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Melomelo Micronized Kava

Meet our micronized Melomelo, a Vanuatu kava that perfectly lives up to its name—it’s wonderfully mellow! While it might seem gentle at first, Melomelo’s heavy relaxation effects become truly apparent after a couple of servings. It helps fill you with an inner calm and a peaceful, chill mood. When you sip it in smaller amounts, you’ll find it great for soothing anxious thoughts and stress without any drowsiness. When you enjoy a larger serving, it becomes even more powerful, helping you wind down at the end of a long day or ease into restful sleep. This kava is a local favorite and a hit in Vanuatu’s kava bars, making it a rarity for export. After much searching, we’re thrilled to have found a direct source from the farm, which ensures freshness. Grown on Ambae Island in Vanuatu, it’s a sought-after local variety that we’re excited to share. Get ready to enjoy the true essence of relaxation with Melomelo kava!

Effects: Heavy (Moderately)

Micronized kava is the perfect way to enjoy a mild-tasting kava drink on the go! Just mix one tablespoon into your favorite non-alcoholic beverage for quick, easy relaxation. Made from 100% Noble kava root, our micronized kava contains no coarse fibers or fillers—no need to strain or steep.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Micronized kava is the perfect product if you're looking for an easy-to-prepare, mild-tasting kava drink. Simply mix one tablespoon of our micronized kava into a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. It's that simple! It makes a great-tasting kava beverage in seconds. Micronized kava is perfect for taking with you on the go. Whether you're at work or just out and about and want quick relaxation, micronized kava is the go-to choice.

Composition and Quality Assurance

Our micronized kava is made from the same lab-tested, 100% Noble kava root used in our Medium Grind Kava Root products. All coarse fibers have been removed from our micronized kava, and no fillers have been added whatsoever. This eliminates the need for straining and helps ensure higher quality, better effects. All kava sold at Kalm with Kava is sourced directly from small farmers in the South Pacific. That means you get guaranteed fresh kava!

Micronized Kava Variety and Effects: Melomelo

Melomelo is a moderately heavy kava that’s aptly named—it’s mellow! In smaller servings, it’s ideal for helping to gently ease anxious thoughts and worries from a stressful day. In larger servings, it's a comforting choice for heavy relaxation effects that help you wind down after a long day or fall asleep.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

4 oz, 8 oz

15 reviews for Melomelo Micronized Kava
  1. Avatar of Taylor

    Taylor (verified owner)

    I take kava to ease pain and muscle cramps associated with a chronic medical condition. I’ve tried several brands and types but KWK is the gold standard for me. Their micronized is great quality, doesn’t give me stomach upset, and well packaged. Their customer service is top notch as well.

  2. Avatar of Chandran

    Chandran (verified owner)

    This review is about the 2 oz jar of melomelo I recently purchased. First off, I normally have to take kava everyday for about a week to get results if it has been over a month since last taking kava. This time (after 5 months of no kava) I started feeling the benefits immediately. While there is still some reverse tolerance I am going through (I’ve only been taking for two days and the effects are felt more fully each time) I notice that I am getting the anxiolitic​ effects regardless of whether or not I feel any uplifting feelings, euphoria, etc. So far I am really happy with my purchase and I will be buying more soon. The melomelo has a very light taste which makes it a more palatable kava for me. The effects thus far are balanced and I get a good amount of mood boost, pain relief, anxiety relief and general contentment from the standard 2 tsp – 4 tsp dose. As always the shipping was super fast. Thank you KWK for providing this wonderful product!

  3. Avatar of Drew


    Best kava on the planet!

  4. Avatar of Jhon

    Jhon (verified owner)

    Really good quality kava i love it it is my favorite its just it says you mix it with any drink (non alcoholic) and i mix it but it is very grainy and makes it seem like it isn’t supposed to be like that

  5. Avatar of Travis

    Travis (verified owner)

    So far I have had (3) of the micronized Kavas. My favorite so far is Melomelo & Borongoru. Both are great and different.
    Melomelo just puts your whole day at ease. Borongoru gives you a nice instant buzz and then comes with a relaxing affect.
    A great alcohol alternative with NO HANGOVER!
    Oh almost forgot Fiji Loa Waka –> this one was ok but the other 2 to me were much better.

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