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What is Kava Root Powder?
(7 customer reviews)

3 Kava Sample Pack with Strainers

Our 3 Kava Sample Pack gives you a selection of three different varieties of medium grind kava root along with two kava strainers. It gives you all you need to prepare and sample a traditional kava drink. This sample pack gives you the chance to experience the effects of different kava root powder varieties. Choose this pack if you like to experiment and want to try kavas from different Pacific Islands. The 3 Kava Sample Pack is also perfect for hosting a fun weekend kava party with friends.


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This sample pack gives you a variety of three different medium grind kavas along with one kava strainers. Perfect for the weekend kava party or just a great way to try out a variety of different kavas all from different parts of the South Pacific. All our varieties of kava root powder are lab-tested 100% Noble Kava. We source direct from small farmers across the Pacific Islands to ensure quality and freshness.

The 3 Kava Sample Pack with Kava Strainers includes:

  • (3) 4 oz. Varieties of Kava Root which can include:
    • Borogu Vanuatu Kava
      Possibly the most popular of all Kava and for good reason. It has great all-round effects.
    • Borongoru® Vanuatu Kava
      Our most special variety. A good easy afternoon/evening kava. Great for melting away stress or anxiety.
    • Loa Waka® Fiji Kava
      Our strongest kava variety. Good balanced effects and one of the strongest kavas available on the market.
    • Pouni Ono Tongan Kava
      Excellent daytime variety. Great for socializing and creating a clear calm while not making you tired.
  • 1 strainer to brew up your kava!
  • Tips and information on how to have the best kava drink experience.

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7 reviews for 3 Kava Sample Pack with Strainers
  1. Avatar of Isaak Mills

    Isaak Mills (verified owner)

    Super happy but they said the would send me Borongoru, Loa Waka & pouni Ono, and they sent me vula waka, Borogu, and one I requested Loa Waka. Kinda bummed…

  2. Avatar of doublejmurphy

    doublejmurphy (verified owner)

    The quality of each is stratospheric, and the difference of variety makes it easy to craft for specific circumstance and times of day.
    The 4 oz packages along with the strainers bags make for a great gift when introducing someone else to kava.
    Fast shipping, and reliable quality, Kalm with Kava is a good one.

  3. Avatar of Jay

    Jay (verified owner)

    The kava is great and the customer service is too! I had a problem with my order (my fault) and they fixed up and sent my kava surprisingly fast. I got this sampler because I wanted to try the boronguru and the pouni ono. Can’t go wrong!

  4. Avatar of Drew F

    Drew F (verified owner)

    I ordered this sampler after finishing a small batch that I ordered, and I have to say that it’s not as potent as I would’ve thought, I even take the extra step to make sure I minimize eating on the days I drink it and wait a couple hours after eating small meals to consume. I don’t know if I got a bad batch, but I feel like I have to make multiple strong batches of kava to feel the slight effects.

  5. Avatar of Ali G

    Ali G (verified owner)

    Im new to kava and this pack is really good for beginners or probably anybody else. I tried all three strains and they were really good. I followed as directed on the packaging and with their reading material and its very good. Its very hard to explain the effects but this is clearly a calming empathogen. It keeps you mellow and focused without anxiety . The only downside I have is with the taste but that’s what comes with having anything like this.

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