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Vula Waka Fiji Kava

Fiji Vula Waka Kava is a high quality, rare Fiji kava variety that is shipped to us fresh from the farm on Kadavu island. It is a uniquely strong Fiji kava that slows a busy mind and softens tense muscles. In smaller servings, Fiji Vula Waka kava is relaxing and good for easing worries of the day way. In larger serving sizes it provides heavier body relaxation and is good for relieving body tension. This fresh Fiji kava is great for winding down at the end of a stressful day or for use as a nightcap. We recommend Fiji Vula Waka Kava as an afternoon or evening kava.



Kava Root fresh from the farm on Kadavu Island, Fiji

Fiji Vula Waka Kava is surprisingly strong kava that slows a busy mind, softens tense muscles, and provides feelings of heavy body relaxation. In Fiji, islanders are known to drink Yaqona (kava) throughout the day, so weaker varieties, that allow for this level of consumption, are preferred and more prevalent there. Searching the islands we were excited to discover Vula Waka Kava, a unique stronger variety, that is great for winding down at the end of a stressful day or for use as a nightcap. We purchase this kava direct from the farm on Kadavu Island in Fiji and it is usually harvested only when we place an order for shipment so freshness is guaranteed.  We recommend Fiji Vula Waka as an afternoon or evening kava. 

Effects: Moderately Heavy

Fiji Vula Waka is the perfect example of a moderately heavy Noble kava that relieves tension throughout your mind and body, delivering great physical relaxation.

Chemotype and Composition: Chemotype 462351

Fiji Vula Waka is distinguished by its high kavalactone (KL) content, much higher than other Fijian kavas which makes it a potent kava variety. We use only Waka (100% lateral roots) for this kava powder. Certified Noble Kava by TrueKava.

Reasons to Select Fiji Vula Waka Kava

  • If you are looking for a stronger than usual Fiji kava.
  • When you want a kava that will wash your worries and tension away.
  • For late afternoon and evening kava drinking to de-stress and unwind at the end of a day

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10 reviews for Vula Waka Fiji Kava
  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    Bula to da Vula!
    A great root that nicely hits the full spectrum of effects. Not overpowering, but extremely relaxing with a perfect touch of headiness. Can’t go wrong with this stuff, the KWK have done amazing work sourcing this Fijian classic.

  2. Warren

    This stuff pretty potent, I don’t find that I have to use many table spoons in my servings to get some good relaxation going. Great for sleep at larger doses, smaller doses seem to give a nice tranquilized feel without any head fog.

  3. tannturner (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this Kava. After 3 shells my body began to feel super relaxed and good. I also enjoy the Fijian Waka Loa kava from Kalm With Kava too, for both Head and Body effects. This Kava to me is a Body type Kava. Which is great for relaxing and melting into the couch. I did feel sedated which helped at the end of the day. I will be re ordering this Kava next payday. Thank you Kalm With Kava for a great Kava. I am in impressed.

  4. Mike Hawk (verified owner)

    The kava is top notch, however, after a few orders with the company i have one complaint. If your shipping option in checkout says 2-5 days, that means they aren’t going to even put it in the mail until 2-5 days after ordering, and then that long again for it to arrive. Even if you pay extra for overnight shipping expect to wait for them to decide to mosey down to the post office. I did place my order on a Friday morning, but i have ordered on Monday before and even then the shipping time was closer to a week and a half than 2 days even though they take your money within the hour of the order

  5. Koz with Kava (verified owner)

    Found it! This variety has a more noticeable aphrodisiac effect than any I have tried in the decades I’ve been trying different varieties from myriad vendors.

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