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Based on your selected answers we’ve curated a list of products we think would be a great fit for you!

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Borongoru® Vanuatu Kava

Vanuatu Borongoru® is the perfect kava to drink for stress relief or to reduce feelings of anxiousness. Vanuatu Borongoru® is the heaviest kava in our shop. It is very relaxing, so best for drinking in the late afternoon or evening. Vanuatu Borongoru® is also the kava we recommend to anyone wanting to drink kava to help them get a good night’s sleep.

One of the best premium kavas on the market for deep mind and body relaxation – you won’t find Vanuatu Borongoru® kava available anywhere else. 100% Noble kava sourced direct from small Vanuatu island farmers for quality, freshness, and better effects.

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Melomelo Vanuatu Kava

This moderately heavy Vanuatu kava is very aptly named… it’s mellow! In smaller servings it is very good for easing anxious thoughts and stress without making you feel sedated. In larger serving sizes it comes on heavier and is good for completely winding down or helping with sleep.

Melomelo is very popular with locals and in Kava Bars (Nakamals)  in Vanuatu— usually leaving very little available for export! After years of searching, we were really excited when we finally found a source. It was worth the wait. We purchase straight from the farm, so freshness is guaranteed.

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