Pouni Ono Fresh Tonga Kava

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Pouni Ono Fresh Tonga Kava

Pouni Ono is an impressive fresh Tonga kava. The unique volcanic soil of the island has created a smooth and relatively easy tasting kava. A drink of Pouni Ono kava makes you feel relaxed, happy, and more alert with some people even reporting an almost energetic level of happiness. Pouni Ono is more uplifting and less tiring than other kavas making it great for daytime use, and our best social kava.

Lab-tested 100% Noble kava sourced direct from small Tongan farmers for quality, freshness, and better effects.

Effects: Heady

Pouni Ono is an uplifting kava that makes you feel happier and more alert. It provides wonderful mental relaxation and mood enhancement.

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Pouni Ono Fresh Tonga Kava

Pouni Ono is an impressive fresh Tonga Kava. The unique volcanic soil of the island has created a smooth and relatively easy-tasting kava. A drink of Pouni Ono Tonga Kava makes you feel relaxed, happy, and more alert with some people even reporting an almost energetic level of happiness. Pouni Ono is more uplifting and less tiring than other kavas making it great for daytime use and the best kava to drink for a fun, social night out.

Buy fresh kava root: Lab-tested, 100% Noble kava sourced directly from small Tongan farmers for quality, freshness, and better effects.

Effects: Heady

Pouni Ono is an uplifting Tonga Kava that makes you feel happier and more alert. It provides wonderful mental relaxation and mood enhancement. It is great for stimulating the mind and lively conversations with friends.

Chemotype and Composition: Chemotype 426531.

Pouni Ono Tonga Kava is high in the composition of Kavain, DHK, and Methysticin making it much less sedative and more energizing, and capable of stimulating euphoric feelings than other types of kava root. Certified Noble Kava from TrueKava.com

Reasons to Select Pouni Ono

  • When you are looking for a kava that will help you to loose your social inhibitions, relax and have a fun night out.
  • If you want to reduce feelings of stress at work while remaining productive on the job.
  • It the kava to drink for mood enhancement, when you need cheering up.

Drink Pouni Ono kava and enjoy a happy, uplifting relaxed experience.


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1/2 lb, 1 lb

37 reviews for Pouni Ono Fresh Tonga Kava

  1. Jessica Swenson (verified owner)

    We are very anxious people and need something we can take during the day and finally found it! This helps a lot with our anxious minds and a little bit of body relaxation too. So far our favorite!

  2. Chris C. (verified owner)

    This has been my go-to day strain. Onset if very fast resulting in short-lived euphoria. However, I’ve noticed lately after the initial rush I’ve become slightly agitated then tired; this is my anecdotal experience, perhaps this is too stimulating for me to use at 1 TBS dosages.

  3. Heather

    So, let me begin by saying thank you. I just received my shipment, Early no less. And the first item I tried was Pouni Ono. I have anxiety and ADHD, but right now, I feel amazing. My mind is clear and focused. I feel like I could hug the whole world if it weren’t for COVID. I found this site almost on accident but am so happy I did. The taste isn’t dirt like I have heard from some people. It has a herbal, peppery flavour. The numbness is mild and only last a few minutes. The calming effect settled in about thirty minutes. I couldn’t be more, please. Thank you all again.

  4. Ed (verified owner)

    Short lived for me, and not really any euphoria. Had some mild swim my headedness, no calming effect. Just tried a different strain that worked much better for me. Was disappointed in what I thought would be a more heady experience.

  5. b.andi

    I love the Pouni Ono! I use the micronized version for convenience. I recommend the 8 ounces. I would much rather take a tablespoon of the powder already prepared and mix with my beverage of choice (coconut milk or water). This is my favorite strain and it is very light and heady. Immediately after the first cup I feel very euphoric and mellow with a sense of clarity.

  6. R

    Is it OK to skip the preparation-process and just put it in some water and chug it as is?

  7. johnpaula66 (verified owner)

    Pouni Ono, a deceptively strong kava despite the mild taste. It reminds me of a lawena, so initially I was a little disappointed as I am not a fan of kava’s with high amounts of kavain as they make you feel jittery however this was actually quite heady and balanced with good sedative affects. Would buy again.

  8. kavasam (verified owner)

    My impression of this has changed a lot after I wrote my first review of it. I’ve spent over 1 year trying different kava varieties and different processing methods: traditional, blender and blender/trad combinations. Each one had different variations. I finally settled on a blender/trad combo that gave great results and I used that method on my first go at Pouni Ono. Per my other review, extremely mild effects, nothing heady at all.

    My next batch, I used a completely different blender method I’ve been experimenting with and added one more tablespoon making 6 instead of the 5 previously. WOW what a difference!! Adding one more tblsp helped but the processing method was apparently also key. Fabulous results!! Very heady, almost no body effects. I felt extremely upbeat and cheerful. No relaxing to it but on the other hand I wasn’t wired up and jittery either. The main effects lasted about 4 hours but the residual carryover lasted way into the next day.

