What is a kava bar?

Kava bars are on the rise in the US, with new kava bars popping up all across the country. Kava bars are a great place to spend time with friends, relax, and enjoy your favorite kava. A kava bar can … Learn More

The History of Kava in the US

Pinning down the history of kava is no easy feat, and the path to booming kava bars and exports to the US has been tumultuous. One thing we know for sure, though, is that kava has been important in the … Learn More

Kava Time: 10 Fun Facts About Kava

It’s kava time. Time to prepare a batch of kava, sit down and relax for a while. As you enjoy downing a shell of kava and mellowing out for the evening, alone or with friends, share and enjoy these ten … Learn More

Kava Plant Cultivation

Kava Plant Propagation  Kava is an interesting plant, particularly when it comes to kava cultivation. Firstly, a kava plant is sterile, meaning that it can’t reproduce naturally. Female flowers are very rare and do not produce fruit or seeds, even … Learn More

How Kava makes you happy, (not high)

People are increasingly turning to drinking kava to boost their mood and make them feel happier. They are discovering that it is a great alternative to alcohol for social relaxation. People become interested in drinking kava when they are looking … Learn More

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