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A Glossary of Kava Products and Accessories

March 28, 2022

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The world of kava is rich and diverse–there’s so much to try and enjoy! Not only do you have a wide selection of kava varieties to choose from, but there are also unique products and accessories you can partner with your drinking experience. Whether you’re getting started with kava or have been enjoying kava for a while, you may come across new terms and kava products you’re unfamiliar with. We created a glossary of kava products and accessories so you can relax the island way with confidence. Bula!

Kava Products

Kava Root Drink

Kava root drink is one of the most popular kava products around, and it comes in a variety of drink types, too. The root and stump of the kava plant are ground down to a powder and made into a natural, non-alcoholic beverage that helps with mind and body relaxation. Depending on how you want to drink kava, you have a range of kava drinks to choose from. Here are the top four most popular ways to drink kava:

  • Ground Kava Root Powder – Ground kava root powder is traditionally steeped like tea in hot water and strained through a strainer bag. For a quick kava preparation option, kava root powder can also be added to a blender with hot water then blended and strained. Shop through our selection of Medium Grind Kava Root to find the perfect kava for you!
  • Micronized Kava – Micronized kava is a convenient, on-the-go form of kava. All coarse fibers have been removed from the powder, which eliminates the need for straining. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of micronized kava into a non-alcoholic drink of your choice for a quick, easy kava drink.
  • Kava Concentrate – Kava concentrate balances delicious tastes with the relaxing qualities of kava. It’s great for those new to kava because it blends kava extract with fun flavors like Guava and Kavarita (lemon-lime). All you do is dilute 1 oz. of kava concentrate with 5oz. of water for a quick, tasty drink.
  • Instant Kava – Instant kava is first prepared into a liquid then dehydrated so it can be easily added to a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. It’s very convenient for on-the-go use like micronized kava, and it can come in a variety of flavors, too.
Kava Tincture

Kava tincture is a liquid form that comes in small sizes ranging from 2 to 6 oz. It is usually taken with a dropper directly or mixed into a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. The kavalactones found in kava are very concentrated in kava tinctures, so follow the recommended dosage on the bottle.

Kava Mints

Kava mints are one of the fun, unique kava products we love to share at Kalm with Kava. They’re great for freshening your breath and relaxing your mind through the convenience of a mint. Our kava mints come in Cinnamint and Orange flavors and are packaged in a tiny tin so you can carry them with you anywhere for kalm on the go.

Kava Accessories

Kava Strainer Bag

Having a kava strainer on hand is a must when preparing medium grind kava root. Like steeping loose leaf tea, kava strainer bags are used to steep kava root in hot water and strain away any coarse fibers and particles. At Kalm with Kava, we have three types of kava strainers:

  • The Original – Made out of organic cotton muslin, these strainer bags are designed with a top drawstring and stitched seams to prevent splitting. They are made to last multiple kava preparation sessions and are 6 in by 8 in.
  • The Synthetic – These kava bags are slightly bigger and more heavy-duty than the Original, measuring at 7.8 in by 11.8 in. They are designed to a specific 100 micron and are made to last for several months.
  • The Authentic – Handmade in Fiji, these special strainers are what Fijians use to strain kava. They’re big enough to strain kava for a large kava party, measuring at 10.5 in by 15 in.
Bilo (Coconut Cup)

If you want an authentic kava drinking experience, try serving your kava in a bilo. Bilos–or coconut cups–are what South Pacific Islander traditionally use to drink kava. We sell handmade kava bilos and bilo stands that hold about 4-6 oz of liquid per shell, perfect for sipping kava alone or with friends.

Kava Bowl (Tanoa)

To preserve the cultural traditions of kava and socializing, many kava drinkers prepare their kava in a kava bowl, also known as a tanoa. A tanoa is a larger wooden serving bowl used to traditionally serve kava in the South Pacific islands. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, names, and designs depending on what island they originate from, but they are united in the importance and symbolism of kava preparation. At Kalm with Kava, we sell two types of tanoas: Fijian tanoas and Samoan tanoas.

Ready to Relax and Unwind?

If you’re looking to sink into kava culture, shop online at Kalm with Kava today. From a variety of kava drink products to traditional accessories, we’ve got you covered as you dive into the kava world and language.

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