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Private Reserve Kavas

Kalm with Kava got its start by going to the Melanesian and Polynesian islands to find the best kava farmers in the world.  We take pride in knowing that our farmers have been able to improve their lives and those around them through the kava we sell.  These same farmers are known for cultivating unique, rarely exported kava that is normally reserved for those on the islands.  Luckily, our relationships allow us to tap into these exclusive varieties of kava that can’t normally be found outside of kava producing nations.

Kalm with Kava’s Private Reserve bags are top shelf, incredible kavas that will be sure to please.  Some kavas are known for their relaxant effect, while others for taste and texture.  Our Private Reserve kavas will hit all three of these characteristics without issue.  We know you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

Current Varieties:
Medium Grind Pentecost Mbuong – We sourced this directly from the island of Pentecost in the island nation of Vanuatu.  This remote island is filled with rainforest and incredible terrain; a difficult island to get to, let alone farm!  Mbuong has a very similar profile to Borongoru, coming from the same village.  While this is a great all around kava, it’s especially nice to drink a few hours before bed.  With a smooth flavor and relaxing profile, this is something you’re sure to want to share.  Since we received such a small batch, and we want all of our customers to enjoy it, it’s currently only available in 1/2 pound bags.

Medium Grind Santo Palasa – Santo, a large island in northern Vanuatu, is home to large swathes of kava fields.  However full of kava Santo is, our farmer told us it was “nearly impossible” to find Palasa, especially for export to the international market.  Known for its peppery flavor and longer lasting effects, Palasa is a noble cultivar that’s a great all around addition to your kava collection.  This is a very strong, well ground kava that is sure to please the toughest of connoisseurs.  Palasa has been our “go-to” since receiving it.

Instant Hawaiian Mahakea – Kalm with Kava is proud to distribute the finest Hawaiian ‘awa available.  Coming from the Big Island of Hawai’i, this INSTANT, non-micronized Mahakea is very special.  If you’re looking for a great on-the-go solution, with the best flavor profile of any instant kava you can find, look no further.  Since this is in our Private Reserve line, you’ll know that the product you’re receiving is going to be the best.  With a subtle earthy aroma and flavor, Mahakea is known for its well balanced effects useful at any point during the day or at night.  You won’t find a better tasting, effective kava.  Since this is an instant kava, a little goes a long way; typical servings are only a half tablespoon.  With a few servings spaced out every half hour, you’ll quickly be feeling like you’ve got sand between your toes on a warm beach.  All domestically grown and manufactured in the USA.


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Pentecost Temit, Hawaiian Mahakea, Pentecost Mbuong, Santo Palasa


Micronized, Medium Grind, Instant

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  1. groebnerjosh (verified owner)

    I ordered the medium grind Pentecost Mbuong. I have to say, it did not disappoint. I’m a fan of the heavier kava, and this one really hits the mark. It is like a more potent Borongoru with a touch more heady-ness. Two tablespoons is all it takes for me to have complete body relaxation and mental calmness. The taste is pretty good too. It’s kind of citrusy and piney like an IPA. If you are into heavy kava, or want a great sleep aid, I highly recommend this strain. It is well worth the extra dollar.

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