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Gift Ideas for Kava Fans: Kava Gift Card, Bilo, & More

December 1, 2022

Group enjoying Kava during the holiday season. Text saying Gift Ideas for Kava Fans Kava Gift Cards, Bilo, and More

‘Tis the season to share some cheer the island way! Let’s face it, between the pressures of end-of-year work deadlines, gift-buying, navigating family dynamics, and delivering the picture-perfect holiday for your family, this festive season tends to be stressful. This year, help ease some of that holiday stress for your loved ones by giving the gift of relaxation—kava style! From Kalm with Kava gift cards to stocking stuffers to full-sized self-care gifts, we’ve got kava products to help everyone on your list unwind and enjoy this special time of year. Join us as we preview the top gift ideas for those in need of some #kalm, long-time kava fans, and newcomers to the kava community–bula!

Featured Gift Ideas:

1. Kava Gift Card

Stressing on finding THE perfect gift for a loved one in need of some relaxation or your bestie who enjoys the kava lifestyle? Kalm with Kava gift cards are an excellent way to show you care and let the gift receiver pick the kava gift that peaks their interest. Gift cards offer a quick, simple way to buy kava powder and concentrate online at one’s leisure or purchase sample packs if you’re new to kava. Bonus, these gift cards have no expiration date! Give the sleekest, most-convenient gift of the holiday season with a Kalm with Kava gift card, offered in amounts between $10-$100.

2. Their Favorite Kava Variety

Social. Relaxing. Natural. Kava is the gift that keeps on giving in every variety it comes in! For the kava connoisseur in your life, treat them to their favorite kava type and variety to help them unwind in a way they know and enjoy. Whether they enjoy medium grind Borogu, micronized Melomelo, or Guava kava concentrate, we offer a variety of medium grind kava root powders, micronized kava root powder, and kava extract concentrates to fit every relaxation need.

Need a hand picking a kava variety for a loved one who enjoys kava but is still deciding which variety/product they enjoy best? Choosing the best kava variety to give largely depends on what kava effects someone is looking for, the time of day they will consume it, and whether they will be using the products at home or while on the go. For your mom who needs a hand falling asleep or unwinding in the evenings, heavy kava varieties may be a good fit. For your partner who enjoys drinking kava before social gatherings, a heady kava variety could help boost their sociability and bubbliness for a night out. For your friend who faces constant stress at work, balanced kava in micronized form may be a good fit, since it has a combination of heavy and heady kava effects in an easy-to-drink form. Pick their brain on what their relaxation needs are, and gift them a variety/product that fits their goals best!

To help you get started, we laid out our different kava products and varieties below along to guide you in selecting the best kava gift possible:

  • Medium Grind Kava Root – This form of kava is excellent for those who enjoy the deep, traditional roots of kava. This form of kava is best used at home, as it requires either a strainer bag or blender for preparation.
  • Micronized Kava Root – Offers a better tasting experience that is relatively quick and easy to prepare and take with you on the go.
    • Heavy – same as above
    • Balanced – same as above
    • Heady – same as above
  • Kava Concentrate – For when you’re traveling or on the go, just dilute our concentrates with water for a tasty and energizing drink. Available in the following flavors:
    • Guava
    • Kavarita
    • Iced Tea

3. A Kava Sample Pack

For newcomers to the kava world or those looking to expand their kava repertoire, the Kalm with Kava sample packs is the ideal gift solution. Our sample packs allow you to try our most popular kava varieties and include a combination of medium grinds, micronized kava, and kava concentrates. Whether you’re planning a holiday get-together with a small group of friends or looking for a special gift for someone, our kava sample packs deliver a well-rounded kava experience.

Choose from our three primary sample packs:

  • 3 Pack Medium Grind Kava – For those interested in brewing kava the traditional way, this pack includes our top three fan-favorite kavas complete with a strainer.
  • 2 Pack Micronized Quick Kava – This pack offers a quick, mess-free kava preparation. Get ready to instantly transform any liquid into ready-to-drink “grog” with just a tablespoon of micronized kava.
  • 3 Pack Combination – Cover your bases with this pack that allows sampling of both medium grind and micronized quick kava. We even throw in a couple of our kava juice concentrates so you can mix up the perfect holiday mocktail.

4. A Kava-Themed T-shirt or Tank

With kava to relax you, we now offer an apparel collection of T-shirts and tanks that will make you look as chill as you feel with kava. Offering three unique designs that reflect kava culture and lifestyle, our shirts come in a range of sizes and colors to satisfy everyone on your gift list. If your loved ones can’t celebrate the holidays in the islands, they can at least dress the part and enjoy an island state of mind with our apparel selections.

5. Kava Bilo

When you can’t sip kava while your toes are nestled in the warm sandy beaches of a Fijian island, bring the authentic kava experience into your home with the gift of kava bilos. Crafted from natural coconut shells and hand carved in the Pacific Islands, each Kalm with Kava bilo holds approximately 4-6 ounces of liquid per shell. These real coconut cups make the perfect gift to complement your kava sessions and would even pair nicely with a Kalm with Kava gift card or kava sample pack.

6. Straining Bags

Simple to use, easy to clean, and large enough to avoid spilling unwanted ground kava root into your beverage, a straining bag is the gift of choice for the serious kava drinker. Our kava strainer bags are made from natural and synthetic fabrics to better keep medium grind kava root out of your drink. Available for purchase as single bags as well as 3 packs and 5 packs, our strainers would make the perfect gift alongside a gift card.

For clean, great-tasting kava every time, we offer three types of straining bags:

7. Tanoa

Looking for a truly unique gift for the kava enthusiast in your life? Look no further than our tanoas (large kava bowls used to prepare large quantities of kava). Handmade by native Samoans and Fijians, our tanoas are carved out of a single piece of wood and hand-cured to ensure durability and longevity. We offer both Fijian tanoas and Samoan tanoas that come in two styles: basic and intricate. Their size ranges from 10 inches in diameter to 21 inches. And just like the loved ones you’re shopping for, each tanoa is completely unique with distinct carving designs. Their traditional design and excellent durability make our tanoas a true collector’s item, but, more importantly, they offer an opportunity to share in the ceremonial kava experience.

8. Need a Stocking Stuffer?

Looking for self-care goodies that are small enough to fill a stocking but won’t break your holiday budget? Kalm with Kava has several perfect options! From the flexibility of our gift cards to the convenience of kava mints and travel-sized bottles of kava concentrate, we’ve got relaxing stocking stuffers for everyone.

  • Gift Card – Available in any amount between $10-$100.
  • Kava Mints – These convenient, tasty kava mints are available in both Orange and Cinnamint flavors so you can have relaxation literally in your pocket.
  • Kava Stickers – Share your love for kava on your car, water bottle, laptop, or anywhere else you desire with these vibrant, kava-inspired stickers.
  • Kava Concentrate – Our kava concentrates are available in three flavor varieties (Guava, Kavarita, and Iced Tea) and 2-ounce travel sizes that drop perfectly into any stocking.

Give the Gift of Relaxation

If you’re looking to take this season of giving to the next level, give the gift of #kalm with Kalm with Kava gift cards and other kava products and accessories from our online store! We carry a wide selection of premium kava products originating in the very heart of the Pacific from Fiji, Vanuatu, and Samoa. We only sell 100% Noble kava for maximum relaxation, quality, and freshness, and we source our kava directly from kava farmers in the Pacific Islands. Buy kava online today!

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