The EASIEST way to prepare traditional kava.

The KalmPouch™ is designed from the ground up for those that love kava, but might have difficulties preparing it traditionally.  Whether you’re a newbie, have physical impairments, or just need an easier way to prepare your kava, this is it.


  1. Add kava to the KalmPouch™.
  2. Zip and tuck the zipper
  3. Add the KalmPouch™ to a lidded container filled with water
  4. Shake!

If you want to be sure you’ve got all of the kavalactones out of your kava, you can not only use hot tap water, but you can even squeeze out all of the oils and resins that might still be in the leftover root.  Malogu!


Measures roughly 4 inches by 4 inches.  Made from reusable, food grade nylon material.

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