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The EASIEST way to prepare traditional kava.

The KalmPouch™ is designed from the ground up for those that love kava, but might have difficulties preparing it traditionally.  Whether you’re a newbie, have physical impairments, or just need an easier way to prepare your kava, this is it.


  1. Add kava to the KalmPouch™.
  2. Zip and tuck the zipper
  3. Add the KalmPouch™ to a lidded container filled with water
  4. Shake!

If you want to be sure you’ve got all of the kavalactones out of your kava, you can not only use hot tap water, but you can even squeeze out all of the oils and resins that might still be in the leftover root.  Malogu!


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Measures roughly 4 inches by 4 inches.  Made from reusable, food grade nylon material.

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5 reviews for KalmPouch™
  1. Avatar of Kevin P

    Kevin P (verified owner)

    Impressed! Such a simple concept, but also kind of genius at the same time. I put 4tbsp into the pouch, and make sure it’s zipped ALL the way, put it into a 16oz mason jar, get some hot tap water into a mug, heat the mug up for 20ish seconds to get it closer to 140F and then pour it into the mason jar, close the mason jar, and shake it up. It works really well. And if you’re worried about not getting all the kavalactones like I do, just do that another 1 or 2 times and you should get pretty much everything. It’s super convenient for me and doesn’t really require making a mess.

  2. Avatar of Liz

    Liz (verified owner)

    This thing is a game changer! It’s so much less messy and work-intensive than using a muslin drawstring bag. I use this shake method with a thermal glass bottle, probably 3 fills per dose, and that’s that! Genius really.

  3. Avatar of whisperwillow23

    whisperwillow23 (verified owner)

    The KalmPouch is awesome! It makes it so much easier to prepare the traditional way. Put 3 scoops in the pouch, put it in the mason jar with the liquid, shake, pour out the liquid into your glass and squeeze out the extra left in the pouch. Then I can reuse the pouch and contents for another drink. So much easier than the straining bag. Thank you for making it such a breeze.

  4. Avatar of Jared C

    Jared C (verified owner)

    Really love this thing. As another has said make sure the pouch is fully zipped up. Should only barely be able to see the zipper tab. Sadly after ~2 months of use I’m starting to see pieces of the ground making its way out the bag, mostly smaller stems and clumps. Also see that the paint on the metal zipper tab has broken off and exposed the metal, so probably safe to saw I swallowed some of it at some point too.

  5. Avatar of xice101x

    xice101x (verified owner)

    Makes making a drink so much easier. I used to brew a bunch at a time but now I just fill this with 3 tbsp of kava and shake for a min or 2, then squeeze the bag into the mix. I can get 2 strong drinks out of 3tbsp. Highly recommended.

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