Kava Concentrate

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Kava Concentrate

Our Kava Concentrates have been specially formulated to make kava actually taste good! We utilize custom kava extract from our hand selected kava varieties. Available in three flavors – Guava and Kavarita (lemon-lime) and for a limited time, Iced Tea. Simply dilute 1oz. of concentrate with 5oz. of water to make a quick kava drink whenever you’d like some instant relaxation.

  • Great for people new to kava who would like a quick and easy way to make a tasty relaxing drink at home
  • Perfect for those who dislike the taste of traditional kava but still want to benefit from drinking kava
  • Mix up a batch for a fun relaxing evening with friends or family.
  • Our travel size option consists of (2) TSA-approved 2oz. bottles of kava concentrate that are perfect to take anywhere, including on the plane! Don’t be anxious or stressed out on your next flight, mix a kava drink and stay kalm!
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Kava Concentrate – Instant Kava – Kava Extract

Great Tasting Relaxation Drinks

Natural herbal supplement for stress and mild anxiety relief

Our Kava concentrate has been specially formulated to make kava actually taste good! It is a cordial.  Now available in three flavors – our original Guava and Kavarita (lemon-lime) and, for a limited time, Iced Tea. Simply dilute 1oz. of kava concentrate with 5oz. of water and you have an instant kava relaxation drink.

Our concentrates are made with our proprietary, alcohol-free kava extract, natural colors & flavors, and either stevia or cane sugar as a sweetener. Our extract is made with from the same kava we source for medium grind and micronized kavas, direct from small farms across the South Pacific to ensure quality and freshness.

Our Kavarita (lemon-lime) and Iced Tea flavored concentrates now have only 5 calories and utilize the all-natural sweetener Stevia, while our guava flavored concentrate is made with natural cane sugar and comes in at 60 calories.

Introducing our newest flavor in the Kalm with Kava natural concentrate line up: Iced Tea.

This is an unsweetened tea that tastes just like the refreshing homemade Sun Tea, (with a hint of kava). Our Iced Tea Concentrate is perfect for drinking during the day and does not contain caffeine. It is a great kava concentrate for stress relief and taking to work, helping to relax and lift your mood without impacting mental clarity, it may even make you more productive!

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Weight1 lbs

Travel Size – (2) 2oz Bottles, 10 oz (10 Servings), 30 oz (30 Servings)


Guava, Kavarita, Iced Tea, One of Each

29 reviews for Kava Concentrate

  1. Harry (verified owner)

    Ummm… I just received the Kavarita a few days ago. I gave it a shot last night and I was really surprised at how relaxed it made me. I wasn’t expecting it to chill me out like that. I guess everyone is different because this seemed to work better then traditionally prepared Kava.

  2. Rob M (verified owner)

    Super weak and nowhere near being worth the price. Had to drink half of the bottle to get any noticable effects at all. That was still very weak. Taste is fine. I’ll stick to traditional root.

    • Jane Baker (verified owner)

      Sorry you were disappointed with the strength of our kava concentrate. If you are looking stronger effects try our Pacific Roots Kava – true, green kava. we talk more about which are the stronger kava products here: https://kalmwithkava.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php

  3. amsurnson (verified owner)

    Slept like a baby using the guava. I needed the sleep. Wasn’t expecting that exact reaction, but I’ll take it. I might try less than an ounce of concentrate next time to relax instead of sleep, but it’s some of the best sleep I’ve had. Sleep is vital for health, and especially if you’re under stress, like we all are in the days of COVID 19, and difficult but vital changes on the racial equality front.

  4. Daniel Zambito (verified owner)

    Tastes better than any kava product I’ve ever had! I would buy it all the time if I had the money for it. I was scared it wouldn’t be strong, but I feel the effects for sure.

  5. kavasam (verified owner)

    I’ll give the concentrate 3 stars. The second time I made a double dose and actually had some mild results although they didn’t last very long. I’ll probably stick with medium grind kava. KWK gets 5 stars though for responsiveness and super quick shipping.

  6. Alonzo

    Keep this going please, love the tropical taste! Thank you.

  7. chantal (verified owner)

    Good taste. FABULOUS idea. In this day and age, it’s pretty easy to lose the high fructose corn syrup and artificial stuff. Can you guys consider doing that please? If so, I can happily promote these to my health-conscious, alcohol-free friends!
    Thanks so much!

