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Micronized Kava

Micronized Kava is perfect for those looking for an easy to prepare, milder tasting kava drink. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of our micronized kava into a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice for a quickly made, great-tasting kava drink. Micronized kava is the go-to product for when you want to make a kava drink in an instant. All coarse fibers have been removed and no fillers have been added to our Micronized Kava, eliminating the need for straining – ensuring higher quality and better effects.

This is the perfect kava for taking with you if you’re out and about or on the go, so that you’ll still be able to mix up a quick drink of kava.

All of our main kava varieties are available as Micronized Kava: Tongan Pouni Ono, Vanuatu Borogu, Vanuatu Borongoru®, Vanuatu Melo Melo, Fiji Vula Waka, and Fiji Loa Waka®*

Effects: will depend on kava variety selected – see descriptions below.


Micronized kava is the perfect kava for those looking for an easy to prepare, mild-tasting kava drink. Simply mix one tablespoon of our micronized kava into a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice to make a great tasting kava drink in an instant. This is the perfect kava for taking with you when you are away from home and out and about and still want to be able to mix up a drink of kava quickly, while on the go.

Composition and Quality Assurance

Our micronized kava is made from the same lab-tested, 100% Noble kava root used in our Medium Grind Kava Root products. All coarse fibers have been removed and no fillers have been added to our Micronized Kava, eliminating the need for straining and ensuring higher quality and better effects. All our kava is sourced direct from small farmers across the South Pacific, so freshness is guaranteed.

Micronized Kava Varieties and Effects

Our Micronized Kava is available in the following six varieties with their associated effects:

Tonga Pouni Ono Kava

This kava is best suited for daytime use, has the least tiring effects, and is a great social kava as well. It’s also unique in that many find it to be one of the easiest tasting kavas around. Overall Happy & Uplifting, perfect for easing stress while still being productive or for socializing with friends and family.

Fiji Loa Waka® Kava

This is the perfect example of a great balanced kava. It is the strongest variety we carry and very popular all-around effects. In smaller servings, it is somewhat heady and good for daytime use. In larger serving sizes it can become heavier, melting away the stresses of the day.

Vanuatu Borogu Kava

This is the most popular variety of kava in Vanuatu and is considered a good afternoon kava. It is still a balanced kava and starts out heady but tiring effects are more pronounced with higher doses and tend to set in a few hours after consuming.

Fiji Vula Waka Kava

This is the perfect example of a moderately heavy kava. In smaller servings, it is relaxing and good for easing worries of the day. In larger serving sizes it can become heavier, good for winding down in the evening or use as a nightcap.

Vanuatu Borongoru® Kava 

This is the kava we recommend for late afternoon or evening drinking as it is great for reducing stress or anxiety at the end of a work or busy day, or for use as a sleep aid. It is our heaviest kava, with strong mind and body relaxation effects.

Samoa Ava Kava

A rare variety because Samoa doesn't grow a lot of kava. Like our Tonga Pouni Ono, Samoa Ava is an uplifting and happiness-inducing kava with little to no sedation. It will boost your mood and make your day happier as it initially relaxes you mentally before providing the physical body relaxation kava is typically known for.

Vanuatu Melomelo Kava

This is moderately heavy kava that is very aptly named... it's mellow. In smaller servings, it is very good for easing anxious thoughts and worries of the day. In larger serving sizes it comes on heavier, good for completely winding down or for helping with sleep.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz


Pouni Ono, Borogu, Vula Waka, Borongoru, Loa Waka, Samoa, Melomelo

87 reviews for Micronized Kava
  1. Avatar of Joe


    Not a consistent Kava and lacks strength.

    • Avatar of Jane Baker

      Jane Baker

      Sorry you found the Micronized Instant Kava you purchased to be inconsistent and lacking in strength. Can you let us know which variety you purchased and when? When you say inconsistent is this the strength from one purchase of the same variety to another, or between different varieties. We’d love to know more about your experience.

  2. Avatar of christopher.hayes

    christopher.hayes (verified owner)

    I was new to kava and bought from a (relatively legitimate) competitor. I bought a bunch of singles and then I bought a kilo from them of micronized. Everything was fine for a few weeks and then one day I woke up with a completely swollen face and covered in full body hives. I waited a few weeks and tried it again (figured it could be something else) same thing, swollen face and hives everywhere. I threw all of their shit out.

    I really liked the effects of kava so I decided to try one more time. This time I bought from Kalm – borongoru

    It was the same effect, but I had no reaction this time. Which leads me to believe the competitors shit made me sick.

    I’m not saying that to talk shit about the other brand, maybe it’s just an allergy I have… but I had no problem with Kalm with Kava’s kava.

    I’m writing this for anyone that has had bad luck elsewhere, give kalm with kava a try.

    Excellent alcohol substitute with none of the negative side effects.

    Kava does taste like ass but that’s just what kava tastes like, it’s not going to matter where you buy it from.

    Highly recommend 5/5

  3. Avatar of Lizzy

    Lizzy (verified owner)

    Finally, I found a kava that I could feel. The Fiji Loa micronized was great for me~ I start with 2 tbsp then have another one 30 minutes or so later. I have tried SO many other kavas- usually traditional prep, but never really experienced the effects. But with the Fiji Loa I felt very relaxed, heady, and not tired or wiped out at all. The Puoni Ona, however, caused me some irritability & anxiety, which I’ve noticed from another brand’s Tongan strain as well. I think that kind just does not agree with me.

  4. Avatar of Cody Montgomery

    Cody Montgomery

    KWK instant kava varieties are the only kavas that actually do anything for me. Love it!

  5. Avatar of AnRam

    AnRam (verified owner)

    Since covid, I haven’t been able to go to any local kava bars to get my fix. Hearing good things about KWK, I decided to order a 4oz micronized borongoru. Unfortunately, the strength just isn’t there. I’ve never been a believer in reverse tolerance for kava since I’ve always had a pretty good response to kava, but after the first few cups did nothing for me I thought maybe my break from kava had built up some tolerance that needed to be broken through. After over a week of daily consumption and even a big send off of 3 tbsp at the end, I still wasn’t noticing any effects beyond a mild numbing of the tongue. Perhaps it’s just inconsistent in strength, as another reviewer noted, or perhaps borongoru just isn’t as “heavy” as described.

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