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The Kava Sampler: Your Floatie in the Kava Pool Party

October 12, 2022

Enjoying a cup of Kava by the pool

Diving into kava culture can feel like leaping off a high dive. Between all the different kava products, varieties, accessories, and effects, it’s hard to know where to dip your toe in to see if you enjoy kava. That’s where a kava sampler comes in handy and helps you gently float into the kava community. It’s the kava equivalent of the giant pool floatie shaped like a unicorn!

A kava sampler, also known as a kava sample pack, is a bundle of sample-sized kava products so you can try a range of varieties without purchasing the full amount (you can check ours out here). You get to experiment and see which ones you enjoy before stocking up on their full-sized counterparts. For example, our 3-pack combination sample pack includes a mix of medium grind kava root, micronized kava, kava concentrate, and a straining bag with the option to add on kava mints. Within one pack, you get the opportunity to taste and see which kava effects (heady, heavy, or balanced) fit your relaxation needs, practice straining kava with a straining bag, and determine your favorite kava products without breaking the budget.

Who Should Try Kava Samplers

Anyone can pick up a kava sampler, and we’ve highlighted a couple of reasons why a kava sampler may be a good fit for your needs:

  • If you’re new to the kava world and want to experiment with different types of kava products
  • If you are looking for different options for unwinding, easing anxiety, falling asleep naturally, and relaxing
  • If you have only tried one type of kava and want to try other forms and varieties
  • If you want to try small samples of different types of kava before you purchase a larger size
  • If you want to share kava with your friends who are unfamiliar with kava
  • If you want to gift a sample pack to a fellow kava-loving friend

What’s Included in a Kava Sampler?

Most kava samplers include a few types of kava varieties and products so you can get a feel for what you like best. Our Kalm with Kava sample packs come in three versions. You can pick between the below sample packs.

3-Pack Medium Grind Kava

For those that want to try the traditional way of brewing kava, this pack includes our top three fan-favorite medium grind kavas complete with a strainer. This is the perfect amount of kava for a small get-together with friends to try the different types or for your own personal enjoyment. This pack includes the following:

2-Pack Micronized Grind Quick Kava

If you’re looking to try a kava product that’s easy to prepare (and less messy), our micronized kava is the perfect match. Without the need to strain micronized kava, you can instantly transform any liquid into ready to drink “grog” with just a tablespoon of micronized kava. This pack includes the following:

3-Pack Combination

Looking to try both medium grind and micronized quick kava? We’ve got you covered! Not only will you be able to try medium grind and micronized kava, but we’ve also thrown in a couple of our kava juice concentrates so you can try out some fun mocktails. This pack includes the following:

Bonus, if you want to add a bilo (a coconut cup for kava) or some kava mints to your order, you can add them to your sample pack at a discounted price—bula!

4 Ways to Have Fun with Kava Sample Pack

At Kalm with Kava, we’re always looking for creative ways to drink and share kava, and our sample packs are no exception. Here are a few of the ways that you can take your sample pack game to the next level and expand your kava horizons:

  1. Host a Kava Tea Party – Instead of cups and saucers, switch out your fine china for bilos and paper cocktail umbrellas! Pick one of the varieties in your sample pack and serve it up to your guests to enjoy some relaxation: island style.
  2. Give One as a Gift – Whether you’ve got a pal who loves kava or a loved one curious about kava, giving the gift of a kava sampler is a great way to show you care.
  3. Enjoy a Staycation – Need an escape from the hustle and bustle without leaving your home? A kava sampler can come in handy! To help you unwind, try a different kava variety each day of your staycation. See which ones helped you “relax the island way” the best!
  4. Take Them on Your Next Adventure – Need some handy travel-sized versions of kava to take on your next trip? Our kava samplers fit the bill! Slip one or two of the products in our kava samplers into your suitcase to enjoy some peace on the go.

Sink into Sweet Relaxation

If you’re ready to join the kava pool party, shop for kava in our online store! We not only have kava samplers but also a wide selection of kava products originating from Fiji, Vanuatu, and Samoa. We only sell 100% Noble kava for maximum relaxation, quality, and freshness, and we source our kava directly from kava farmers in the Pacific Islands. They’re the heart of Kalm with Kava! Buy kava online today.

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