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Kalm with Kava began in 2010 with a simple mission, to create great tasting and effective Noble kava products to help people relax more naturally.

Mike Munsell, founder and owner of Kalm with Kava has been drinking kava and researching the history, cultural traditions, science and beneficial properties of the plant for over 16 years. We are committed to selling only high quality Noble Kava products, made from kava root that is sourced direct from small farmers throughout the South Pacific islands to ensure freshness and quality. We also work with many different nutritionists, food scientists, and chemists to develop kava products using kava root and kava extract.  This is how our Micronized Instant Kava and Kava Concentrate was created. It is an ever evolving process to bring you the best possible relaxation options available.

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True Noble Kava ONLY

certified-nobleDr. Vincent Lebot’s extensive research into kava revealed the important differences between Noble and Non-Noble or Tudei (Two Day) Kava varieties. While more research needs to be done, the negative effects of drinking Tudei kava such as next day tiredness and nausea made it an easy decision to to sell and promote only Noble varieties. This may sound an obvious choice and something you would assume all kava vendors would choose to do. Unfortunately that is not the case, due to shorter growing times, wide supply but lack of local demand for Tudei, the price of Tudei kava is very cheap so many other online vendors choose to import, include and sell this variety in their shops instead. Regular trips to the South Pacific allow us to meet and get to know the kava farmers that share our commitment to promoting only Noble Kava.

Direct, Local Sourcing of Fresh Kava

Mike Munsell Kalm with Kava founder, inspecting KavaFrom the outset, we committed to sourcing directly from small farms on the Pacific Islands to ensure we purchased the freshest and highest quality Noble kava, kava that would provide great relaxation effects. Traveling to the South Pacific countries of Fiji, Vanuatu, and Tonga enables us to personally sample dozens of different kavas and select the absolute best kava varieties available. We meet the actual farmers and visually inspect the crops and processing techniques and only purchase the freshest, 100% Noble kava. Only the freshest Noble kava makes the cut and into the products in the Kalm with Kava online store. Read about our trips to Vanuatu and Fiji.

Our trips also allow us to discover and source new kava varieties. We recently introduced a Limited Special Edition Kava Series and two new varieties Fiji: Vula Waka and Vanuatu Melo Melo.

“We want our customers to know with confidence that when they buy from Kalm with Kava they are buying incredibly good kava”.

(Mike Munsell, Kalm with Kava founder and owner)

Giving Back

Vanuatu ClinicWe believe in supporting kava farmers and giving back to South Pacific island communities.

Purchasing direct from local farmers and avoiding large distributors helps us to ensure the quality of our kava, and also helps the farmers and villages receive more money when there is no middleman involved. Despite the growth in kava exports, many of the kava growing communities on the islands remain relatively poor with economic and infrastructure challenges which is why we also find ways to give back to these communities. Learn more.

Our fair trade and community approach means we have always worked to build both strong, business partnerships and personal friendships with our suppliers and their local villages, based on mutual respect and understanding.

Customer Education

Our vision is to grow a well-informed kava drinking community in the U.S and a safe and healthy market for our kava products. We are a certified member and vendor of True Kava Labs and frequent contributor to online communities including kava forums that shares and promotes the latest information on kava, helping to educate consumers. We also publish our own blog.

Our Customer Promise

When you buy kava from Kalm with Kava you can be confident that you are buying 100% Noble kava that has been quality tested and is vastly superior to anything else available online from a trusted, knowledgeable and responsible kava vendor.

We look forward to serving you.

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