Kava Tea: 5 Tips For the Best Experience

When you set out to try kava for the first time, there’s lots of products to choose from: kava tea, ground kava, micronized kava, instant kava, kava concentrates and even kava candy. What you select will influence the effects you … Learn More

The Science Behind the Natural Calm of Kava

You’ve heard of it, but how does kava work? Here we explain the science behind kava’s calming effects. Scientific research has led to a greater understanding of the active ingredients, or kavalactones, in kava root and the beneficial, natural calming … Learn More

Your Quick Guide to Kava

Noble Kava VS Tudei Kava There are over 105 different kava varieties but they can all be divided into 2 easy categories, Noble and Tudei. In Vanuatu, the purported birthplace of kava, islanders only consume pure Noble kava on a … Learn More