  8. nikki q

    Not as strong as the micronized but I’ll take that for what it makes up in taste, delicious. Appreciate an option to the normal kava powders.

  9. William Har

    Makes my monthly business trips to Chicago a little more enjoyable. Usually I like preparing the traditional Borogu kava since it’s stronger, but a pain to try and manage in a Hotel. Your concentrate is my go-to for traveling. Thank you.

  10. Matthew L

    👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  11. Dan

    Dan’s wife here ~ I was thrilled to learn about the existence of kava! So, we got a jar of the micronized Borongoru. Had Great Expectations, but hubby Dan had such an aversion to the taste-someone who can eat anything tho I’m very particular-he wouldn’t drink it! Dan’s recently developed a great fondness for Lime Perrier bubbly water- a good mix for the Kavarita! Enough to cover any kava taste. Giving four stars bcuz I still Believe that WE will soon be giving five!!

  12. Dom Spino (verified owner)

    Maybe the easiest way to show this is my parent went to the hospital, my kid got turned down for college, my other kid lost his job because his car broke down, and then I fractured my tooth being so worked up and not being careful. The concentrate came in the mail just as I was getting all the additional texts over everything. Did not wait a sec. Sipped it down and the taste is just good guava. The relief was pretty quick, working before my bottle was even gone. Minutes, on an empty stomach. Nothing works that fast. Nothing that could work that well would be this inexpensive and easy. Everything that was going on is still going on and I am totally calm, a smile is coming out, and I have decided to go for a walk in the sun. Wish this company was closer so I could thank them face to face. As for the people, they are quick to reply, helpful, and positive. I do not even want to overdo it as I ordered a two bottles, because 1) I am good now, relaxed and at peace (totally functional as well), and 2) you are so good you also do not want to chase an even better illusion of state of wellbeing. You are totally good on this stuff. Open up to it, give it a chance on all levels, and enjoy both that you are doing something good for yourself and that you magically pushed your day’s dark cloud away. I am so clam and clear headed that I can advise better on everything that is going on. Why this is not a go to in the medical field I do not know. It is a don’t (can’t now) sweat the small stuff in a safe product. Taste (5), effects (5), and what I can only say more than effects, but relief that seems impossible (5). Thank you Kalm with Kava! The smile up now. Pretty funny, such a simple thing that fixed everything so I can deal with it. Order some, you will not be sorry – you will be happy! I want to get more ASAP! Some carry pocket knifes for protection, I carry Kalm with Kava concentrate. It is the go to over the days like how I have had.

  13. kaylab2jinx (verified owner)

    Had no effect and didn’t like the taste.

  14. Rob Brandes

    Great product!

  15. slade simkins

    kava is heading the right direction here, tastes great, easy to mix up, solves the problems of kava with this product. Try mixing it with traditional kava! Happy customer here.

  16. Q

    I was slightly hesitant to give this kava concentrate 5 stars instead of 4, but since it’s a quality product that works I decided that’s the most important factor. Value is not “great” and will be discussed later, but it’s not terrible. Very fair.

    First let me start by saying it doesn’t taste super amazing like soda or something, but it’s good. Definitely good, especially cold. It’s not like the kava taste isn’t there but it’s very, very faint. It numbs your mouth just slightly in the recommended dilution (haven’t tried other levels of dilution). I’ve only tried the guava because I love guava and not so much lemon/lime, but it’s good.

    The effects are pretty similar to the Pouni Ono since I believe that’s the kava variety used to make this. For me: heady with very slight body relaxation. It’s best for mood lift (euphoria) and anxiolytic properties in my opinion. If you’re looking for heavy kava with more physiological effects try something else from the store here.

    Now onto the value. This is quite a bit more expensive per dose/cup than regular root. It’s only fair though, I’m sure Mike did quite a bit of research to figure out how to make a safe concentrated that works and tastes good. Plus the per-bottle cost of refining it even if you forget the research is quite significant I’ll bet. If you don’t mind spending the extra money and really want the better taste and mainly want heady effects, absolutely buy this. It’s good enough to use as your go-to if you so choose.

    Would definitely buy again, although for now I’ll stick to root powder because I like to save every penny I can. I’m almost certain I will buy this again in the future, as the Pouni Ono effects were great but it upset my stomach when it came directly from root powder rather than this concentrate.

  17. Mrs A (verified owner)

    This is worth it’s weight in gold. This is my second time ordering it. It’s a perfect product, it does what it says.
    My shopping experience with Kalm with Kava has been exceptional. This company is a real find. Thank you so much.

