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Melomelo Kava: Relax & Mellow Out Your Mood

September 19, 2022

woman drinking melomelo kava

Melomelo kava. It’s the type of kava you know, love, and enjoy saying because its name says exactly what it’s like—it’s mellow! Melomelo is famous for the easygoing kava effects that make it a hit with Kalm with Kava customers in both micronized and medium grind forms. This variety from the island of Vanuatu is incredibly rare, so many in the world outside of the Pacific Islands don’t know about the joys of Melomelo kava. Well, we aim to change that today. Let’s review the origins, effects, and qualities of Melomelo kava so you can see how this aptly-named kava can fit into your relaxation regimen.

Melomelo Kava Origins

We source our Melomelo kava from the island of Ambae, a volcanic island that’s part of the Republic of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is largely known as the ancestral home of Pacific Island kava. Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, Ambae has been shaped and greatly influenced by Manaro, a 4,907-foot volcanic peak on the island with three lakes in its caldera. The volcanic soil has created an incredibly rich soil, excellent for growing a one-of-a-kind kava variety.

In Vanuatu, kava, which is called malok and other kava names by the locals, is served in kava bars called nakamals. For over 1,000 years, nakamals have been the original community meeting places for Vanuatuans to gather and drink kava from coconut cups or bilos. These spaces are designed to offer a safe, relaxing place for locals to connect with one another on a spiritual level, much like how kava is used in Pacific Island ceremonies to honor marriages, visitors, religious occasions, and more.

Notably, Melomelo kava is such a popular local variety that there is very little to export. You can imagine our surprise and excitement when we found a source and were able to purchase Melomelo fresh straight from an Ambae farm—it was worth the wait!

Melomelo Kava Effects & Qualities

Melomelo is mellow to the core, so it’s appropriately named. Melomelo is a moderately heavy kava, meaning it can help your body feel heavy, relax your muscles, and calm your mind. Heavy kavas are usually more sedative, so people often use them as sleep aids. As a moderately heavy kava, Melomelo walks the line between balanced and heavy kavas in terms of its effects. In smaller servings, it can be good for soothing anxious thoughts and stress without the full potency of sedation. In larger servings, the heavy qualities of Melomelo kick in and can help you wind down at the end of a long day or help ease you to sleep. It also has a strong kava taste, so if you are drinking kava for the first time, you may want to mix some micronized Melomelo in your favorite fruit juice to accustom yourself to the flavor. Many of our customers sip on Melomelo for the following reasons:

  • To soothe emotions, stress, and anxious thoughts
  • To promote mental calm
  • To relax body muscles
  • To help drift off to sleep
  • To have a natural option for sedation
  • To enjoy physical and mental peace

Why Try Melomelo

  • If you enjoy kava from Vanuatu, this is a wonderful, fresh option that showcases a variety beloved by island locals.
  • If you want a kava that is versatile to fit your relaxation needs, Melomelo can be sipped on in different doses for a range of relaxation effects.
  • If you have trouble falling asleep or winding down at the end of the day, Melomelo might be a good, natural sleep aid for you.

Mellow Out with Melomelo

If you’ve been on the hunt for a fresh kava variety with very flexible, chill relaxation effects, shop our Melomelo kava products online today. At Kalm with Kava, we pride ourselves on sourcing only 100% Noble kava directly from kava farmers in the Pacific Islands for fresh, high-quality kava. From micronized kava to kava concentrate to medium grind kava root, we’ve got the kava products and varieties to help you relax the island way!

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