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The Best Resources for First Time Kava Drinkers

September 21, 2022

First time Kava drinker browsing online resources

If you’ve been sipping kava for a while, you’ve had time to discover your favorite varieties, try a range of kava products, and practice your favorite recipes and brewing methods. But if you are a first time kava drinker, you may not know where to start your “relax the island way” journey. Between all the different kava varieties, names, and relaxation effects, it can feel overwhelming to know if you are following sound resources or choosing the kava products that fit your needs best.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

We love sharing kava and its signature “calm” with others—it’s in our name! To help our first time kava friends out, our Kalm with Kava team compiled our top five resources on kava and created this blog. Whether you have questions about the different kava products available or why Noble kava is superior to Tudei kava, these resources can supply the answers you seek. Read on!

Top 5 Resources for First Time Kava Drinkers

1. What is Kava: Get to Know Kava, its Effects, Varieties, & More

This is one of the top blogs we use to introduce kava and its exceptional properties to first time kava drinkers. It’s very robust and is a great one-stop-shop for learning about all things kava, especially if you are new to kava, in general. In this article, we cover the following topics:

  • The kava plant, Piper methysticum
  • The effects of drinking kava and how they come about
  • Kava drinking safety and side effects
  • Noble vs. Tudei kava
  • The differences between each kava variety
  • Kava culture

2. What Does Kava Do?

This blog is a more in-depth look at one of the topics covered in the first article: kava effects, how they come about, the differences between each kava variety, and more. “What does kava do” is one of the most common questions we get at Kalm with Kava, so we created a resource that covers how kava can create different relaxation effects based on its kavalactones (the active ingredients in kava). After reading this resource, you will have a better sense of how heady, heavy, and balanced kavas differ from one another and the types of relaxation effects each kava variety can create.

3. What’s Kava Root Powder?

Kava root powder is the most popular product we carry in our shop and for good reason. Kava root powders come in many different forms depending on your relaxation needs, preferences for preparation, etc. From medium grind to micronized, this article covers all things kava root powder, including preparation, varieties, and more.

4. A Glossary of Kava Products and Accessories

What’s the difference between medium grind kava root and micronized kava? What’s a bilo or a tanoa? What is the difference between an authentic and a muslin kava straining bag? We’ve got the answers! This blog reviews the different kava products and accessories available through Kalm with Kava, what each one is like, and what to use them for. Utilize this resource to grow in your savvy of kava products!

5. What is a Kava Bar: Find Kalm Community

So, you got to try kava and now love it—wonderful! Now it’s time to embrace one of the joys of kava: community. One of the things we love about kava is that community is at the core of what kava is all about. For thousands of years in the Pacific Islands, locals would gather together and drink kava as part of social relaxation, honoring dignitaries, and celebrating special occasions. What’s great is that you can participate in the kava community at a local kava bar. Check out this article to learn more about kava bars and to find a kava bar near you.

Ready. Get Set. Relax the Island Way!

Excited to embark on your voyage to relaxation? Shop kava online at Kalm with Kava today! On our online site, you can buy kava that ranges from heady to heavy and originates from amazing islands across the South Pacific Islands. Enjoy some #kalm in your life, and welcome to our kava community!

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