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Kava Concentrate

Our Kava Concentrates have been specially formulated to make kava actually taste good! We utilize custom kava extract from our hand selected kava varieties. Available in three flavors – Guava and Kavarita (lemon-lime) and for a limited time, Iced Tea. Simply dilute 1oz. of concentrate with 5oz. of water to make a quick kava drink whenever you’d like some instant relaxation.

  • Great for people new to kava who would like a quick and easy way to make a tasty relaxing drink at home
  • Perfect for those who dislike the taste of traditional kava but still want to benefit from drinking kava
  • Mix up a batch for a fun relaxing evening with friends or family.
  • Our travel size option consists of (2) TSA-approved 2oz. bottles of kava concentrate that are perfect to take anywhere, including on the plane! Don’t be anxious or stressed out on your next flight, mix a kava drink and stay kalm!

Note: We do not accept returns for our juice concentrate products.


Great-Tasting Relaxation Drinks Natural herbal supplement for stress and mild anxiety relief. Our Kava concentrate has been specially formulated to make kava actually taste good! It is cordial.  Now available in three flavors - our original Guava and Kavarita (lemon-lime) and, for a limited time, Iced Tea. Simply dilute 1oz. of kava concentrate with 5oz. of water and you have an instant kava relaxation drink. Our concentrates are made with our proprietary, alcohol-free kava extract, natural colors & flavors, and either stevia or cane sugar as a sweetener. Our extract is made with from the same kava we source for medium grind and micronized kavas, direct from small farms across the South Pacific to ensure quality and freshness. Our Kavarita (lemon-lime) and Iced Tea flavored concentrates now have only 5 calories and utilize the all-natural sweetener Stevia, while our guava flavored concentrate is made with natural cane sugar and comes in at 60 calories.

Introducing our newest flavor in the Kalm with Kava natural concentrate line up: Iced Tea.

This is an unsweetened tea that tastes just like the refreshing homemade Sun Tea, (with a hint of kava). Our Iced Tea Concentrate is perfect for drinking during the day and does not contain caffeine. It is a great kava concentrate for stress relief and taking to work, helping to relax and lift your mood without impacting mental clarity, it may even make you more productive!
Allergy Warning: These are made with glycerin derived from soy.

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Weight 1 lbs
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Travel Size – (2) 2oz Bottles, 10 oz (10 Servings), 30 oz (30 Servings)


Guava, Kavarita, Iced Tea, One of Each

32 reviews for Kava Concentrate
  1. Avatar of Jonte

    Jonte (verified owner)

    I just recently discovered Kava by chance, and I’m so thankful that I did. After I ordered my first batched, and waited to receive it, I came across the Kavafied AluBall shaker bottle. After trying kava w/ the Aluball I was mind blown, and I appreciated not having to make it the traditional way, that takes a lot of time & effort. Just when I thought Kava couldn’t get better b/c how wonderful it is, I found a guy on youtube (Douglas La Rose) that reviewed this Kalm with Kava “drink” Curious I came to this site, and long and behold it was “out of stock.” That was a bummer, but I seen they had Kalm w/ Kava concentrate that you mix with water. I have to say, guys this is the best way to consume kava. I hope they keep stocked because I don’t know that I want to go back to the Aluball and earthy kava!

    It taste great, and it’s quick to get your Kalm on!

    “Take your relaxation seriously,” because I do! Thanks Mike for the wonderful creation!

  2. Avatar of Gordon

    Gordon (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Absolutely the best tasting and most effective kava product on the market!

  3. Avatar of Marta

    Marta (verified owner)

    Love this product because I enjoy kava but hate the taste. I’m a woman and at the risk of setting the Lib movement back I personally think this is a more female friendly way to drink Kava!! I also want to say that the customer service is amazing!! I’ve ordered on Amazon and the official website and the shipping is super fast and when I emailed with a concern I got a super fast and courteous response and my concern was completely and satisfactorily resolved. I can’t say enough good things about KWK!!!

  4. Avatar of Michael


    Five for the Guava, four for the margarita. The Guava is awesome. I love this stuff. The margarita is good, but needs a little something. I’m going to try and add a little fresh orange juice to top it off. That might just do it. For when you don’t want to squeeze up a bowl of the original stuff, get yourself some of this to keep on hand.

  5. Avatar of Kendra French

    Kendra French (verified owner)

    I’m very new to kava; I ordered first time from different company off of Amazon & couldn’t understand why I had heard such great things about it b/c it did nothing for me. I did some pretty thorough of research after that (should’ve done first, I know) & learned how important the supplier is to high quality kava, types & cultivation, etc. then settled on KWK. I’m blown away by my experience with the kava itself and with the customer service. I was a little worried that the concentrate wouldn’t offer the same awesomeness as the sample packs I’d tried, but I’m 100% sold on the concentrate. Both taste very good, but I actually love the citrus of kavarita. Either way, you can’t lose re: taste & the experience is 100% legit!

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