Kava vs. Alcohol

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someone drinking kava compared to someone drunk after drinking shots of alcohol
traditional kava ceremony with a South Pacific native presenting a cup of kava to a tourist

The Non-Alcoholic Relaxation Drink

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a nice cold one after a long, grueling work day. It feels amazing to finally collapse onto the couch, turn on your favorite TV show, and throw back a refreshing drink as you finally begin to unwind…

Well, at least until the following morning that is.

You know what can give you the same feeling of relaxation without all the negative drawbacks of scotch or — if you’re feeling frisky — tequila? The natural herb Kava.

Sounds a bit weird right? Switching your vodka on the rocks for a plant? It’ll sound a lot more interesting (and sane) once you learn about all the healthy benefits Kava root can give.

Kava has been used all over the world, most predominately in the South Pacific, for centuries. Adults serve Kava to their children to calm them down (a much healthier alternative to Ritalin), while also drinking it themselves with family and friends to unwind in the evening.

Kava Benefits:
  • temporary stress relief
  • anxiety and insomnia relief
  • elevates your mood without the brain fog

Alcohol: the Good, the Bad, and the More Bad

Similar to alcohol, Kava relaxes you. After a glass you feel lightweight and all the stresses of the day start to fall away.

When you go out drinking, it’s to relax and essentially have a bit of fun. But if you’re not careful, drunken escapades ensue leading to regrets in the morning. Some people are loud and crude, some are quiet and giggly, some are completely stoic. It can be bad news for family and friends if it gets out of hand, and unfortunately, with alcohol, that’s easy to accomplish.

Additionally, as the night continues, you could find yourself in possible legal trouble; such as driving under the influence, picking physical fights with others, or even waking up the next day with no memory of the previous night’s adventures.

And of course, overindulgence comes with repercussions the next morning that are often difficult to endure.

kalm with kava sample pack

Kava is the Good Without the Bad

Kava gives you all the relaxation and stress relief that some seek from alcohol without the negative effects.

However, drinking Kava may hinder your motor functions because it is a mild muscle relaxant. So, it is advised to not drink kava if you intend to drive later, as a safety precaution.

Real Benefits of Kava:
  • NO addictive qualities
  • works with the brain to stop stress
  • you wake up refreshed, with an alert mind

After a night with Kava you won’t wake up the next day craving greasy foods — well you might, but it will be for a completely different reason. Plus, you'll never think to yourself, “I shouldn't have had that extra shot of Kava yesterday!"

Old Kava Myths

Kava was once believed to damage the liver. This occurred in a few cases primarily in Europe, yet none of have been reported in the South Pacific where Kava originated. It has been a controversial subject, but it’s not believed that Kava by itself causes toxicity to the liver. Studies have shown most of the cases resulted when Kava was mixed with known liver harming medications and/or alcohol.

Note: Be advised, mixing Kava and alcohol is not a good idea. As with any herbal product, if you are unsure about taking kava, consult your doctor. Most will be happy to discuss how it may fit into your lifestyle.


bags of raw and unprocessed kava root in Vanuatu


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