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Kava for Anxiety

February 28, 2022


Kava is special. People find that kava can help with so many things, from sleep to socializing to easing anxious thoughts. If you’re looking for kava for anxiety, we’re here to dive into all of the things to consider. Let’s talk about how kava works, the ways that kava can help with anxiety, and how to choose the best kava to soothe anxious thoughts for you. 

Kava for anxiety: how can it help? 

First off, let’s talk about how kava works and how kava affects the mind and body. Kavalactones—the active ingredient in the kava plant—are known to affect the central nervous system and the brain. In fact, kavalactones can affect the brain’s limbic system. The limbic system is the part of the brain that controls fear and anxiety reactions. This means that when kavalactones bind to these brain receptors—also known as neurotransmitters—they may reduce anxiety.

Since the parts of our brain that control fear, anxiety, and stress are shown to be receptive to kavalactones, many people will turn to kava for natural anxiety relief. For this same reason, kava can be hugely beneficial for winding down and for helping with sleep, among other things. Kava has so many uses and benefits, and different varieties of kava can be helpful for you in different ways. 

Which is the best kava for anxiety?

There are a few things to consider when pinning down the best kava for you and for anxiety. Consider things like the time of day you’ll be drinking kava and your personal preferences, since every person will be a little bit different. 

There are three main “types” of kava: heavy, heady, and balanced. Heavy kavas do exactly what you would think—make you feel mentally and physically relaxed, which is why they are typically used for a good night’s sleep. Heady kavas are great at easing social anxiety while keeping you sociable. Balanced kavas are a combo of heavy and heady kava, typically more heady in effect with smaller doses and heavier with larger doses. Generally, balanced or heavy kavas can be best for helping you to wind down and ease your mind at stressful times, while heady kavas are used during the day to add a bit of mood boosting and easing of anxiety. They can all be good kavas to turn to for relaxation and help with anxiety, so try them for yourself and see what feels the best for you and your needs.  

If you’re looking to kava for anxiety and help with anxious thoughts, we recommend:

  • Tongan Pouni Ono kava: This is a fantastic daytime kava that can be great for soothing anxious thoughts and feelings. Pouni Ono is an uplifting kava that can make you feel happier and uplifted. It provides wonderful mental relaxation and mood enhancement.
  • Vanuatu Borogu kava: This is another great kava for daytime drinking. It’s the perfect kava for afternoon and early evenings. Borogu is great for lifting your mood, with mental relaxation that gives way to feelings of gentle tiredness as you wind down. 
  • Vanuatu Borongoru® and Melomelo kavas: These two Vanuatu kavas are wonderful for evening and nighttime consumption. They’re great for winding down and relaxing your mind and body. 

People often turn to kava for help with stress relief and anxiety, and for good reason! Reach out to us if you have any questions about kava for anxiety, kava benefits, and how kava can help ease anxious thoughts. You can contact us at Kalm With Kava or chat with us on social media. The kava community is pretty special and it always pays to start a conversation with fellow kava drinkers to get their thoughts, exchange ideas, and talk about kava. 

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