    Those effects were from the first wash only. I did a second but saved it until a couple days later. There wasn’t much energy to that one, just very slight similar effects. The first wash must have extracted nearly all the kavalectones.

    I’ve heard some kavas are fickle, good results one time and maybe not so much the next time. Maybe Pouni Ono is like that, but then maybe not. I can’t tell yet. I do plan on ordering more though.

  9. kavasam (verified owner)

    This was the first time I’ve tried this particular kava. Very mild results, almost none actually. It wasn’t a bit heady, some slight body effects. 5 tblsp processed with the same protocol that gives me great results with other kava varieties. Very empty stomach, nothing eaten for 12 hours prior to. I have no idea why it was so wimpy but I doubt I’ll be buying any more of it. I’ll finish up the rest of the bag, maybe future sessions will be different. I hope so but kind of doubt it. Kudos to KWK though, they sure ship fast.

  10. peanut_6

    This is a great kava for chilling with friends. One of my favorites so far.

  11. Andeev

    I found this product to be extremely relaxing and uplifting. I would definitely purchase this again.

  12. heatherM (verified owner)

    My current favorite Kava! I love kavas that make me feel more sociable and euphoric – and this does the trick! Kalm with Kava also has the quickest shipping of any of the vendors I’ve used so far.

  13. Krunky (verified owner)

    I’ve had the pleasure of drinking this kava back in 2016 when the chemotype profile was different, basically it was a headier kava, one the best at the time. I placed this order last Saturday and through no fault of Mike or KWK, it finally arrived here today. I hadn’t tried these new plants yet granted it’s the same strain it was still a mystery how they would compare.

    This new batch has been worth the wait, it still has that unique headiness followed by a mild warm embrace, very similar, dare I say slightly better with a little more body to carry the experience thorough. Excellent root & vendor!!

  14. Hope

    Maybe I just don’t know how to take it (or how much), but I am generally sensitive to medications or other shifts to my body, so it may be that I need a much lower dose (even 1/2 tablespoon is too much for me). I like this! It seemed to really help me feel energized and more socially comfortable, so what others in the reviews have said is true. However, I want to note that it does make it harder for me to sleep, as my thoughts seem to go faster, and even with a small dose, the effects seem to last for a couple of days. I’d say I slept 6 hours on this kava, instead of a usual 8, AND I had much more vivid dreams. (Great if they are good dreams, not so great if they are trauma-related, like mine.) So, just be aware. I needed to take a larger dose for the depression/anxiety reducing effects, but then my thoughts were faster (great creativity boost), and it took more effort to concentrate on one thing at a time (or conversation), as well as the lighter sleep result. Hope that helps you all in your decision making! Again, I’m super sensitive to meds, in general.

  15. Ken (verified owner)

    I really like this kava I have always had trouble with being social and have had a bad couple of years that had lead into mild depression and started to drink kava again and had stumbled on this company and this variety of kava and both are amazing and are now my favorite I can’t wait to try the other kavas they have to offer the pouni ono really helps get me to be friendly and social with a smile that just last all day thanks a million kalm with kava

  16. Brandon Meek (verified owner)

    I am new to kava, but after one order from Kalm I will certainly be a lifelong user. I have chronic pain and depression and kava is my new favorite tool for battling both issues. I consider it to be a lifesaver. Pouni Ono is an excellent mood elevator and anxiety reliever. I am super sensitive and this variety was super potent for me. At times a bit to much with only a two tablespoon dose that can actually make me feel anxious and irritable from over stimulation. However the second wash is always spot on. I work in customer service and regularly deal with horrible people that I tend to absorb their negative energy. That “sheild” effect from kava I’ve heard of is actually a thing and is working wonderfully. I am extremely impressed with this root and Kalm that provides it.

  17. Scott Waht

    Great product from my favorite kava company. Thanks guys!

  18. Sherman Kaplitz

    This is well-worth the price! Very smooth, numbing and earthy flavor which is mildly appetizing. Very potent and cerebral effects

  19. ray

    Not a fan of pouni ono, the heady affects are just too much at times, I don’t enjoy the unbalance of this kava and is seemed to me there are better kavas out there. This is not for everyone

  20. Darbi Hebrank (verified owner)

    This is the 5th variety I tried and I just don’t like it. It rarely has any effects other than a slight eye burn after 2 hours. Definitely disappointed!

  21. Ming (verified owner)

    Great stuff – one of my favorite Kavas. Like the other posts say, this is almost an energizing strain while providing the desired relaxing effects. I’m surprised Tongan kava doesn’t get more attention.

