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The Bay Areas First Kava Bar Opens!

In a wonderful piece of news, what’s shaping up to be an awesome kava bar opened up in Berkeley on Friday 1/23 and they are serving our very own Kalm with Kava Concentrate! First mentioned on September 9th in online magazine Nosh, a new “alcohol-free” bar opened right on University Avenue in Berkeley, California. Featuring a menu that serves tea, kombucha (fermented fruit tea), and kava-kava, the new establishment is called the MeloMelo Kava Bar after the famous (and particularly yummy) Vanuatu kava strain of the same name.

The new bar is already projected to be a “wild success”, probably due to its location in the heart of the university district, which caters to a young, thirsty student population in a city known for seeking out healthy alternatives. The finished 1200-square foot space has seating for 27 customers and is open from noon to midnight seven days a week.

Rumored to be co-owned by Andrew Procyk, founder of the Vanuatu Kava Bar in Asheville and the recently opened Noble Kava Bar in Boone (both in North Carolina), Melo Melo Kava Bar is the project of Nicolas Rivard, a seasoned restaurant entrepreneur who got his start in the kava industry managing Procyk’s Vanuatu Kava Bar. According to their promotional material, the Melo Melo Kava Bar not only won’t be serving any alcohol, but it will not serve coffee products of any kind either. Instead, their menu is based around kava drinks, tea, and kombucha. While tea does have some caffeine, it has much less than coffee and contains other polyphenols such as theanine and theophylline that are actually purported to be relaxing. Kombucha is a kind of fermented caffeine-free herbal tea, or tisane, that’s becoming popular for its purported benefits to health, especially for balancing gut flora and acting as a gastrointestinal tonic. According to Melo Melo’s proprietors, “[We want to] provide an alternative to coffee houses and alcohol bars. We aspire to nothing less than changing the way Americans work and how they spend their leisure hours in more productive and healthy ways.”

The owners at Melo Melo clearly know their stuff about relaxation, as they’re making kava a big part of their offerings as well as their name. In their own words, “Melo Melo revolves around kava, a medicinal herb with experimentally proven capabilities of inducing relaxation and equilibrium”. I couldn’t have said it better myself, and I am truly excited to place yet another flag on our national map of kava bars and be one of the first to give a hearty “Bula” to the Melo Melo Kava Bar!

Kava Lounge and Bar to be opening in Denver

When Kava Lounge opens at 1915 Broadway in Boulder near the end of April, it will be the first of its kind in Denver’s northwest neighbor. It will be open seven days per week and until 5 a.m. on Thursday through Saturday night (Sunday morning, really). Anyone over 18 years old is welcome, and while the two-level club capable of holding 300 people won’t be serving alcohol, manager Antonio Otea says that patrons over 21 can bring in their own booze.

“They can bring it in and they can bag it up when they leave,” Oteo says. “We can’t touch it, store it or sell it, which is fine by us.”

Although the spot won’t be serving booze, Oteo says the kava-infused non-alcoholic beverages they will sell can substitute most of the effects of from alcohol. He recommends reading the warnings and side effects before you partake, but the kava root featured in the drink has been said to calm anxiety. In addition to the kava drinks, the lounge will serve a Hawaiian based tapas menu.

Florida Kava Bars unworried about two-day kava concern: (3/20/2014) At a kava symposium held in Fiji last week, a main concern was Vanuatu’s export of a specific variation of the intoxicating pepper root called tudei (or as commonly spelled, “two-day”) kava. Experts said they fear countries could ban all kava and destroy the industry because some exporters were selling “two-day” kava as traditional kava. The two-day strain is reportedly stronger (resulting in a “two-day” buzz) but also, experts said, could lead to bad experiences for some users.

But at least two South Florida kava sellers say they aren’t worried. Both Mystic Water Kava Bar and Nakava import kava (including two-day kava) from Vanuatu. No one at either location had heard about a potential export ban or feared one, since there have been no customer complaints about the kava since either have opened. Read More @ Broward Beach New Times

Vanuatu Kava may be strangled due to greedy exporters: (3/19/2014) A South Pacific drink, kava, may be endangered by its own success, or the greed of people who profit from its sale. It’s the end of the workday in Vanuatu and the men in the community relax with their favorite drink. As they talk about their day went and make plans for the weekend, an observer might think that it’s a scene at Starbucks in Washington DC or any pub tucked into a side street in New York City. The men though, aren’t wearing three-piece suits and wingtips and the beverage they are drinking isn’t coffee or beer. They’re relaxing in the sand around a fire-pit and drinking kava. Some of the men are fishermen, some work at the island’s few businesses. Others are exporters of the drink they are tasting and some have retired. Kava is a social lubricant and much of Vanuatu’s social life — and economy — revolve around the Kava bush. Read More @ The Guardian

5 Herbs that help with anxiety: (2/28/2014) Kava kava can lift your spirit and make you happier by inducing a mild state of euphoria and sedation. Kava kava is very effective in the treatment of anxiety, working within a week of taking it daily. In medical applications, the herb is used in the treatment for women with post-menopausal depression. For people with sleep disorders, kava kava is a non-addictive herb which can work as a mild tranquilizer. Read more @ Real Farmacy