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The story behind our new Fiji Kava – Vula Waka

January 12, 2017

Fiji Vula Waka Kava PlantI happened across the Vula Waka variety of Fiji kava about a year and a half ago when our Loa Waka farmer told us he had 10 plants of a special variety not grown very widely in Fiji that were ready to be harvested and asked if I wanted to try it. The kava enthusiast in me leaped at the chance.

I’ve done a lot of research into kava varieties over the years, and hadn’t heard much of the Vula variety. There are over 105 varieties of kava and I’ve tried a fair number of these, but needless to say, not ALL! So, I was super excited to have the chance to be exposed to a new variety, especially one grown by a kava farmer I trusted and knew well. I awaited his shipment of this new kava product with great anticipation.

When it finally arrived, the first thing I noticed was its unique aroma. Not at all peppery or sharp like many Vanuatu kavas and distinctly different from our Fijian Loa as well. This Fiji kava had a very mild, almost sweet smell. This was followed by a unique taste too – unlike any other kava I’d encountered before, a bit peppery but still smooth and strong numbing! After preparing another batch using traditional preparation, it was clear that the Vula Waka is a strong and clean kava just like our other Fiji Kava offering, Loa Waka®.

Fijian Vula Waka KavaWhere the two differ though is in their effects. Loa Waka® is headier which is why it is well suited to daytime use. Vula Waka is its perfect counterpart being a noticeably heavier afternoon or evening kava. It was the effects of the Vula Waka Kava that really won me over. I loved the way it relaxed me in every way. My eyes became a little heavy and sleep that night was deep and wonderful. Best of all I awoke refreshed the next morning. That’s when I committed to securing a steady supply of this new Fiji kava for our Kalm with Kava customers.

Finding a reliable source that could provide a consistent supply wasn’t so easy and took over a year. Vula Waka takes a lot longer to grow than Loa Waka® so it’s much rarer and harder to find. When I started to ask our current farmers, they had either never heard of the variety, or only had a handful of plants. Luckily on my last trip to Fiji in August 2016, after asking many farmers, I came across one who had a large field of mature Vula Waka ready to sell.

I’m pleased to have been able to add Vula Waka Kava to the Kalm with Kava product range. The addition of another kava variety, with the heaviness that is suited to evening relaxation, balances out the wider selection of daytime and afternoon varieties we offer. It also gives our customers who drink kava as a herbal sleep aid something new to try.

And of course, it’s always nice to get feedback from customers who confirm our choice and like our products. Here’s what one customer said about our new Vula Waka kava:

“I can vouch for this kava. I’ve tried some and it’s very potent and beautifully dreamy. A great night-time kava product that in addition to the usual euphoric spark brings deep and restful sleep without any next-day grogginess. It’s awesome.”

I invite you to try Vula Waka for yourself and to let us know what YOU think – either in the comments below or by submitting a review on the kava product page.

As always, we’re here to serve you.


Mike Munsell

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