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What is a Kava Bar?

A Great Place to Relax and Be Social

Kava Bars are popping up all over the US— with over 180 locations— and for a good reason, they are a great place to hang out socially, connect, and talk with others while enjoying the all-natural, alcohol-free relaxing effects of a kava drink.

Kava is a truly unique social drink. It makes you a little happier, chatty, and chilled out. You’ll often sleep well after a night drinking kava too. Plus, unlike after a trip to a traditional bar serving alcohol, you’ll have no nasty hangover or side effects the next morning to worry about.

Find a kava bar near you using the interactive map below or our list by city and state at the bottom of the page. Whether you live in NYC, Miami, or even Montana there could be a kava bar close by, and if not, just wait, the number of locations has grown by 300% in the last three years and one could be coming to you soon. You’ll see why Florida is known as the Kava Capital of the USA, with over 75 kava bars in Florida alone!

Scroll down to learn more about “Nakamals”, the original community meeting places in Vanuatu where locals gather to drink kava— a tradition for over 1000 years and a precursor to the trend now unfolding in the US.

Vanuatu Nakamal Kava Bar

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What you’ll experience

Kava bars can be very similar to a trendy alcohol bar. Many times, they are designed around a Pacific island theme to create a more relaxed atmosphere though and pay homage to the origination of the plant. Most kava bars serve traditionally prepared kava root either in coconut shells— called bilos— or in similarly shaped, more modern, colorful cups.

In addition to traditionally prepared kava drinks, bars will also offer customers kava drinks mixed together with fruit juices, coconut water, or milk to make the drink more palatable. These recipes help to minimize the regular earthy flavor of the drink. For the same reason, you may be served a kava chaser— a slice of fruit or a small snack along with your beverage. Kava bars will sometimes sell tapas or small plates with a pacific island flair too.

Kava and alcohol consumption should not be combined, therefore it is very rare to find alcohol at a kava bar location but they do have other offerings like Kombucha, CBD drinks, and other alcohol alternatives.

With the Sober Movement on the rise, many people are finding kava bars as a great alcohol alternative place to meet with friends, chill out, and de-stress after work or class.

People drinking kava at kava bar
Vanuatu Kava Bar (Nakamal)


The country of Vanuatu in the South Pacific is known to be the birthplace of kava thousands of years ago. There, Nakamal is the word used to describe a traditional meeting place; a place for get-togethers, ceremonies, and (most often) the place where everyone meets to drink kava! Nakamals are the original kava bars.

Nakamals are located in almost every Vanuatu community and, it is interesting to note, most do not bear lockable doors, signifying that all friendly guests are welcome. With that said, traditionally, Nakamals only allowed men to enter. Women might be allowed to prepare or serve kava but not to join the group gathering or consume the drink. Nowadays in modern kava culture, many urban Nakamals have discarded this rule.

Discover a Kava Bar near you!

