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Big News: Try Our Kava Subscription for Unique Kavas Every Month

June 8, 2023
Kalm with Kava Kava Subscription

The news is out—we just launched our Kava Collective, a brand new kava subscription service! If you love to drink kava and have found the varieties you enjoy sipping on, our kava subscription service is for you. Kava Collective lets you stock up on your favorite medium grind and micronized kavas at a discounted price point. You get more relaxation on a timeline that fits your needs and at a rate that fits your budget. Bonus, you don’t have to worry about running out of kava because you forgot to place an order – kava will be delivered right to your door at the frequency you choose.

Our Kava Collective lets you buy any size or variety of medium grind kava at weekly, biweekly, or monthly intervals for 10% off. Additionally, when you sign up for a kava subscription, you get free shipping every time (an extra perk to help you relax the island way your way!). If you’re looking to buy kava online and at a frequency that maximizes your budget and relaxation, the Kava Collective is for you. Click the button below to subscribe, or read on to learn more about the ins-and-outs of our Kava Collective!

Kava Collective 101 – Our Premier Kava Subscription

Kava Collective Highlights

  • Save on Your Favorite Kavas – Subscribe to the Kava Collective and save 10% on our premium-grade medium grind or micronized kava root, sourced from 100% Noble kava root.
  • Free Shipping on Orders – Subscribers get free shipping on subscription orders every time.
  • Kava Whenever You Want – You get to choose when you want kava delivered to your door, whether that be on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis—whichever fits your relaxation needs!

How the Kava Collective Works

Step 1: Subscribe and Save

Purchase any medium grind or micronized kava product with the “Subscribe & Save” option toggled and you will get regular, hands-free kava deliveries as often as you choose.

Step 2: Set Up Account & Log In

Verify your email or create an account with the email you used at checkout. You can log in to access and edit your subscriptions whenever you want.

Step 3: You’re a Member!

Welcome to the Kava Collective—prep a bilo of your favorite kava and celebrate!

Kava Collective FAQs

Q: What kavas can I subscribe to with a Kava Collective subscription?

A: All sizes and varieties of our medium grind or micronized kava root are available through our kava subscription service. This includes the following kava varieties:

Q: Can I swap kavas in my subscription?

A: Yes! Login to your account and click “manage subscriptions.” From there, select the kava you’d like to swap and click “edit.” From there, click “product swap,” then swap the product. Choose from the available medium grind or micronized kava options and click “swap.”

Q: Can I cancel my kava subscription?

A: Yes, and it’s easy to do so! Login to your account, then go to “manage subscriptions.” Choose to either “cancel” or “edit” the date of your next kava delivery. You’re done!

Q: Can I change my delivery frequency?

A: Yes—here’s how! Login to your account, then go to “manage subscriptions.” Click “product,” then “delivery schedule.” Select the new delivery frequency, then click “update.” Bula!

Buy More. Save More. Relax More.

At Kalm with Kava, we believe kava can help encourage relaxation and community, so we want to make sure the process of buying kava is simple and accessible for you. That’s why we created the Kava Collective, so more people can enjoy the kava benefits we know and love! Subscribe and save on your favorite medium grind kavas today—bula!

Note: The 10% off discount received when joining the Kava Collective cannot be combined with other discounts.

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