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Facts Private Reserve Premium Kava 8 oz
Private Reserve Premium Kava
Private Reserve Premium Kava Facts
(4 customer reviews)

Private Reserve Kavas

Kalm with Kava got its start by going to the Melanesian and Polynesian islands to find the best kava farmers in the world.  We take pride in knowing that our farmers have been able to improve their lives and those around them through the kava we sell.  These same farmers are known for cultivating unique, rarely exported kava that is normally reserved for those on the islands.  Luckily, our relationships allow us to tap into these exclusive varieties of kava that can’t normally be found outside of kava producing nations.

Kalm with Kava’s Private Reserve bags are top shelf, incredible kavas that will be sure to please.  Some kavas are known for their relaxant effect, while others for taste and texture.  Our Private Reserve kavas will hit all three of these characteristics without issue.  We know you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

Want a discount? We offer a 2-pack discount of 3% and a  3-pack discount of 5%.  Our 2-pack includes Malekula Mbuong and Savusavu Damu, while our 3-pack includes Savusavu Damu, Solomon Islands Nendo, and Malekula Mbuong.

Current Varieties:
Medium Grind Malekula Mbuong – This rare variety from the island of Malekula is a favorite of the Kalm with Kava team. We think it’s a strong Vanuatu kava with an added dreamy/euphoric effect. Of course, kava experiences are subjective so your results may vary, but most folks would agree that this variety is one that you’ll keep coming back to. Chemotype: 421356

Medium Grind Savusavu Damu – Damu is a well loved Fijian kava variety, known for its heavy effects. This Damu has been sourced from experienced kava growers who live and work in Savusavu. Savusavu’s natural soil is perfect for growing large kava plants with strong roots, great for both unwinding and drinking with friends. Chemotype: 462531

Medium Grind Solomon Islands Nendo – This is sure to be one of the strongest kavas you’ve had in the last 6 months.  Very potent with an incredibly sedative onset, this kava farmed on Nendo island will be one you shouldn’t miss out on. Chemotype of 425613. with a K/DHM ratio of 2.79.

Instant Borongoru – Finally introducing our classic Borongoru is an easy to drink instant kava form!


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Private Reserve Premium Kava 8 oz
Private Reserve Kavas

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Pentecost Temit, Hawaiian Mahakea, Malekula Mbuong, Santo Palasa, Santo Bir Kar, Santo Palarasul, Fijian Rabi, 3-Pack Combo, 2-Pack Combo, Solomon Islands Temo, Solomon Islands Feo, Epi Kelai, Santo Laterals, Fijian Basa, Tongan Vava'u, Savusavu Damu, Solomon Islands Nendo, Instant Borongoru


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4 reviews for Private Reserve Kavas
  1. Avatar of groebnerjosh

    groebnerjosh (verified owner)

    I ordered the medium grind Pentecost Mbuong. I have to say, it did not disappoint. I’m a fan of the heavier kava, and this one really hits the mark. It is like a more potent Borongoru with a touch more heady-ness. Two tablespoons is all it takes for me to have complete body relaxation and mental calmness. The taste is pretty good too. It’s kind of citrusy and piney like an IPA. If you are into heavy kava, or want a great sleep aid, I highly recommend this strain. It is well worth the extra dollar.

  2. Avatar of Ishaq ali

    Ishaq ali (verified owner)

    Fijian Rabi is amazing has that classic Fijian kava taste but way more potent than regular Fijian kava once again guys 5/5 super clean super good stuff

  3. Avatar of Kevin

    Kevin (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying out almost all of the private reserve kavas they’ve had since the end of 2022 and there hasn’t been a single one that has disappointed. Each one has been unique and special in its own way. They’re all incredible and absolutely worth the extra money if you have some to spend on a more pleasant experience than standard kavas.

  4. Avatar of Owen

    Owen (verified owner)

    I bought the Epi Kelai, and it’s hands down the best/freshest kava I’ve ever tasted. It tastes mildly like cucumbers. The kava mixed up thin-looking, which had me concerned; the first drink dispelled all worries as my mouth was all numb! The effects were heavy and long lasting. I can’t wait to try more reserves.

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