How Kava makes you happy, (not high)

  How kava makes you happy, not high, and answers to other common questions from those looking to try kava as a natural mood elevator for social recreation. One of the many beneficial effects of kava is its ability to … Learn More

Effects of Kava

The Beneficial Effects of Kava More and more people are discovering the many beneficial kava root effects and how it is a natural way to relax your mind and body. Kava root effects are known to be both mental (heady) … Learn More

The Science Behind the Natural Calm of Kava

You’ve heard of it, but how does kava work? Here we explain the science behind kava’s calming effects. Scientific research has led to a greater understanding of the active ingredients, or kavalactones, in kava root and the beneficial, natural calming … Learn More

What is the Strongest Kava or Kava Product?

The wide selection of kava varieties and kava products on the market vary in strength and potency. Here we discuss what makes for the strongest kava and give you a rundown of how to select between kava products and preparation … Learn More

Is Kava a Nootropic?

Kava is known for a wide range of benefits when drank and even when used externally. We look past the calmness, relaxation, and anxiety relief, and research if additional benefits are on the same level as brain-loving nootropics. We get … Learn More

Taking your Relaxation Seriously with Kava

Three Reasons to Take Your Relaxation Seriously   In today’s technology-driven, digital age the lines between work, home life and leisure have become increasingly blurred. For good or bad, smart phones and mobile devices have given us the ability to … Learn More

Two special reasons to drink kava

Drinking kava can quieten an anxious mind, calm you when you are feeling agitated or angry and provide a more peaceful outlook on life. Learn why you should drink kava instead of alcohol as we explain how kava will help … Learn More

Kava: A Natural Sleep Aid

Kava is well known for its mind and body relaxation properties making it the ideal all-natural sleep aid for those who have trouble getting to or staying asleep. Heavy kava is the kava for sleep as it is best suited … Learn More

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