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How a kava drink makes you more social

May 18, 2020
Kava root drink in kava shell or bilo with spoon of kava powder alongside

Enjoy a Kava Root Drink

A kava root drink is great for relaxing in social situations.

Socializing comes easy to some and not to others. Some people are natural extroverts who find it easy to talk to strangers. Other people are shy, nervous and awkward in social situations and become tongue-tied talking to strangers. If the latter sounds like you, then read on.

You’ll learn why a kava drink will relax you, make you more social and is the perfect drink for fun times with friends.

A kava root drink promotes friendship and communication

One of our favorite quotes about kava is “you cannot hate with Kava in you” This statement was made by Tom Harrison in his book “Savage Civilization” published in 1937. He describes how drinking kava makes you feel friendly and never cross.

Great relationships are based on friendship and avoiding being mad with your partner, friends, and family. Drinking kava can help you foster positive social interactions and develop great relationships with those you care about.

There is historic evidence that supports the notion that a kava drink is good for building friendship. In ancient times, kava was one of the valuable commodities that ocean explorers took with them as they set out to discover other islands. They knew that if they encountered another tribe or community and offered them a kava root drink it would promote a sense of peace and happiness. Then discussions were much more likely to be open and convivial. Even today, when Pacific island communities want to resolve an issue or dispute through dialogue and mediation, kava will be exchanged and drank first.

Kava Ceremony

Kava the ‘anti-shyness’ herb that reduces social inhibitions

Going out for the evening and hoping to meet new people can induce feelings of anxiety. Approaching and talking to someone new, especially someone you are attracted to, is not easy. It can be nerve-wracking. A kava root drink before you leave the house is a great solution. It will eliminate your worries and nervousness and relax you mentally.

A good, heady kava makes you feel more sociable and talkative. Its effects are to lower any social inhibitions. It’s for this reason that Kava is known as the ‘anti-shyness’ herb. So if you have a new date coming up and feeling a little anxious about it, drink kava before you set out.

Shy girl alone in a corner at a club
Heart Shaped Kava Leaf outlined in red

And kava is an aphrodisiac

And if you want that date to go really well, there is one more potent, romantic reason to drink kava. Kava is a natural aphrodisiac. Did you know Kava plant leaves are shaped like a heart? Early legends of kava’s discovery and use in the South Pacific certainly include stories of kava’s pleasure-inducing properties. More recently, a 2013 University of Melbourne study found that kava significantly improved women’s libido.

So at the end of the night, why not invite your date home. Not for coffee but for a cup of kava. Better still, a cup of our Coconut Hot Chocolate Kava – it’s the perfect recipe for love!

So these are some reasons a kava root drink is perfect for relaxation and social situations. Remember, if you ‘cannot hate with kava in you’ then it stands to be true that, ‘with kava in you, you’ll be liking and loving instead.’ That’s exactly what socializing is all about!

Our goal is to make the world a more social, friendly, peaceful and loving place, one kava shell at a time.


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