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Guava Kava Extract Drink
(32 customer reviews)

Kava Concentrate

Our Kava Concentrates have been specially formulated to make kava actually taste good! We utilize custom kava extract from our hand selected kava varieties. Available in three flavors – Guava and Kavarita (lemon-lime) and for a limited time, Iced Tea. Simply dilute 1oz. of concentrate with 5oz. of water to make a quick kava drink whenever you’d like some instant relaxation.

  • Great for people new to kava who would like a quick and easy way to make a tasty relaxing drink at home
  • Perfect for those who dislike the taste of traditional kava but still want to benefit from drinking kava
  • Mix up a batch for a fun relaxing evening with friends or family.
  • Our travel size option consists of (2) TSA-approved 2oz. bottles of kava concentrate that are perfect to take anywhere, including on the plane! Don’t be anxious or stressed out on your next flight, mix a kava drink and stay kalm!

Note: We do not accept returns for our juice concentrate products.


Great-Tasting Relaxation Drinks Natural herbal supplement for stress and mild anxiety relief. Our Kava concentrate has been specially formulated to make kava actually taste good! It is cordial.  Now available in three flavors - our original Guava and Kavarita (lemon-lime) and, for a limited time, Iced Tea. Simply dilute 1oz. of kava concentrate with 5oz. of water and you have an instant kava relaxation drink. Our concentrates are made with our proprietary, alcohol-free kava extract, natural colors & flavors, and either stevia or cane sugar as a sweetener. Our extract is made with from the same kava we source for medium grind and micronized kavas, direct from small farms across the South Pacific to ensure quality and freshness. Our Kavarita (lemon-lime) and Iced Tea flavored concentrates now have only 5 calories and utilize the all-natural sweetener Stevia, while our guava flavored concentrate is made with natural cane sugar and comes in at 60 calories.

Introducing our newest flavor in the Kalm with Kava natural concentrate line up: Iced Tea.

This is an unsweetened tea that tastes just like the refreshing homemade Sun Tea, (with a hint of kava). Our Iced Tea Concentrate is perfect for drinking during the day and does not contain caffeine. It is a great kava concentrate for stress relief and taking to work, helping to relax and lift your mood without impacting mental clarity, it may even make you more productive!
Allergy Warning: These are made with glycerin derived from soy.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Travel Size – (2) 2oz Bottles, 10 oz (10 Servings), 30 oz (30 Servings)


Guava, Kavarita, Iced Tea, One of Each

32 reviews for Kava Concentrate
  1. Avatar of chantal

    chantal (verified owner)

    Good taste. FABULOUS idea. In this day and age, it’s pretty easy to lose the high fructose corn syrup and artificial stuff. Can you guys consider doing that please? If so, I can happily promote these to my health-conscious, alcohol-free friends!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Avatar of Alonzo


    Keep this going please, love the tropical taste! Thank you.

  3. Avatar of kavasam

    kavasam (verified owner)

    I’ll give the concentrate 3 stars. The second time I made a double dose and actually had some mild results although they didn’t last very long. I’ll probably stick with medium grind kava. KWK gets 5 stars though for responsiveness and super quick shipping.

  4. Avatar of Daniel Zambito

    Daniel Zambito (verified owner)

    Tastes better than any kava product I’ve ever had! I would buy it all the time if I had the money for it. I was scared it wouldn’t be strong, but I feel the effects for sure.

  5. Avatar of amsurnson

    amsurnson (verified owner)

    Slept like a baby using the guava. I needed the sleep. Wasn’t expecting that exact reaction, but I’ll take it. I might try less than an ounce of concentrate next time to relax instead of sleep, but it’s some of the best sleep I’ve had. Sleep is vital for health, and especially if you’re under stress, like we all are in the days of COVID 19, and difficult but vital changes on the racial equality front.

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