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The Kava Community in the US and Beyond: What Makes Kava Special

February 2, 2022

Kava is truly special and unlike other natural products. One of the biggest ways kava shines is in the way that it brings people together. Drinking kava has traditionally been a ceremonial and highly social activity in the Pacific Islands. Now the community aspect of kava is catching fire in the US and beyond. We want to take a minute to talk about the growing kava community and how to immerse yourself in this beautiful, unique culture. Grab a shell (or bilo) and join us!

What is the Kava Community Like in the Pacific Islands and the US?

Pacific Islands

Kava culture in the Pacific Islands is a rich blend of slowing down, bringing people together, and relaxing. In the Pacific Islands, drinking kava has deep, traditional roots. Kava has been a core part of ceremonies since ancient times, and though the ceremonies themselves may vary between the islands, the community is always right at the heart. The installation of a new Chief, agreements between communities, or the welcoming of visitors will all include a kava ceremony. Kava culture goes far beyond ceremony in the Pacific Islands as kava is also used medicinally, for conflict resolution, and every day for socializing.

United States

The history of kava in the US has been tumultuous yet fascinating. From being used only medicinally in the early 1900s, to a kava boom, to controversy, to being deemed safe and beneficial to use, kava has evolved to become a popular form of relaxation in the US. More recently, kava has gained traction in the US in a big way, shown by a big increase in the number of kava bars and kava products available. Everywhere we look, we’re seeing a rise in ground kava, micronized kava, kava concentrate, kava tinctures, and there are even more products on the horizon. Watch this space! As more people move towards natural products, kava has moved into the spotlight in the US and increasing numbers of people are joining the kava community to learn more.

How to Be Part of the Kava Community

  • Social Media: If you want to learn about kava, talk about kava, and meet other members of the kava community, social media is a great place to start. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok have people chatting about the wonders of kava. If you’re not sure where to go first, check out the Kalm with Kava Instagram or the Kalm With Kava Facebook for kava recipes, stories about kava culture, and tips for getting started with kava.
    • Pro tip: At Kalm With Kava, we love talking about kava! If you have any questions or want to chat, you can always DM us or add a question to one of our posts. We’ll be there to talk kava with you! In fact, talking about kava on social media is one of the big ways that our Kalm With Kava team has grown. Kava people talk on social media and then become a core part of our Kalm With Kava community and team.
  • Reddit: Reddit is one of the best places to immerse yourself into the active kava community.
    • The Kava subreddit is an excellent kava forum that we recommend starting out for all things kava! You can find just about any conversation about kava there, from frequently asked questions to recommendations to kava news.
    • Similarly, the Kalm With Kava subreddit is a great place to talk about kava, ask questions, chat, and talk about Kalm With Kava products. The KWK community is pretty special, and it’s a safe and welcoming place to ask questions and chime in.
  • Kava Bars: Kava bars are a wonderful option to immerse yourself in kava culture. They can vary hugely from traditional kava bars to more modern establishments with eclectic drink menus. You can learn more about kava bars in our kava bar guide. And you can find your closest kava bar with our interactive kava bars map.
  • Newsletters: Joining a kava newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest kava news, conversations, offers, and fun facts. Enjoy a dose of kava in your inbox by signing up for the Kalm With Kava newsletter if you haven’t already! Simply scroll down to the bottom of our homepage and enter your email to get started.

A Note on Joining the Kava Community

There are so many ways to join the kava community and immerse yourself deeper in kava culture. An important thing to keep in mind is that drinking kava is all about slowing down, bringing people together, and relaxing in a way that makes sense to you. Take it one step at a time and go at your own pace. Don’t feel pressured to be incredibly active or to scope out all of the different avenues right away; rather, hold onto your #kalm and enjoy kava and the community in your own way. There’s so much beauty in slowing down!

As we move further into 2022, the kava community continues to gather momentum and snowball in the best way. More and more people are learning about kava, kava benefits, and the beauty of the kava community. Kava truly has a unique way of bringing us together and letting us share our experiences and love—not just for kava but for all things! At Kalm With Kava, we can’t wait to watch the kava community continue to grow and thrive. Bula!

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