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9 Things To Do Instead of Drinking Alcohol

August 22, 2022

Things To Do Instead of Drinking: Friends drinking Kava having fun

Drinking alcohol both alone and socially is a common activity in the United States, Europe, and other countries across the world. Whether it’s having a glass of wine after work or going out for cocktails with friends, many people use drinking as a means of unwinding or social relaxation. However, if you’re starting to question the impact of alcohol on your life, you’re not alone. A growing number of people are embracing the “sober curious” movement, meaning they have chosen to not drink alcohol for personal or health reasons. The “sober curious” movement suggests that there are many alternative approaches for managing stress, celebrations, and relaxation rather than through alcohol. If you’re “sober curious” and looking for new ways to replace the role of alcohol in your life, we’ve got your back.

At Kalm with Kava, we enjoy relaxing and socializing with a bilo of kava instead of alcohol because of the uplifting, non-depressive effects of kava. We love encouraging others to explore different ways to unwind and bond with loved ones. Whether it’s with a cup of kava tea, a nature walk, or a game night with friends, there are many ways to enjoy kicking back without alcohol. We’ve listed 9 things to do instead of drinking to give you some inspiration for relaxation–read on below!

9 Things to Do Instead of Drinking

1. Host a Kava Party

Want to relax, socialize, and try a new experience all at the same time? Host a kava party! A kava party is exactly that: a party where kava is prepared and served to boost the community experience. Need some party inspiration? With a group of friends, you could try kava the traditional way with medium grind kava root and serve the kava in a kava bowl (tanoa). Or, if you want to boost the mood of your next game night, try swirling some micronized kava in a bowl of fruit punch and serving it to your guests. Any party can become a kava party! (Need to buy kava for your party? We’ve got your back–shop kava online here.)

2. Try a New Hobby

Has there been a skill you’ve wanted to learn for a long time? Replace the time, energy, and money you’d spend on alcohol and invest in a new hobby! Whether you’ve always wanted to take up golf, paint like Picasso, or try your hand at photography, there are many things to do instead of drinking that can help you relax and bond with others who are interested in the same hobby. Nervous about trying something new? Take a fellow “sober curious” friend with you!

3. Craft Mocktails

If you’re craving a unique beverage to sip on, try your hand at mocktail mixology! From Non Alcoholic Moscow Mules to Margarita Mocktails, there are a wide variety of mocktail recipes out there to whip up, and it can help you save money in the long run, too. Need some mocktail inspiration with a kava twist? Check out our Guava Kava Colada recipe, our twist on a piña colada!

4. Try a New Culinary Experience

Instead of trying out a new bar this weekend, why not try out a restaurant you’ve never visited or try a type of cuisine you’ve never tasted? If you’re looking to stay in rather than go out, try cooking up that homemade ravioli recipe you’ve been meaning to try and invite friends over for an Italian-themed potluck.

5. Go on an Outdoor Adventure

Every season offers unique opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors: skiing in the winter, hiking in the fall, boating in the summer, or bird watching in the spring. No matter the time of year, you can use the great outdoors as an amazing way to fill your time, unwind, and spend time with loved ones.

6. Enjoy some Exercise

The natural endorphins that come from exercising can help boost your mood and even help you relieve stress naturally. From going for a jog around your block with a friend to doing a sunset yoga session, exercise can be rewarding physically and mentally.

7. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Tense muscles need a good massage every once in a while. If you’re looking to splurge for relaxation, head to your local spa for some pampering from facial to pedicure. Want an in-home spa experience? Try making a DIY face mask, lighting your favorite candle, and relaxing in the tub with some soothing music playing in the background.

8. Work through Your “To-Read” Pile

We all have that stack of books on the shelf waiting to be picked up and enjoyed. To unwind after a long day, try kicking back in your favorite chair with that novel you’ve been meaning to read. If you’re more of an audiobook kind of reader, grab a bilo of kava and a cozy blanket and listen to the latest bestseller.

9. Give Back to Your Community

Volunteering is one of the best things to do instead of drinking. It’s an excellent way to spend your time and energy, especially when it’s for a cause you are passionate about. Whether it’s cleaning up a local park with your loved ones or lending a hand at the local animal shelter, volunteering can be a great way to give back to others while socializing and relaxing.

Unwind & Socialize with Kava

If you’re “sober curious” and looking for a new beverage to help you relax without the negative effects of alcohol, try our range of premium kava at Kalm with Kava today. From micronized kava to kava concentrate to medium grind kava, we’ve got the products to help you enjoy some ease naturally and help lift your mood for a fun night with friends. Shop kava online now.

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