  18. Kendra French (verified owner)

    I’m very new to kava; I ordered first time from different company off of Amazon & couldn’t understand why I had heard such great things about it b/c it did nothing for me. I did some pretty thorough of research after that (should’ve done first, I know) & learned how important the supplier is to high quality kava, types & cultivation, etc. then settled on KWK. I’m blown away by my experience with the kava itself and with the customer service. I was a little worried that the concentrate wouldn’t offer the same awesomeness as the sample packs I’d tried, but I’m 100% sold on the concentrate. Both taste very good, but I actually love the citrus of kavarita. Either way, you can’t lose re: taste & the experience is 100% legit!

  19. Michael

    Five for the Guava, four for the margarita. The Guava is awesome. I love this stuff. The margarita is good, but needs a little something. I’m going to try and add a little fresh orange juice to top it off. That might just do it. For when you don’t want to squeeze up a bowl of the original stuff, get yourself some of this to keep on hand.

  20. Marta (verified owner)

    Love this product because I enjoy kava but hate the taste. I’m a woman and at the risk of setting the Lib movement back I personally think this is a more female friendly way to drink Kava!! I also want to say that the customer service is amazing!! I’ve ordered on Amazon and the official website and the shipping is super fast and when I emailed with a concern I got a super fast and courteous response and my concern was completely and satisfactorily resolved. I can’t say enough good things about KWK!!!

  21. Gordon (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Absolutely the best tasting and most effective kava product on the market!

  22. Jonte (verified owner)

    I just recently discovered Kava by chance, and I’m so thankful that I did. After I ordered my first batched, and waited to receive it, I came across the Kavafied AluBall shaker bottle. After trying kava w/ the Aluball I was mind blown, and I appreciated not having to make it the traditional way, that takes a lot of time & effort. Just when I thought Kava couldn’t get better b/c how wonderful it is, I found a guy on youtube (Douglas La Rose) that reviewed this Kalm with Kava “drink” Curious I came to this site, and long and behold it was “out of stock.” That was a bummer, but I seen they had Kalm w/ Kava concentrate that you mix with water. I have to say, guys this is the best way to consume kava. I hope they keep stocked because I don’t know that I want to go back to the Aluball and earthy kava!

    It taste great, and it’s quick to get your Kalm on!

    “Take your relaxation seriously,” because I do! Thanks Mike for the wonderful creation!

  23. Patrick Montalto (verified owner)

    Great concentrate. However, please consider using natural coloring and sweeteners instead of Red & yellow dyes and sucralose!

  24. amanda (verified owner)

    Love this and the ability to mix as much or as little as I want. Currently out of stock so for now I will wait until more is stocked. Cannot wait. Helpful for winding down after night shift and has worked wonders on my husband who suffers from extreme anxiety.

  25. winfab (verified owner)

    I bought a 10oz bottle and 2 smaller ones for a flight to Miami last Christmas, thank God for this product, I drank some on the way to the airport and some mixed with ginger Ale on the plane. If you are anything like me and just love being crammed on an airplane for endless hours, be sure you have this concentrate on hand. It made a usually stressful event for me, very enjoyable and pleasant, like other KWK products, this one is a winner!

  26. Sandra (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure how I’d like this as in addition to kava it also has California Poppy & L Theanine but the combo really works well. And the taste is great! I originally ordered the sample pack and it came in the small 2 oz bottles which makes it really handy to take on the go. I just ordered the larger size and am looking forward to it arriving. The only thing I’d like to see changed is the use of a natural coloring rather than the yellow and Red Dye 40 (perhaps use Anatto instead) and the use of Stevia instead of Sucralose.

  27. Nicole

    Flavor starts out good but the sucralose makes it way too sweet in an artificial way for me. Shame as the effects are nice and I like the idea of a ready-to-go concentrate. But I think I’ll stick with mixing instant in fruit juice when I want that taste. Could we perhaps see a version of the concentrate made with real sugar instead?

  28. Kava Steve (verified owner)

    Love this stuff especially mixing it with a tablespoon of Moi … but needs a better price … introducing people to kava with it gets pricey fast.

  29. James Morgan

    This hot sauce bottle of goodness has a great taste, like guava with a hint of kava. Enjoyable experiences of heady effects along side the warm and fuzzies leading to great nights of sleep. Not a bad value and I can’t wait to try it along side a few shells.

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