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Micronized Kava

Micronized Kava is perfect for those looking for an easy to prepare, milder tasting kava drink. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of our micronized kava into a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice for a quickly made, great-tasting kava drink. Micronized kava is the go-to product for when you want to make a kava drink in an instant. All coarse fibers have been removed and no fillers have been added to our Micronized Kava, eliminating the need for straining – ensuring higher quality and better effects.

This is the perfect kava for taking with you if you’re out and about or on the go, so that you’ll still be able to mix up a quick drink of kava.

All of our main kava varieties are available as Micronized Kava: Tongan Pouni Ono, Vanuatu Borogu, Vanuatu Borongoru®, Vanuatu Melo Melo, Fiji Vula Waka, and Fiji Loa Waka®*

Effects: will depend on kava variety selected – see descriptions below.


Micronized kava is the perfect kava for those looking for an easy to prepare, mild-tasting kava drink. Simply mix one tablespoon of our micronized kava into a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice to make a great tasting kava drink in an instant. This is the perfect kava for taking with you when you are away from home and out and about and still want to be able to mix up a drink of kava quickly, while on the go.

Composition and Quality Assurance

Our micronized kava is made from the same lab-tested, 100% Noble kava root used in our Medium Grind Kava Root products. All coarse fibers have been removed and no fillers have been added to our Micronized Kava, eliminating the need for straining and ensuring higher quality and better effects. All our kava is sourced direct from small farmers across the South Pacific, so freshness is guaranteed.

Micronized Kava Varieties and Effects

Our Micronized Kava is available in the following six varieties with their associated effects:

Tonga Pouni Ono Kava

This kava is best suited for daytime use, has the least tiring effects, and is a great social kava as well. It’s also unique in that many find it to be one of the easiest tasting kavas around. Overall Happy & Uplifting, perfect for easing stress while still being productive or for socializing with friends and family.

Fiji Loa Waka® Kava

This is the perfect example of a great balanced kava. It is the strongest variety we carry and very popular all-around effects. In smaller servings, it is somewhat heady and good for daytime use. In larger serving sizes it can become heavier, melting away the stresses of the day.

Vanuatu Borogu Kava

This is the most popular variety of kava in Vanuatu and is considered a good afternoon kava. It is still a balanced kava and starts out heady but tiring effects are more pronounced with higher doses and tend to set in a few hours after consuming.

Fiji Vula Waka Kava

This is the perfect example of a moderately heavy kava. In smaller servings, it is relaxing and good for easing worries of the day. In larger serving sizes it can become heavier, good for winding down in the evening or use as a nightcap.

Vanuatu Borongoru® Kava 

This is the kava we recommend for late afternoon or evening drinking as it is great for reducing stress or anxiety at the end of a work or busy day, or for use as a sleep aid. It is our heaviest kava, with strong mind and body relaxation effects.

Samoa Ava Kava

A rare variety because Samoa doesn't grow a lot of kava. Like our Tonga Pouni Ono, Samoa Ava is an uplifting and happiness-inducing kava with little to no sedation. It will boost your mood and make your day happier as it initially relaxes you mentally before providing the physical body relaxation kava is typically known for.

Vanuatu Melomelo Kava

This is moderately heavy kava that is very aptly named... it's mellow. In smaller servings, it is very good for easing anxious thoughts and worries of the day. In larger serving sizes it comes on heavier, good for completely winding down or for helping with sleep.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz


Pouni Ono, Borogu, Vula Waka, Borongoru, Loa Waka, Samoa, Melomelo

87 reviews for Micronized Kava
  1. Avatar of Robin

    Robin (verified owner)

    The quality is good, however shipping has consistently been a problem. I have tried to pay for UPS (the most reliable service in my area), however despite having paid more money for UPS, it was sent thru fed ex (the least reliable service in my area). FedEx was less expensive option. They did refund me partial shipping costs for using a different carrier than I paid for, however the package has still not arrived and it schedule to arrive at least 8 days after I ordered (that is if they don’t push the delivery date for the 3rd time). I sincerely hope that going forward they will utilize the shipping option that the customer chose and paid for at time of purchase.

  2. Avatar of Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith (verified owner)

    I have had loa waka and borongoru micronized on hand for some months now. I use them once every few days just to unwind and have a nice time as I dont drink or smoke anymore. I love the feeling of relaxation that washes over me, and I am sensitive to these things so all I need is a teaspoon or two to achieve desired effects. I love them both but borongoru is my preference because it really delivers those anxiolytic and sedative properties that I am looking for. Loa Waka (at least for me) is definitely on the more euphoric day-time spectrum in comparison. All in all this company is great and I can’t wait to try a new strain next time I order. Nice job kwk, kava is awesome.

  3. Avatar of John Walker

    John Walker (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the Microionized Borogu! I put two tablespoons in COLD water to help with the taste. Microionized or not kava tastes nasty to me, but I don’t drink it for the taste. Although, I have found if you put a tablespoon in coconut milk with some chocolate or caramel it tastes pretty good, but that extra sugar gets me panicky. Your results may vary. I then mix it, take a deep breath, chug the jungle juice, and chase it with coconut milk. As someone else said then wait for the fireworks start. It kicks in full strength at around 30 minutes and ride that out for almost an hour and I’ll take another tablespoon and be good for the evening. Kava has been a life saver for me and I’ve been able to cut out alcohol completely.

  4. Avatar of Travis

    Travis (verified owner)

    So far I have had (3) of the micronized Kavas. My favorite so far is Melomelo & Borongoru. Both are great and different.
    Melomelo just puts your whole day at ease. Borongoru gives you a nice instant buzz and then comes with a relaxing affect.
    A great alcohol alternative with NO HANGOVER!
    Oh almost forgot Fiji Loa Waka –> this one was ok but the other 2 to me were much better.

  5. Avatar of gork.skoal

    gork.skoal (verified owner)

    less than 2 days to get to my house? What kind of magic is this?–Do I need to sacrifice an elf?
    Loa Waka: what can I add that others haven’t already commented on? Hmm 🤔 well! we need to be a derp, or find Magical Faery land, Loa Waka ! Loa Waka the night time kunked into the next demension, who’s underwear is this, and why is their lipstick on the cieling sleep aid.
    I found this nice Elf at the local bar to take home after having some Loa Waka. She was like: So human? ever make mana potions with an elf? no? I’d be first? Fantastic!!!
    After a few cups it was off to have some pie and manapotions. I think Berry White was responsable for some of the sweet talk and pie and oh yeah of course kava.

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