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Kava – A Natural Supplement for Many Wellness Needs

March 13, 2019

People turn to kava for many reasons. Many are looking for a way to improve their health, wellness and quality of life in some way. Having discovered kava as a potential solution, their next challenge is to know which kava variety will meet their needs.

One of the most common questions we get asked by new customers is ‘what kava is best for this or that?’ Some are searching for a kava that will relieve the constant worry and nervousness they struggle with daily. Some are looking for a kava that will lead to a better night’s sleep. And others want to find daytime kava to reduce work stress and its negative mental effects.

The good news is that there are many different kava varieties available. Each has a different chemical make-up of active ingredients.  As a result, there is always a kava we can suggest they try. Below we describe the Kalm with Kava varieties that we frequently recommend for specific wellness needs.

View these recommendations as just a way to help you get started with kava. Our advice to you is to try different varieties over time to discover your own personal favorite. In addition, explore different products, preparations and dosages. Make your own journey of self-discovery into the world of kava drinking. You’ll soon become both an expert and aficionado.

Man at office desk relaxing

Natural Relief for Worry and Stress

Oftentimes, drinking any kava variety will result in you feeling calmer, less anxious and much more relaxed. The challenge is that worry and stress can arise throughout the day. So, knowing which kavas are good for drinking at which time of day is important.

For example, if you’re struggling with stress during the workday, the last thing you need is a kava that will make you sleepy, less productive and increase your stress levels. On the other hand, if you find you worry more in the evening or have difficulty falling asleep at times, then a nighttime kava might be the answer.

We recommend our Tongan Pouni Ono kava as a daytime kava.

Our Vanuatu Borogu kava is also good for drinking during the day, more specifically the afternoon and early evening. And we recommend our Vanuatu Borongoru® and Melomelo kava or our Fijian Vula Waka kava for evening and nighttime consumption.

A group of friends laughing and having fun

Alcohol-Free Social Relaxation

Kava drinks are known as a great alternative to alcohol to de-stress and relax after work. For social relaxation, a slightly heady, uplifting kava – one that will lift your spirits and make you more up for conversation – is what you need. We recommend our Tongan Pouni Ono, our Special Edition Samoa Ava and our Fijian Loa Waka kavas for social relaxation. The great news about drinking kava instead of alcohol for social relaxation is that you’ll get all the kava tea effects without suffering a loss of mental clarity or risking sore head hangovers in the morning. Learn more about kava vs alcohol.

Man Sleeping on Bed

A Good Nights Sleep Supports Wellness

To help with getting to sleep and staying asleep for a good nights’ rest you need to look for what is called a ‘heavy’ kava.

If you’ve ever used a guided meditation tape to help you get to sleep, you’ll know that many have phrases like ‘your arms and legs are warm and heavy.’ The meditation is prompting your mind to relax your limbs and release muscle tension. In other words, it is encouraging bodily relaxation as a precursor to mental relaxation and sleep. A heavy kava will actually make your limbs feel heavier and release any tension in your body. Similarly, it will make you feel more calm, relaxed, and eventually sleepy.

The kavas we recommend you try if you are looking for a sleep aid are our Vanuatu Borongoru® and MeloMelo and our Fijian Vula Waka. All are good heavy kavas with relaxing physical kava tea effects.

Kava muscle tension & sleep

Kava for Muscle Tension

Mental stress and physical stress often go hand in hand. That said, exercise and a good workout are known to release stress-relieving endorphins into your system. However, exercise can also leave you with tight and tired muscles. Drinking kava is a great way to encourage muscle relaxation and eliminate stress in your limbs or body. For muscle relaxation we recommend our Vanuatu Borongoru® and Fijian Vula Waka –, both are best drunk in the afternoon or evening.

Share Your Kava Wisdom

If you have already discovered your favorite kava or found a kava variety that has helped you overcome your specific wellness challenges, please let us know in the comments below. By sharing we can build our collective kava knowledge and help others to discover and experience the amazing health and lifestyle benefits drinking kava can offer.

Learn more about the effects of kava.

Or read more about how to choose the best kava for you.


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