Relax with Kalm with Kava

Kava won’t give you a hangover the next day

Enjoy the relaxation and happiness provided by alcohol without the worry of having to pay for it the next morning. Noble Kava does not dehydrate the body or bombard it with posions like acetaldehyde, so no headache, no upset stomach the next morning – just good vibes. Tudei Kava on the other hand has the possibility of lasting effects into the next day such as lethargy. We at Kalm with Kava only sell 100% Noble Kava.

Kava is non-addictive

Kava has been proven to not be habit forming and unlike many other substances, you do not build up a tolerance to the effects of kava. In fact, the exact opposite has been shown, that the effects of Kava can be felt more with each use.

Kava can help you get better sleep

Kava can induce a deep and dreamful sleep while not disrupting your sleep patterns like alcohol does. Enjoy a Kava the relaxation of kava, sleep more soundly, and wake refreshed. Typically Kava root is consumed a couple hours before bedtime, helping you wind down and ultimately getting great rest. Heavy kava strains will make you sleepy more quickly while Heady kava strains like Hawaiian and Tongan kavas provide much less tiredness until hours later.

Kava helps you calm down and release stress

Kava has been shown to be as effective as Xanax or Valium in treating anxiety. The native people of Fiji and Vanuatu actually prefer the effects of Kava with approximately 85% of indigenous people drinking it instead of alcohol.

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