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Where our Kava Comes From (Part 2), Vanuatu Kava

October 1, 2016
Vanuatu Island bay with boats

We Were on the Search for the Best Vanuatu Kava

The first stop was a local Nakamal (Kava Bar) for some fresh Kava root! It was always a treat to help cure that jet-lag and enjoy a cultural tradition where drinking kava was born. As on every trip I visually inspected the kava crops and processing techniques in use. We sampled the different varieties and hand-selected the absolute best for export back to the US. We also made a trip to the wharf to see the unloading of kava from various islands around Vanuatu; including a few bags of our own from Pentecost!

Nakamal or Kava Bar outside in Vanuatu
bags of raw and unprocessed kava root in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Interview

Later in Port Vila, I met a reporter at another Nakamal, and was interviewed by the island’s Daily Post newspaper. They were keen to hear a US perspective on the local Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to promote only Noble Kava for its quality and purity. They did however, get quite a few facts wrong in the article, as we do not own any kava bars but are merely an approved vendor through True Kava.

The law in Vanuatu already prohibits the sale of Tudei (Two Day) Kava, and enforcement officers were just starting to be trained. The Chamber there produced new posters to help educate the kava growing and selling communities on the island, and help them to identify the differences between the two kava varieties.

It was odd to be asked for an interview and then see a photo of myself in the local paper. However, seeing as fresh kava root is Vanuatu’s third largest export crop, it is easy to understand why the opinions of international trade partners are important. I was happy to be able to express my excitement on the new posters, and the work being done to build the local movement protecting the integrity of Vanuatu Kava exports as unadulterated, pure Noble Kava.

Vanuatu poster identifying the different varieties of kava root

Our Commitment to the Highest Quality Kava

Trips to our suppliers and purchasing direct are the first steps to guaranteeing the quality of the kava we sell. Although it costs time and money to regularly visit the Pacific Islands, it’s my way of honoring our commitment to our customers: to sell only high quality kava and kava products on our site.

The second step is lab testing our kava products here in the US. Every batch of kava we import is analyzed by True Kava Labs for Chemotype, Chlorophyll, Tudei adulteration, among other things. I’m constantly dismayed by the many online kava vendors that do nothing to guarantee the quality of their kava products. There are far too many online vendors selling poor quality kava, kava that is old or has been harvested months or years previously, and even kava that is a mix of Noble and Tudei Kava. These sellers are a threat to the kava product market. Excitingly, after a recent World Health Organization conference on the island it has been agreed that Vanuatu will be taking a leading role in setting worldwide standards for the sale and consumption of kava.

view of the bay in Vanuatu on a beautiful day

Help Customers Buy Quality Kava. Our Top Priority.

My aim is to help customers to understand the online marketplace, and to better evaluate where they can buy the best kava products. Hopefully, this blog helps.

Direct sourcing, trips to our farmers and lab testing mean that customers who buy from Kalm with Kava can be confident they are buying the best, freshest, 100% Noble Kava available online.

Learn more about Noble vs Tudei Kava.

Later this month on this blog we’ll tell you how to select the island’s kava that’s best for you.

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