu, which means subdue, references the calming effects of a drink of kava.