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Borogu Vanuatu Kava

Vanuatu Borogu kava is the most popular variety of kava in Vanuatu, served in most of the nakamals, (kava bars), on the islands, for good reason. When you drink Vanuatu Borogu kava you’ll enjoy feeling lighter, happier, and more mentally relaxed, and then gradually start to feel the stress release from your body too. Vanuatu Borogu kava will put you in a mellow mood and physically relax you. It’s great for drinking anytime, day or night.

Lab-tested 100% Noble kava sourced directly from small Vanuatu island farmers for quality, freshness, and better effects.

(87 customer reviews)

Loa Waka® Fiji Kava

Fiji Loa Waka is the strongest Fiji kava we carry and one of the strongest kavas on the market. The all round, powerful mind and body relaxation effects of Fiji Loa Waka make it one of our most popular kavas. (Read reviews below). Great for drinking at anytime of the day, smaller servings of Fiji Loa Waka will calm you and lift your mood, while larger servings relax you physically too. Exceptionally high quality, Fiji Loa Waka is shipped to us fresh from the farm.

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