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Our Samoa Ava Special-Edition Kava Powder was so loved that it’s now a full-time variety. The Samoan Ava is special because it either comes from islands where kava production is very limited or select kava varieties are only grown in small amounts.

This is our first kava offering from Samoa, a rare variety because Samoa doesn’t currently grow a lot of kava. Samoa Ava is an uplifting and happiness-inducing kava with little to no sedation. It will initially boost your mood and relax you mentally before providing the physical body relaxation kava is typically known for. Best of all, this has to be the best-tasting kava we’ve ever come across!

Effects: Heady / Balanced

This fresh Samoa Ava Kava root is the perfect example of a very happy, upbeat, relaxing heady kava with great mind, social, and body effects.

Chemotype and Root Composition

Testing at a chemotype of 462135 this kava is a mix of 50% lateral roots and 50% basal stump.

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Excellent Samoan Kava for anytime use

Fresh Kava Powder straight from the farm

Our Samoa Ava Kava root was so loved, it became a full-time variety. This is our first kava offering from Samoa and a rare kava variety. Samoa Ava is an uplifting and happiness-inducing kava with little to no sedation.

We purchase this Kava straight from the farm so freshness is guaranteed. Grown on Savaii Island in Samoa and usually harvested only when we place an order for shipment. The root is then washed, dried, and ground for shipping, making it some of the freshest dried root available outside the islands. Samoan kava is very difficult to find in commercial amounts because the islands don’t grow that much kava. Searching the islands we found this variety that was very unique and we had to get as much as we could get our hands-on. Give Samoa Ava Kava root a try and you’ll see it’s one of the best Kavas you’ve tasted!


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13 reviews for Samoa Ava Kava

  1. jgold899

    I purchased the micronized version of the Samoa and I’m already contemplating a second purchase. This kava is absolutely delicious with almond/cashew milk and roasted cinnamon. Great start to my day, helps ease my depression and anxiety which have been through the roof these days!

  2. Andrew Weymouth (verified owner)

    This is an excellent kava, and indeed one of the most mild-tasting kavas I’ve come across. Heady-balanced is a perfect description of its effects. Mainly heady, but just a bit of the body effects to round out the experience. I will definitely be ordering more!

  3. Kyle Wyatt (verified owner)

    This is indeed a special variety fitting of the name. Sometimes heady kava can prevent me from sleepinp, but not Samoa Ava. Makes perfect bowl for a social events pregame or just chilling and getting things done at home. Tastes amazing btw.

  4. FB Cruz (verified owner)

    I love this kava as it takes the usual departure from balanced or heavier kavas, of course heavy sessions lead to some sedation and that usual tell tell sign that kava gives us to let us know we had enough. Very little in the way of sedation or heaviness, it has that classic 462 vibe. This has always been the chemotype that made me fall in love with kava in the first place. Notable effects are headiness & euphoria. Although I don’t drink mornings/early afternoons anymore, I can see this as a wonderful daytime kava for those that need some motivation to get moving.

  5. Christine N

    Well I am speechless…. This is an amazing kava, with only 1 teaspoon my mind and body are so relaxed!! It’s such a clean feeling I have been searching for some descent kava since my favourite has been discontinued ( from another vendor) but This is way better by far… you can feel the quality , I also purchased and tried the Loa waka which is also very good but a bit strong for what I was looking for but the Ava is my cup of tea for sure I will re order and tried others ,thank you KWK for sending me this amazing products.

  6. jd fatone

    great produst

  7. jaxx (verified owner)

    Very nice and smooth. I like that it doesn’t overwhelm my head, even after the 2nd wash, yet does give relief of tightness in my upper back and decrease in pain. I purchased 2 — one for a staff member — and I’m sure she’s going to love it for anxiety due to the lightness. I am trying Pouni Ono behind it. Thanks for this version.

  8. Heather (verified owner)

    I received samoa ava today. I was hoping for a something to help my moods during the day without making me tired. Unfortunaly after taking the dose on the package (3 tablespoons) I feel nothing. I will keep slowly adding more hoping to reach the desires effect but boy that gets expensive when I can use another brand and only need 1 tablespoon. Still waiting for a response to my email.

  9. Krunkie McKrunkface (verified owner)

    I’m writing about the new Samoan Ava. I am so glad it is available. It’s really awesome, excellent root. Fantastic heady stuff, tastes great. If you like Tongan kavas or some of the headier Vanuatu kavas, you are going to love this. Great for daytime or evening shelling.

  10. Ross (verified owner)

    I jumped into the Kava scene around a month ago making Damu my first ever purchase. I can’t give any solid comparisons but I just love the feeling this gives me. I feel “switched on”, very relaxed, slightly euphoric and ready for long conversation – perfect for what I want!!

    Also, if you’re from the UK like me expect to get this in under a week. I ordered on Sunday, it was shipped on Monday and arrived on Saturday. As long as they keep selling this, I will keep buying as needed!!!!! Give it a try peeps.

  11. Kev (verified owner)

    Having first tried the Micronized Loa Waka and not getting the results I desired, I went ahead and grabbed and bag of Damu Root and an AluBall. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised at how much more pronounced the effects have been with the traditional root. This stuff is FANTASTIC! I’ve been using 3 tbsp servings, and the effects ease in with a mild headiness after about 10 minutes and then eventually evolve into a slight full-body relaxation. Neither effects are strong enough to impair you or demotivate you from getting work done so I’d say that the Damu is great for an afternoon or late afternoon chill sesh. Best of all, this stuff is great for its anti-anxiety properties. I haven’t tried any other types of kava (other than the micronized loa waka), but the Damu has definitely been making me more inclined to be social.

    The only con I’ve come across is that my bag is emptying very quickly =P
    Once I run out of Damu I’ll probably try and grab a bag of the Pouni Ono. I want to try every type available but will have to be patient because I’m on a college student budget.

    Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, balanced afternoon / post-work kava or anyone struggling with anxiety. Just remember to chug back a few bottles of water after consuming because daily use will dehydrate the hell outta you.

  12. Joel A Stevens (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite all-time kavas. As they say in the description it is the standard for a balanced kava. Very noticeable euphoria. And that euphoric state is enhanced with every shell. Not the typical 10 to 15-minute Rush with the first shell that never returns. Very good for anxiety. Very good for chilling out and playing music by yourself or in Social settings. It really is a jack-of-all-trades. Seriously do yourself a favor and try this one

  13. Edward (verified owner)

    This is awesome kava from an awesome vendor. I would say perfect for daytime, the sedation is minimal and the balanced effects won’t leave you lagging at work. Being a limited edition I recommend getting some soon while it’s still here!

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