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Borogu: The Popular Kava of Vanuatu and Beyond

April 26, 2022

Female outside drinking Borogu Kava

We love that no two kava varieties are alike, even if they are from the same island! Every kava brings its unique kalm to the table, and we want to showcase one of the most popular kavas on the market: Borogu. Borogu kava, grown on the archipelago Vanuatu, is often considered the “OG” or original kava! It’s widely served in kava bars across the Pacific Islands and, now, in the United States. Its special, relaxing qualities make it a top choice for people who want to buy kava online and enjoy some calm in the comfort of their home and on the go. What makes this Vanuatu kava so special? Let’s explore!

Borogu in Vanuatu

In many of the locally used Melanesian languages, Vanuatu, which means “Our Land Forever,” is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It comprises 83 small islands, and only 65 of those islands are inhabited. This archipelago is geographically diverse, ranging from rugged mountains to coastal terrain to active volcanoes. Best of all, Vanuatu is the ancestral home of Pacific Island kava!

This rich landscape lends to the uniqueness of kava it produces, as there are over 80 varieties of kava (Piper methysticum) across Vanuatu. At Kalm with Kava, we sell three types of Vanuatu Kava: Borogu, Borongoru®, and Melomelo. Out of these three varieties, Vanuatu Borogu kava is served in most nakamals (kava bars) on the islands, making it the most popular kava variety in Vanuatu. Now, it’s the most grown kava worldwide, making its way into kava bars across the U.S. and Europe.

What’s Special about Borogu?

Vanuatu Borogu kava—“malok” as it is called by the Ni-Vanuatu people of Vanuatu—has a special relaxation effect that makes it a pleasant sipping experience for just about anyone. Borogu is very high in kavalactones, the active ingredient in kava that gives it its calming effects. This potency and unique blend of kavalactones make Borogu equally enjoyable in smaller and larger doses, depending on your preference and relaxation needs.

Borogu is classified as a “balanced” kava, meaning it has the effects of a heady kava in smaller doses and a heavy kava in larger doses. Heady kavas have more mental or “heady” effects and are great for mood-boosting and relaxation. They typically make you feel happy, calm, and even euphoric. Heavy kavas can make your body feel heavy, relax your muscles, and calm your mind. They are typically more sedative and can be great sleep aids. Borogu channels the effects of both of these kavas, making it an excellent all-around kava. It’s best for daytime drinking and helping to lift your mood. It can also help you relax in the evening after a long day by giving you gentle mental relaxation and tiredness. The body relaxation will increase with stronger doses and often sets in a few hours after you drink it.

Borogu Kava Effects

As a balanced kava, kava community members have reported the following effects after drinking Borogu:

  • Feelings of lightness
  • Mood boost
  • Mellowed out emotions
  • Physical relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Ease of anxiety
  • Mental calming
  • Gentle tiredness

Reasons to Try Borogu

Here are some of the top reasons why the Kalm with Kava community drinks Borogu:

  • To try the most popular kava on the market
  • To gently relax at the end of the day
  • To boost mood and melt anxiety throughout the day
  • For a balanced mind and body relaxation experience.

Try Borogu Today

Ready to try the kava sensation sweeping the kava world? Experience Borogu and order kava online today! At Kalm with Kava, we source 100% Noble kava directly from small Vanuatu island farmers for quality, freshness, and better effects. Whether it’s medium grind or micronized kava, start enjoying the happy, mellow effects of Borogu kava products—bula!

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