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Kava Kava: A Natural Aphrodisiac?

November 11, 2015

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Kava won’t immediately put you in the mood for sex but like a certain blue pill, kava has effects similar to an aphrodisiac. Kava and damiana, used historically in Mexico as an aphrodisiac, are often compared for this reason.

Kava puts you in a calm and mellow state of mind so it’s easy to understand the reasoning behind kava for sex. The brew of kava root releases kavalactones into the brain. These kavalactones help fight against the main part of your brain that handles worry and anxiety. This authentic calming feeling can give you a boost in the bedroom as well.

The story of kava as an aphrodisiac

There are many traditional stories about the effects of kava in South Pacific island legends and lore. One specific story tells of kava as an all-natural aphrodisiac. The story goes as follows. Two sisters were out on a journey to collect wild yams. Once found, they went to a river to wash the soil off the wild yams. What they didn’t realize was a kava root was hidden close to one sister.

The kava root gave pleasurable feelings to that sister. She said, “oh, my sister. Something is giving me sweet pleasure. Tell me, do you see what it is?”

The other sister noticed the kava plant and realized it was the source of the pleasure. The two took the plant home where they cultivated it, eventually showing the men of their village the alluring properties of the root, and declared it the “true kava” over its competitors in the wild.

Now available here in the US, the relaxing properties of Kava are increasingly understood and appreciated. In particular, people love how kava reduces social inhibitions by relaxing the mind and reducing worry. Kava also relieves muscle tension, so after a drink of kava, your body language won’t betray you as tense or nervous either. These are the reasons kava is an excellent male and female aphrodisiac and why kava and sex are connected.

Why choose kava over alcohol?

There are additional bonuses to drinking kava as an aphrodisiac?

Unlike alcohol, kava does not impair mental clarity, instead, while you may become more mentally relaxed, you are still clear-headed. You are not going to be mumbling incoherently to the person you are trying to attract if you drink kava. Always a risk if you drink too much alcohol. Although drinking kava may you more talkative.

Also, there are no hangovers the following morning! Kava doesn’t leave you feeling grouchy and sleep-deprived. It’s a great alternative to alcohol. Non-addictive, with the ability to up the dosage as you want, kava can add a quality relaxed ‘buzz’ to your body and libido.

Things to consider about kava as an aphrodisiac

Keep in mind, kava can act as a natural muscle relaxant and make your body so relaxed it feels ‘numb’ (which is why it’s advised not to drive after consuming large quantities). Relaxed muscles can be more of an issue for men, as certain, important parts of your body may not work as you want them to.

Experimenting with different kinds is key to determining which kava variety meets your needs as an aphrodisiac. We recommend a heady kava like our Tongan Pouni Ono for making you feel more happy and confident, talkative and with fewer social inhibitions.

Kava and Damiana

Increasingly, people are comparing kava and damiana. Both are known to have calming effects, promote feelings of euphoria, and are reputed aphrodisiacs. However, the two plants originate from different parts of the world. Kava originates from the South Pacific islands, while damiana comes from Central and South America and the Caribbean, and also grows in Texas.

To make a kava tea, the root of the plant is dried, ground into a powder, and steeped in water in a muslin bag, whereas a damiana tea is made with the stem and leaves of that plant. Historically, damiana was traded and consumed by the Mayans and Aztecs. In Mexico, it has a long tradition as an aphrodisiac. In large doses, damiana has been known to cause hallucinations.

Since both kava and damiana have similar effects it is recommended that you do not mix or drink the two together. Attempting to combine herbal remedies makes it difficult to judge and assess dosage, so again avoid doing so.

Lastly, while there is a growing body of research into the benefits of drinking kava, very little research has been done on damiana. And, unlike kava, there is no scientific, only anecdotal evidence, on its ability as a drink to enhance sexual desire or performance.

Things to remember about kava as an aphrodisiac

• It relaxes you
• It’s non-addictive
• It’s natural
• It reduces stress
• It comes in many forms
• It has the ability to boost your sex drive!

Since it’s all-natural, readily available in specific tastes, and a great alternative to handle stress relief and anti-anxiety without leaping into expensive medications, kava is a great tool to use for a healthier stress-free life.

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