Kava Kava: A Natural Aphrodisiac?

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Kava won’t immediately put you in the mood for sex but like a certain blue pill, kava has effects similar to an aphrodisiac. Kava puts you in a calm and mellow state of mind so it’s easy to understand the reasoning behind kava for sex. The brew of kava root releases kavalactones into the brain. These kavalactones help fight against the main part of your brain that handles worry and anxiety. This authentic calming feeling can give you a boost in the bedroom as well.

The story of kava as an aphrodisiac

Plenty of stories about the effects of kava reign from the South Pacific. This specific one details kava as an all-natural aphrodisiac, and goes as follows: two sisters were out on a journey to collect wild yams. Once found, they went to a river to wash the wild yams off. What they didn’t realize was a kava root was hidden close to one sister.

The kava root gave pleasurable feelings to that sister. She said, “oh, my sister. Something is giving me sweet pleasure. Tell me, do you see what it is?”

The other sister noticed the plant and realized it was the source of the pleasure. The two took the plant home where they cultivated it, eventually showing the men of their village the alluring properties of the root, and declared it the “true kava” over it’s competitors in the wild.

Now brought over to the West, the relaxing properties of Kava work in your favor. It strips away the stressful inhibitions of your day. On top of that, when you drink kava, your body language no longer reads as tense and hostile, making it an excellent male and female aphrodisiac.

Why choose kava over alcohol?

With each sip, you’re more open to starting comfortable and energetic conversations with your partner. By relaxing and staying in the moment — as compared to overthinking the frustrations of the morning — your confidence can grow so you can have an enjoyable time with that charming person who has caught your eye.

An additional bonus of using kava as an aphrodisiac? No hangovers the following morning! Kava doesn’t leave you feeling grouchy and sleep deprived. It’s a better non-alcoholic alternative — a completely natural male and female aphrodisiac.

Non-addictive, with the ability to up the dosage as you want, kava can add a quality relaxed ‘buzz’ to your body and libido.

Things to consider about kava as an aphrodisiac

Keep in mind, kava can act as a natural muscle relaxant and make your body so relaxed it feels ‘numb’ (which is why it’s advised drive after consuming large quantities). This can be more of an issue for men, because your body may not work to the effect you were hoping if numbness in specific regions overwhelm you.

The effects of kava isn’t necessarily instantaneous. It might not work as quickly as a medicated drug will in the same category. And only you will know how long your relaxed state will last because it depends on your body and dosage. Specifically, some kava roots provide stronger ‘relaxed’ sensations than others, such as our Vanuatu Borongoru kava root. But experimenting with different kinds is key to determine which kava is best for you.

Things to remember about kava:

• It relaxes you
• It’s non-addictive
• It’s natural
• It reduces stress
• It comes in many forms
• It has the ability to boost your sex drive!

Since it’s all natural, readily available in specific tastes, and a great alternative to handle stress relief and anti-anxiety without leaping into expensive medications, kava is a great tool to use for a healthier stress-free life.
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2 Responses

  1. Al
    | Reply

    I’ve noticed throughout my years of kava use that kava is definitely an aphrodisiac for women. However, I’ve noticed that it’s the exact opposite for men. Not sure why. I make sure to not have more than a couple swallows if intimacy is in the cards for the evening.

    • Mike
      | Reply

      Interesting insight Al. I would have to agree to some extent. While there are countless stories of women’s increased libidos, most varieties of Vanuatu and Fijian kavas have somewhat of an opposite effect on Men (unless specifically used sparingly for performance anxiety). BUT, Many Tongan kavas are a different story. There are reports of these stimulating even Men’s desire for sex. Anecdotal reports from wives in Tonga state their husbands coming home from long kava sessions (Fai Kava) and very ready for intimacy 😉

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