Awa Kava Bar Flagstaff, AZ
Lacuna Kava Bar Phoenix, AZ
Lacuna Kava Bar Sedona Sedona, AZ
Meraki Arizona Kava Bar Phoenix, AZ
The Kava Bar Tucson, AZ
CBD American Shaman + Kava Bar Fayetteville, AR
Aladdin Cafe Hookah & kava Bar Roseville CA
Elixart Nevada City, CA
Fiji Kava Pool Bar Sacramento CA
Hayward Kava Club Hayward CA
Kava Lounge San Diego San Diego CA
Kava Lounge SF San Francisco CA
Key Tea House San Rafael, CA
Melo Melo Kava Bar – Oakland Oakland, CA
Melo Melo Kava Bar – Berkeley Berkeley CA
Melo Melo Kava Bar – Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA
Mystic Water Kava Bar San Diego San Diego CA
Root of Happiness Davis Davis, CA
Root of Happiness Kava Bar Rancho Cordova CA
Rooted Kava Bar San Diego CA
Roots Kava Bar Santa Cruz CA
San Bruno Kava Bar San Bruno CA
Sunset Kava San Diego, CA
Wu Wei Tea Temple Fairfax, CA
Twisted Root Kava & Ethnobotanical Tea Denver, CO
Ohana Kava Bar Colorado Springs CO
Kavasutra Denver Denver CO
Awa Na Kava Kava Bar Ft. Lauderdale FL
Blue Lagoon Kava Bar Merritt Island, FL
Bula Café Cocoa Beach Cocoa Beach, FL
Bula Kafe St. Petersburg, FL
Bula on the Beach Madeira Beach, FL
Civil Vapes Kava Bar Orlando, FL
Delray Kava Lounge Delray Beach FL
Dharma Hookah & Kava Lounge  Largo, FL
Fiji Kava Bar Fort Lauderdale, FL
Frog Vapor Palm Harbor, FL
Grassroots Kava House St. Petersburg, FL
Green Spot Botanicals Miami, FL
Hippie-Hi Clearwater, FL
InVision Creative Cafe St. Petersburg, FL
Island Root – Royal Palm Royal Palm Beach, FL
Island Root Kava Bar Stuart, FL
Island Root Kava Bar Melbourne FL
Island Vibes Kava Bar West Palm Beach, FL
Johnny Vapors St Petersburg, FL
Johnnys Kratom Kava CBD St Petersburg, FL
Kapua Kava Bar Fort Myers, FL
Kava Bar and Hookah Lounge Gainesville FL
Kava By the Water  Pompano Beach, FL
Kava Cove Lounge Winter Park, FL
Kava Culture Fort Myers Fort Myers, FL
Kava Culture Kava Bar Bonita Springs, FL
Kava Garden Miami Beach, FL
Kava Nirvana Fort Myers, FL
Kavakaze Tallahassee, FL
KaVapor Kissimmee, FL
Kavastura Delray Beach Delray Beach FL
Kavasutra Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale FL
Kavasutra Lake Worth Lake Worth FL
Kilo’s Kava & Tea Bar Safety Harbor, FL
Lava Lounge St. Petersburg, FL
Low Tide Kava Bar Gulfport FL
Mad Chiller World Kava & Waffles Tampa, FL
Mad Hatters Ethnobotanical Tea Bar St Petersburg FL
Mai Kai Kava Bar Gainesville, FL
Manna Tea & Kava bar Sarasota, FL
Muddy Water Kava St. Petersburg, FL
Mystic Joint Cutler Bay, FL
Mystic Water Kava Bar Hollywood FL
Nakava Boca Raton FL
Native Kava Boynton Beach, FL
Native Kava WPB West Palm Beach, FL
On Cloud9 Kava Lounge Largo, FL
Pacific Rootz Orlando, FL
Pause at Swinton Delray Beach, FL
Purple Lotus Delray Beach Delray Beach FL
Purple Lotus Miami Beach Miami Beach FL
Purple Lotus West Palm Beach West West Palm FL
SadBoy Lounge Pinellas Park, FL
Sage the World Clearwater, FL
Shells Kava Bar Lauderhill, FL
Speakeasy Kava Largo, FL
SpookEasy Lounge Tampa, FL
State Side Kava Bar Indian Shores, FL
Steep Station Tampa, FL
Syndicate Kava Bar & Tap Room Miami, FL
Tampa Vapor – Riverview / Brandon Riverview, FL
Tampa Vapor – South Tampa Tampa, FL
Te Mana West Palm Beach FL
Tenaga Kava Palm Beach Gardens, FL
The Awa Kava Lounge Miami, FL
The Garden of Tea Clearwater, FL
The Healthy Buddah Mount Dora, FL
The Healthy Buddah 2 Winter Park, FL
The Healthy Buddah 3 Sanford, FL
The Nak Kava Bar Boca Raton FL
Tiki Tide Kava Bar Fort Lauderdale, FL
TranquiliTea Palm Harbor, FL
Tribal Kava Bar West Palm Beach, FL
Twisted Roots Kava Brewery Hollywood, FL
Vapor Road – Disston St. Petersburg, FL
Vapor Road – Tyrone St. Petersburg, FL
VāPOUR Kratom Kava CBD Clearwater, FL
Wildcrafters Tea & Kava Jacksonville, FL
Zen Root Kava Pompano Beach, FL
ZenfiniTea Botanical Bar And Lounge New Port Richey, FL
Black Lava Vape and Kava Naalehu, HI
Bayfront Coffee, Kava & Tea Company LLC Hilo HI
Diamond Head Cove Health Bar Honolulu HI
Fiji Kava Bar Honolulu Honolulu, HI
Hawaiian Superfoods Kava Bar Kahului, HI
Kanaka Kava Kailua-Kona HI
Kava Kafe Hawi HI
La Hiki Ola Kava bar Pahoa HI
Uncle Robert’s Awa Bar Pahoa HI
Tropikava Kafe Chicago, IL
The Mood Health & Wellness Kava Café Fishers, IN
Mana Bar Lawrence, KS
Euphorbia Kava Bar New Orleans, LA
Kava Kasa GR Grand Rapids, MI
Kickin’ it with Kava St. Charles, MO
Synergy Smoothie and Elixir Bar St. Louis, MO
TikiCat Kansas City, MO
Kulture Kava Lounge Missoula, MT


New Mexico
Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar Santa Fe, NM


New York
BarBula New York, NY
Brooklyn Kava Brooklyn, NY
Doc Concrescence Binghamton, NY
House of Kava Brooklyn, NY
Ka-Va Kava Bar Brooklyn, NY
Kava Social  Brooklyn, NY
Kavasutra New York New York NY
Mystic Water Kava Bar Ithaca, NY
Ritual Kava Bar New York, NY
Sacred Root Kava Lounge & Tea Bar Ithaca, NY
Village Kava Bar Smithtown, NY
North Carolina
Kat 5 Kava Wilmington NC
Krave Carrboro NC
Krave Kava Bar Greensboro Greensboro, NC
Komodo Kava House Charlotte, NC
Noble Kava Asheville Asheville NC
Noble Kava Boone Boone NC
Port City Vapor Kava & Oxygen Bar Wilmington, NC
Sip’ Sum Sylva, NC
Sip’ Sum Maggie Valley, NC
Vintage Kava Weaverville, NC
Wow-Wee Maui’s Kava Bar & Grill Wilmington NC
Bula Kava House Portland OR
LovaKava Kava Bar and Restaurant Eugene, OR
Nalu Kava Bar Portland, OR
Pono Plant Portland OR
Bantha Tea Bar Pittsburgh, PA
Merch by Cory’s Kava Korner Trucksville, PA
Jaya Kava Philadelphia, PA
The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop Philadelphia, PA
Sol Luna Tea Room and Hookah Lounge Trevose, PA
South Carolina
Kava Konnection Greenville SC
SquareRut Congress Austin, TX
SquareRut Lamar Austin, TX
ReKava Cafe Provo, UT
Mad Hat Tea Tacoma, WA
Kava Kasa Playa del Carmen, MX

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