Man and woman relaxing in gym after a workoutDrinking kava after a workout relaxes muscle tension and can help you reduce risk of injury or strains.

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Building a fit, strong, healthy body takes time and effort. You have to commit to working out multiple times each week – a consistent fitness routine. Equally important is reducing muscle tension between workouts to avoid injury or strains. Drinking kava can help.

Kava Drink for relief of muscle tension
Kava is a natural, plant-based product. Grown in the South Pacific Islands that relaxes mind and body. Some of the active ingredients, kavalactones, in Kava have analgesic effects. They are natural pain relievers.  And drinking kava is a great way to relieve post-workout muscle tension and relax physically and mentally.

Pacific Roots Kava is a ready-made, kava beverage with potent mind and body relaxation effects.

It is the ideal post workout beverage to:

– relax muscle tension

– unwind after a tough workout or day

– give you a better night’s sleep to help you recharge

Two servings per bottle. No refrigeration required, just throw it in your gym bag.

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What our fitness customers say

“I’ve started to incorporate kava it into my night routine and love the deep sleep I’m getting. It definitely helps me recover better from my tough workouts and allows me to have more energy to take on my day!”

Melissa, Florida

“About once a year, I get an impinged nerve in my back that hurts SO BADLY. Ibuprofen does absolutely nothing, but kava completely melts the pain away. It’s an amazing muscle relaxant. Also, try before a massage for the best massage of your life.”

Kayla describing effects of Borongoru Kava