Kava Arnold Palmer Recipe

Kava Recipes: Iced Tea Bottle with Micronized Instant Kava and Jug

Arnold Palmer Kava Drink Recipe

This stress relief kava tea recipe, a customer favorite, offers a twist on a classic, summer drink, the Arnold Palmer, a refreshing mix of iced tea and lemonade.

The story is that the famous golfer came up with the idea for the drink at home with his wife. Then one day he requested the drink after a hot day of golf in Palm Springs, asking the barman to mix specific quantities of the two drinks together. A woman overheard the conversation and, liking the sound of the drink, then went up to the barman and asked for ‘an Arnold Palmer’. So that’s the story of how the Arnold Palmer drink, named after the legendary golfer, was born.

The song lyrics say, ‘Summertime, and the living is easy.’

We can promise that our Arnold Palmer stress relief kava tea drink will help make summer living easier as it refreshes, cools and relaxes your mind and body. However, we can’t promise it will improve your golf swing!

Arnold Palmer Stress Relief Kava Tea Drink Recipe

From a Kalm with Kava customer, Tongan Kava: Pouni Ono this amazing kava drink recipe tastes great, brings refreshing summer flavor to a hot day and is a great alcohol alternative.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook time: None
Makes: Makes four 8oz kava drink servings.
Nutrition facts: Calories: 110*, Fat Content: 0g *based on the use of unsweetened iced tea and a regular brand lemonade with added sugar.

Kava Stress Relief Tea Ingredients:

  1. 24 oz of your favorite brand of iced tea. (We recommend decaffeinated tea to avoid countering the relaxing effects of the kava.)
  2. 8 oz of your favorite store-bought lemonade.
  3. Cup of ice.
  4. Four tablespoons of Kalm with Kava’s Micronized Instant Kava. For a late afternoon or anytime drink we recommend our Tongan Pouni Ono, or if you are making a kava cocktail to cool down and relax in the evening our Loa Waka Fiji Kava is also a good option.
  5. Any one of our seven varieties of kava will work well - just choose the variety that best meets your relaxation needs.

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    1. Pour all ingredients into a large jug.
    2. Using a large wooden or serving spoon, stir ingredients together
    3. Pour into four 8oz glasses.
Option: to minimize ingredients purchase a premixed iced tea and lemonade beverage instead of mixing your own. If you take that option, just remember to use 1 tablespoon of micronized instant kava per 8oz serving of the drink. If you have ever wished kava tasted better? Then you are going to love trying our kava version of an Arnold Palmer. Whenever you drink it enjoy! Let us know what you think of this recipe in the comments below. And watch out for more coming soon.   Bula.

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