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What is Kava?

Get to know the kalm vibes of kava

Woman enjoying kava outside on a pacific island

The Relaxation Sensation: What is Kava?

Kava, or Piper methysticum, is a shrub that originates in the Pacific Islands. A member of the pepper family, the kava plant is estimated to have over 100 different varieties. Even more amazing, each variety has its own unique properties! When the roots and stump of the kava plant are consumed, the plant’s active ingredients help promote mind and body relaxation.

The Timeless Gem of the Pacific Islands

Kava has ancient roots—literally! For centuries, this singular plant has called the Pacific Islands its heart and home. Locals across islands like Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa have grown and consumed kava since the birth of their societies. A symbol of respect, kava has a rich history across the islands. It has been used for everything from social rituals to religious ceremonies to medicinal purposes.

The Secret of Kava: Kavalacatones

Kava’s amazing ability to help people unwind and find some calm is due to its active ingredient: kavalactones. These compounds are concentrated in kava’s roots and are released when ground up and consumed. Kavalactones interact with the body’s limbic system of the brain, notably the amygdala. The amygdala helps regulate your emotions. So when kavalactones connect with the amygdala, many people experience the sensation of mental and physical relaxation.

inside kava bush viewing branches and stems
Harness Kava’s Amazing Effects

Kava is largely known for its soothing effects. Our customers say that after a few servings of kava, they often feel stress ease up, anxiety melt away, and restlessness quiet. Some people also experience a mood boost or even a sense of euphoria after consuming kava. Individual responses to kava can vary, as effects can be influenced by factors like dosage, preparation method, and body chemistry. Our customers use kava to:

  • Ease anxiety, worries, and fears
  • Promote mental calm
  • Have an alternative to alcohol
  • Increase sociability
  • Lift their mood
  • Soothe feelings linked to depression
  • Aid sleep
  • Enhance workout recovery
  • Naturally relax muscles
  • & so much more!

Find Your Kava Variety, Find Your Kalm

Explore the diverse realm of kava, boasting over 100 unique varieties! These varieties can be grouped into three categories based on their distinct effects: heady, heavy, and balanced. Heady kavas help uplift your mood and sociability, while heavy kavas can relax the body and aid sleep. Balanced kavas are known for offering all-around relaxation and can be consumed day or night. Discover your perfect fit with our Kava Variety Selection Tool.

Drink the Best, Drink Noble Kava

To have a great kava experience, it’s important to choose lab-tested Noble kava varieties as opposed to Tudei kava. Tudei kava can cause negative effects like nausea and lethargy lasting up to two days. Noble kava, on the other hand, provides a gentle, relaxing kava experience. Noble kava produces high-quality effects that help you feel refreshed, not sick. At Kalm with Kava, we only sell lab-tested, high-quality Noble kava sourced directly from trusted farmers in the Pacific Islands.

Kava Root Noble

Relax Your Mind & Body Naturally

Now that you’ve graduated from Kalm University, why not try some for yourself?