  22. Dave

    Was 2 years in Peace Corps in Tonga in ’72-73. Will try this to see if same. Back then… no TV, one radio station. In warm evenings some kava, and sit and chat as the hours go by and trade winds rustle the coconut palm leaves. Locals strum guitar and sing. Relaxes but NOT a “go to sleep” relaxation. I don’t suggest Tongan Kava specifically for insomnia. At that time, in Tongan culture, women would help prepare kava but never drank it themselves. I never knew of or heard of addicts or really heavy users. I can’t imagine violence or crimes by anyone using it. My personal opinion is that American prisoners should be allowed to drink to drink Tongan kava. Might help them chillout while the time passes! Can’t wait to try again after 45 years!

  23. Henry Kennedy (verified owner)

    So, I’m a noob to Kava, just read about it last week. I have a high stress job as well as having anxiety and depression. I figured I would give this a go. Got the Tongan instant and the root as well. Brewed some up today, and had some shells. All I have to say is WOWWWWW!! Amazing stuff! Body relaxation, optimism, just great feels all around. I am in awe. The guys also had a few issues with their computer system, causing a double order, which they immediately reached out to me to confirm and fix my order. Super fast shipping, AMAZING Kava. Love this company, and I love Kava. Will be ordering weekly. You all rock!! Strong product, strong customer service, and they care about their clients. Thanks guys!!!!

  24. anthony (verified owner)

    This was my favorite kava until it disappeared awhile back. So looking forward to trying the new batch. Thanks for bringing it back.

  25. Ash H

    This is my husband’s favorite so far! The effects are strong, and allow him to reach full relaxation. He has anxiety and depression, and this keeps him healthy and away from alcohol. Thank you for such a wonderful product! It arrived quickly, in great resealable packaging.

  26. Sanjay

    I tried a variant batch. It tasted great with the expected socoal euohoria. Miss the old price but looks like tongans everywhere have gone up in pruce.

  27. Michael Baker (verified owner)

    Very potent, energizing stuff that moves to relaxing in a matter of hours. Would highly recommend extremely good Tongan.

  28. Dallas Wease

    My favorite strain it 9s gently relaxing and socially energizing. I love the feel of this kava it is the perfect chemotype for me.

  29. Rich (verified owner)

    Most easy tasting with great effects. More “heady” (uniquely so) and mixes well with sunshine. My personal favorite KWK root. I don’t need very much either -one shell for very pleasant vibes. Its also quite consistent and reliable for me. I love drinking a bit and spending time outdoors – brings one more in tune with nature. Try it, you’ll see what I’m talking about!

  30. Chris A

    This was my first kava from the sample pack. It has a mild, earthy taste with a gentle pepperiness. The color came out quite well in a mocha kind of brown and light scent. The mouth feel was warm and filling, with a nice tingling on the tongue. After 7 minutes, I feel quite calm and content with full mental faculties. I don’t feel my usual anxiety at the moment, and that’s a blessing. Great service and great first kava. I’m looking forward to trying the Loa Waka and Vula Waka kavas in time.

  31. Frank V (verified owner)

    This Kava one of the best I have tried. Tongan Pouni Ono is great for relaxing around friends and family. Kalm with Kava great service and immediate shipping.
    I am well pleased
    Frank V

  32. Schmedward (verified owner)

    One of my favourite kavas. Mild taste, balanced effects, great for relaxing without it sending me to bed. Works well for me both for daytime use and for unwinding after work.

  33. Jerome

    Smooth tasting kava that goes down easy. Doesn’t upset the stomach like some powders do. Nice clean head buzz and warm pleasantness with no negative sluggishness the following day. This is a winner. This is an ideal kava for those who like powder that forces a smile on their face.

  34. Nicholas Cone (verified owner)

    The best kava I’ve ever tried (I’ve tried dozens). The best for being social while not completely draining your energy

  35. Nicole

    Really liked this one and will order it again (after having just received the sample size package so far.) This kava has a very mild taste that is easy to drink and easy on the stomach, and the effects were noticeable without knocking you off your feet. Mellow, happy kava for me, and that’s good stuff.

  36. verticity (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite kavas. It is great for daytime use, as it does not knock you out, but provides very pleasant euphoria and relaxation.

  37. Kilakila

    Yep, very smooth, mild taste and not much in the way of mouth numbing. After just one shell I’m definitely feeling a sense of relaxed calmness. Definitely don’t need to melt into the sofa with this one, and nothing – so far- in the way of wooziness. Not exactly feeling energetic but then again it’s been one of those days when I don’t need to feel energetic. This is definitely a good choice for a daytime kava when anxiety begins to put the squeeze on and you want/need to be relaxed but with your mental alertness in tact. Only had a sample pack from the fine folks at kalm with kava so saving the rest of my bowl until tomorrow when I need to drive and spend a ton of money food shopping. Let’s see how relaxed I can be then!

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