What’s Kava Powder & Where Can I Buy Kava Root Powder?

April 11, 2022

What’s Kava Powder?

With kava becoming more popular and more kava bars opening up across the United States, one of the questions people increasingly ask is “where can I buy kava”? The most popular Kalm with Kava products we sell are our kava root powders. Kava root powder comes from kava root that has been dried out then crushed into a powder. The powder is added to water or the beverage of your choice and then drunk as a mixture. Kava root drinks can help relax the mind and body by inducing a sense of calm and euphoria. This can make kava root powder drinks great for social relaxation, reducing stress, and helping with falling asleep.

Kava powder is the traditional way of using kava in the Pacific Islands—mainly Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, and Hawaii. For centuries, islanders have used kava plants in social rituals, religious ceremonies, and medicinal purposes. The root and stump of the plant are ground down into a powder and made into a natural, non-alcoholic drink.

Types of Kava Root Powder

The three most popular forms of kava root powder are medium grind, micronized, and instant kava root powder. Medium grind kava root powder, the most common form of kava root powder on the market, is similar to medium ground coffee in its particle size. With medium grind kava you knead it in water before drinking to release all of the small root particles into the water through a straining bag.

Micronized kava powder is finely ground kava root powder. All coarse fibers have been removed from micronized kava powder, eliminating the need for straining. Unlike medium grind powder, you end up consuming the actual kava root along with some fibers.

Instant kava root powder is similar to micronized in that it’s easy to make a quick drink. However, while micronized kava is finely ground whole kava root, instant kava powder is made by making medium grind kava “tea” and then dehydrating it. This results in a “true kava powder” that can be easily added to a liquid of choice for a quick and easy kava drink.

Kava Root Powder Preparation

Kava powder doesn’t come in pre-measured doses like capsules. You need to weigh or measure out the kava dose for yourself based on how strong of a kava drink you want. The more powder you add to water, the stronger the kava drink. Depending on the strength you prefer, you would add 2-4 tablespoons of medium grind kava to 8-12 ounces of water. For micronized kava powder, you would add one tablespoon to 4-8 ounces of the drink of your choice. For instant kava, you would add a 1/2 tablespoon to the amount of liquid of your choice, likely between 4-8 ounces. Because of the strong taste of kava, many kava drinkers customize their kava drinks with tasty recipes like tea, hot chocolate, or an Arnold Palmer.

Where Can I Buy Kava Root Powder?

If you’ve been asking “where can I buy kava root powder?”, you’ve come to the right place. At Kalm with Kava, we sell a wide variety of kava root powders to fit your preferences and kava needs. Our kavas are all high-quality and sourced directly from small Pacific Island farmers for freshness and quality. We only sell true, certified Noble kava. We sell the following varieties of medium grind kava root powders:

If you are looking to sample some varieties of kava to find the best fit for you, we have a 3 Kava Sample Pack for sale. Sample packs give you the opportunity to experiment with the effects of different kava root powder varieties and see which one you like best.

If you have any questions about which variety of kava might best suit your needs, we have a guide for how to buy the kava that is best for you. We review the basics of kava varieties, the science behind them, and how to select the best kava for you. Whether you’re looking for a natural sleep aid or a way of reducing daily stress, our premium range of kavas can help meet your relaxing needs. If you’ve been wondering “Where can I buy kava root powder?”, shop online at Kalm with Kava today.

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