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Kalm with Kava products - Private Reserve, Kavarita Concentrate, and Loa Waka Micronized

Effects of Kava

Relax the Mind & Body

Typically consumed in the afternoons and evenings, kava has been used for thousands of years as a way to relax after a long day.

Ease Social Anxiety

Proven through studies to help with nervous anxiety, tension and restlessness.

Island State of Mind

Melanesian and Polynesian societies have long used kava as a basis to establish peace and agreement in their communities.

Natural Sleep Aid

Kava promotes deep sleep to help you rest and recover for whatever you’re tackling tomorrow.

Find Your Perfect Variety

There’s a unique variety of kava for every kavassuer. If you’re looking for something new, or you’re unsure about which will be your favorite, try our kava selection tool!

Kalm with Kava’s Story

Kalm with Kava began in 2010 with a simple mission, to create great-tasting and effective Noble kava products to help people relax more naturally. Our ongoing goal is to bring you premium kava products for natural mind and body relaxation.

Kava Starters Guide

Here’s what to expect when trying kava for the first time. We tell you all about kava, how it tastes, how you’ll feel when the effects kick in and how long they last, and why quality matters.


“This Micronized Kava works as soon as it hits your lips! I find that it helps me to achieve tranquility on those sleepless nights, and I love having one or two teaspoons on the golf course to help me get into my mode. I’d recommend this product for all people, especially those who appreciate a calm, peaceful, and undisturbed sense of being.”

John P. – Fort Collins, CO


“This Kava Concentrate is a real treat. I enjoy the fruity relaxation in the middle of the busy season at work. Not only is the drink a refreshing break to unwind with at the end of a stressful day, but it’s also a welcome break at work. My lunch time is no longer a time to evaluate my projects while eating as fast as possible, but rather a breath of tropical air, that helps me kalm down and work steadily.”

Gianna B. – Tucson, AZ


“My wife and I really enjoy the Vula Waka. Not only does it taste milder than most kava varieties, but the calming effects make it great for kicking back and watching a movie on a Saturday night. I recommend it to all my friends.”

Ryan H. – Billings, MT

Kava Blog

The latest in news and articles from Kalm with Kava.

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International Kava Organization

Uniting Tradition, Science, and Advocacy

Kalm with Kava is a proud founding member of the International Kava Organization (IKO). IKO members bridge together kava’s rich cultural traditions, the latest scientific findings, and kava advocacy for responsible consumption.

Take Your Relaxation Seriously

Whether you’re looking to relax with friends or unwind from the worries of life, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out your next relaxation destination!