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Where Our Kava Comes From (Part 1) Fiji – August 2016

August 23, 2016
palm trees and bay on a beach in Fiji

Fiji Kava

In this blog post, Kalm with Kava founder and owner, Mike Munsell talks about his latest visit to the Pacific Islands in search of the highest quality kava.

Building Kava Connections

When I started Kalm with Kava in 2010, I knew that sourcing directly from small farms on the Pacific Islands was going to be the only way to acquire the best kava. Ever since then, I’ve made regular trips to the South Pacific to meet and get to know kava farmers there. I want to find those farmers that share our commitment to promoting only Noble Kava. Over the years we’ve built strong business partnerships with our suppliers and their communities.

On our latest trip, we visited the islands of Fiji and Vanuatu.

vendor stalls full of raw kava root in Fiji

Importance of Kava in the Pacific Islands

What many people who drink kava in the United States may not realize, is the prevalence of kava on the Pacific Islands. By witnessing the large quantities of kava being sold in the markets, it is easy to see the importance of the crop to the local economy. Kava has come a long way from its early days as a drink used just in religious and cultural ceremonies on the islands.

Today on the islands, while drinking kava remains a common, social activity, selling kava is commercially important too. Purchasing direct from local farmers and avoiding large distributors not only helps us to ensure the quality of our kava, it also helps the farmers and villages who receive more money because there is no middleman involved. Despite the growth in kava exports, many of the Pacific Islands remain relatively poor with economic and infrastructure challenges. That is why we also support and give back to the island communities we depend upon in other ways. Learn more.

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