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House Blend Kava

Our newest kava product will be an excellent addition to your day (or night)! With a smooth texture and mild flavor, this is sure to be a staple in your home. Although easy to drink, its effects are our favorite part. More in the “heady” category of kavas, this will leave you with a peaceful, relaxed feeling that’ll add a few more “me time” minutes to your day.

Lab-tested, proprietary blend of our favorite 100% Noble kavas, expertly crafted by our kavasseur, from kava sourced directly from farmers on the islands.

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8 reviews for House Blend Kava
  1. Ellis Hudson (verified owner)

    Very unique flavor, I didn’t need a chaser.

  2. Steven Rego (verified owner)

    Great house blend. Balanced but a little more on the heady side which I prefer. Probably my second favorite that I’ve tried. Fiji loa waka is my favorite meditative balanced root of perfection, but this is solid and tastes way better than fiji lmao.

  3. Luke (verified owner)

    Good strength and not overly sedating. I find this one helps with sleep a little more, but then I respond better to ‘2’ chemotypes. I drink daily and lately this has been my go to.

    To the review about the taste- yeah dude, all kava tastes weird.

  4. Steve Nevil (verified owner)

    Impressive. Not too heady, not too heavy. For me, it’s ‘just right,’ and can be taken anytime.

  5. Vincent Valentine (verified owner)

    Love this! This might be my favorite kava yet. Very mellow taste, but good tingle on the lips and tongue. Very calm, relaxed, happy feeling. Good nighttime chill out vibes after a long day. Highly recommend.

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