Coconut Hot Chocolate Kava Recipe

Heart Shaped Kava Leaf outlined in redWe believe there is a reason that the leaves of a kava plant are heart-shaped. Below we explain why and offer up a Coconut Hot Chocolate Kava Recipe that is perfect for sharing the love.

Love, they say, is what makes the world go around. Why then is only one day a year dedicated to the celebration and cultivation of love? Valentine’s Day brings heart-shaped presents and balloons, red roses and yummy chocolates. And there are many reasons to suggest that drinking kava should be added to your list of indulgences on Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, special romantic occasions, or even all year round.

One of our favorite quotes about kava is “you cannot hate with Kava in you” This statement was made by Tom Harrison in his book “Savage Civilization” published in 1937. He describes how drinking kava makes you feel friendly and never cross. Great relationships are based on friendship and avoiding being mad with your partner, so drinking kava could be the key to developing great relationships.

Another, more potent romantic reason to drink kava is that kava is reputed to be a natural aphrodisiac. Early legends of kava’s discovery and use in the South Pacific include stories of kava’s pleasure inducing properties. More recently, a 2013 University of Melbourne study found that kava significantly improved women’s libido. Feeling stressed and feeling in the mood for sex rarely go together. Kava relieves stress and relaxes mind and body so it’s easy to see why.

And if going on a date makes you nervous, drinking kava is a great solution too. A good heady kava will lift your mood and also make you feel more sociable and talkative. By relaxing you mentally it eliminates any worries and inhibitions. For this reason, Kava has been referred to as the ‘anti-shyness’ herb. So if you’ve been set-up on a blind date for Valentine’s Day or are taking someone out for the first time and feeling a little anxious about it, drink kava before you head out.

Ingredients for Coconut Kava Hot Chocolate


Our Coconut Hot Chocolate Kava is the perfect recipe to try next time romance is in the air.

It is an earthy tasting, bittersweet, chocolate drink. The addition of coconut milk and water to a traditionally prepared kava tea add creaminess and a nod to the tropical South Pacific islands where kava is grown. The kava brings you, and anyone who drinks it with you, the laid back ‘aloha’ vibe that is so conducive to relaxation and romance. And lastly, a few spoons of chocolate syrup bring a sweetness that says I love you.


  1. 6 Tablespoons of Medium Grind Kava Root
  2. 12-16oz coconut water
  3. 6 oz. of coconut milk*
  4. 6 tablespoons of chocolate syrup*

Recipe Alternative: *For a more health conscious recipe make your own chocolate milk by mixing and melting 1-2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder into the coconut milk and adding a tablespoon of either agave nectar or maple syrup to sweeten. Cacao, like kava, can be somewhat bitter tasting, so the addition of a sweeten like agave or syrup is essential to make this kava recipe work.


  1. Place 6 tablespoons of Medium Grind kava root powder into a muslin bag (our Pouni Ono Kava works great for this recipe).
  2. Place the bag in bowl and immerse the bag in 12-16 oz. of coconut water.
  3. Let the mixture steep in the bag in the bowl for 5 minutes.
  4. Knead the mixture in the bag in the coconut water for 5 minutes making sure not to let any of the coarse root fibers escape into the bowl. Squeeze the bag tight to extract any remaining liquid.
  5. Warm the coconut milk and chocolate syrup together in a microwave safe bowl or in a stovetop pan.
  6. Add the coconut milk mixture to the bowl and stir to mix
  7. Pour into two glasses and enjoy!

Servings: 2 servings

Calories per serving: 190 calories

Preparation time: 12 minutes

Optional Extra – Spice it Up: if you like your hot chocolate to have a spicy, hot kick, along the lines of South American Hot Chocolate stir in a 1/4 teaspoon of Ancho chili powder or paste to the warm chocolate milk. Adjust chili amount to your personal hotness preference. A sprinkling of spices like chili, cinnamon, nutmeg or cayenne can enhance a kava drink nicely and mask its’ bitter earthy flavor.

Chocolate Covered Nuts in a Coconut Shell BiloRecommended Kava Chasers: our recommended kava chaser for this drink is a small handful of chocolate-coated nuts or marshmallows. Pop them into your mouth to sweeten things up. Your taste buds will thank you.

Enjoy Hot or Cold!

This Coconut Chocolate kava recipe can be enjoyed hot or cold. For a cold beverage just add a cup of ice to the mix, stir and leave to chill for a minute before serving.

We always love to hear what you think of our kava recipe ideas, so let us know in the comments below.

Here’s to drinking more kava and sharing the love.


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