Big News: We’re Founding Members of the International Kava Organization

November 2, 2023

Bula, friends! We’ve got amazing news: our team at Kalm with Kava is proud to announce our role as founding members of the International Kava Organization (IKO), the pioneering authority and industry association for kava. For centuries, kava root beverages have captivated people worldwide for their relaxation-inducing qualities. This fascinating plant has been a cornerstone in South Pacific culture for its role in communal gatherings, rituals, medicinal uses, and much more. With the founding of IKO, we aim to secure and preserve the legacy of kava for generations to come by uniting tradition, science, and advocacy.

We’re so excited to be part of this monumental step in furthering education about kava. Morgan Smith, Kalm with Kava’s CEO stated, “Our collaboration with the IKO reflects our confidence in the future of kava. We are poised to bring the spirit of kava to international audiences, and together, we are committed to doing it the right way.”

Let’s all raise a bilo of kava in celebration of this momentous occasion! Explore the significance of our partnership with IKO below as we delve into IKO’s goals and vision for the kava industry.

International Kava Organization

What’s the International Kava Organization?

Made from the roots of Piper methysticum, kava has long been a special drink in the South Pacific. In the last few decades, the incredible impact of kava has stretched worldwide with more people every year enjoying the relaxing properties of a kava drink. It’s long been loved for helping people relax and being an important part of social events and traditions. Kava brings together old traditions and new enjoyment, making it a unique and cherished drink.

In light of this global impact, the non-profit organization IKO was founded, dedicated to the holistic advancement of kava. With the backing of top scientists in the field and the primary kava vendors and distributors, IKO stands as the trusted source for all things concerning this beloved plant.

The vision of the IKO is all about finding the right balance. IKO believes in celebrating kava’s cultural history, recognizing its many benefits, and showing that it can bring together old traditions and new knowledge. The non-profit’s aim is to ensure that kava is known, appreciated, and enjoyed around the world. IKO’s mission includes various efforts to teach the public, support eco-friendly farming, and push forward with scientific studies. Additionally, donations to IKO go directly into programs that benefit the kava community and help secure its future sustainability.

“Kava is more than a beverage; it’s a celebration of a rich cultural legacy, a nod to ancient traditions, and, with the latest research, a promise of a range of benefits,” said Jimmy Price, president of IKO and owner of the online kava community Kava Forums. “Our aim at IKO is to ensure that this legacy is not just preserved but thrives.”

Explore the Ins-and-Outs of IKO!

Visit the International Kava Organization’s site to learn about kava, IKO’s mission, and how you can contribute to their efforts.

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